Top 30 Courses to study in Nigeria (2024)

Picking the right course for your career is the most vital choice you’ll ever make. However, if you are not adequately led, choosing a course to study in the university in the current environment can be difficult. Students find it difficult and confusing to make decisions because there are so many courses accessible and there are fierce competition. We often succumb to pressure or follow our parents’ instructions because there are so many powerful people around. However, it is crucial to understand and analyze your preferences as well as the possibilities available in that field. Let’s take a look at the 30 most popular courses in Nigeria to study, so that you may better understand your options.


The top thirty courses to study in Nigeria will be covered in this blog. You may find it challenging to choose a university due to the increased competition and wide range of possibilities. Although it could seem difficult at first, once you decide on the course you want to take, everything starts to go smoothly.

There are many courses in Nigeria that lead to different career paths. These courses help candidates perform at their best due to the opportunities they present. Let’s move on to the names and details of these courses.


Medicine and surgery are the science and art of identifying, treating, and avoiding disease. In Nigeria, becoming a doctor is very competitive. Although doing this course appear difficult, they are both immensely rewarding. Graduates of this program can choose from a variety of well-paying employment possibilities. Work is available at places including hospitals, clinics, research labs, institutions, and religious organizations, among others. Also see the best universities to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.


Law degrees have always been among the most sought-after and highly regarded courses to study at university. Lawyers have a good likelihood of having successful jobs after graduating from law school. They are able to practice law in courtrooms and enter the corporate world as lawyers for large corporations. They can pursue careers as family lawyers, real estate investors, and many other things.


Pharmacy is another program with excellent career possibilities for graduates. There are openings for pharmacist jobs after graduation. This comprises the positions of regulatory affairs officer, clinical research associate, and medical sales representative.


The opportunities Mechanical Engineering provides for graduates puts this course on this list. The prospects include a high salary, international opportunity, a wide variety of professional options, and employment security. Mechanical engineering graduates hold important positions in a variety of businesses. They’re required by the manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, quality-control, and oil and gas sectors. Also see the best Nigerian universities to study engineering.


Graduates in mass communication have a good chance of establishing lucrative employment. Graduates of this program can find employment in the media and entertainment sectors as journalists, editors, reporters, broadcasters, and on-air hosts.


Medical Laboratory Science is among the programmes to study in Nigeria. You will have a good chance of getting employment after graduation if you take this course. You can get employment in medical facilities, clinics, consumer product testing facilities, and the cosmetics sector.


Civil engineering is one of the programs that offers graduates a variety of job prospects across the economy. A career in the construction sector might pay well for someone with a degree in civil engineering. Finding employment as a graduate is simple because new building projects are popping up all across the country every day.


Electrical/electronic engineering is another course that deserves to be on this listing. The likelihood of success is very high with this degree. Graduates who work in a variety of private and public sector enterprises can make a respectable living. Also read the 5 best engineering courses in Nigeria.


Nursing is another highly regarded course in Nigeria. A wide range of employment options in clinical practice, clinical research, nursing education, and administration are promised in the field of nursing. The fact that the different types of nurses in Nigeria don’t receive as much compensation as some other professions is a major drawback. However, the industry offers rather stable employment, thus a nurse rarely finds themselves unemployed.


Accounting provides multiple work opportunities to degree holders of the course. They can operate in a variety of fields, including corporate recovery, stock broking, auditing, and corporate finance. Accountants are continuously in demand from a wide range of businesses and organizations.


With a degree in computer science, you can pursue a wide range of professions, earn a lot of money, and travel the world. You should be knowledgeable in hardware engineering, programming, data science, and other related fields. With them, there is hardly any economic sector where a computer scientist’s services are not required.


The study of chemical engineering pays very well in this country. Graduates can find well-paying work in a variety of industries with this degree. The processing and petroleum sectors require their knowledge.


The oil and gas industry in Nigeria is flourishing with many opportunities. Having a degree in petroleum engineering gives one the opportunity to develop a fruitful profession. You will be able to work for businesses in the mining, oil, and gas sectors all around the country.


The best courses available in Nigeria are in the field of geology. Graduates from the program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to work for engineering and consulting businesses, mining companies, and governmental organizations. These jobs typically offer good income. Also see the duration of study of Nigerian courses.


Learning estate management gives one the skills necessary for real estate appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing, and disposal. Thus, employment prospects are excellent for those with degrees in estate management.


The need for quantity surveyors is currently growing in Nigeria. This is due to the increased number of development projects being undertaken nationwide. This degree offers chances to launch a lucrative profession.


Graduates with an interest in architecture have a great chance of developing a lucrative profession. There is a need for architects because Nigeria’s population is expanding. They are responsible for organizing, supervising, and planning the building of various physical structures across the nation.


Dentistry has some of the highest salaries among all occupations in the country. They may operate their own practice or work in the dentistry division of hospitals. Teaching in dental departments at universities and research are two more job opportunities open to dentists.


Economics is among the most popular courses to take in the country. The program gives its graduates good work possibilities across a range of industries. An economist, investment analyst, stockbroker, etc. Are all jobs that can be obtained with a degree in economics.


  • Banking and Finance
  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry
  • Building
  • Computer Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Geoinformatics and Surveying

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