8 Surest Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

The Nigerian music business is quickly expanding, and music styles are evolving. However, as a new artist in Nigeria, there are ways to promote your song without spending too much money and still get your music recognised by your audience. We’d talk about eight approaches to promote your music in Nigeria.

The first step in advertising your music is to approach it as a business. Treating music as a business is something that many young artists fail to do. If you aren’t already approaching your music as a business, after reading these techniques to advertise your music, you will be. You must get your music out of the studio and into people’s ears whether you have money or not because money is concealed behind the popularity.

In the music industry, generating music is only half the battle, especially in Nigeria, where it is difficult to get noticed by major record firms. Mavin, Starboy Ent, DMW, Chocolate City, and many more, but you must still find a means to get people to know about your music and listen to it without the assistance of record companies and promoters in Nigeria.

So, without further ado, let us dig into the top eight ways to promote your music in Nigeria.



This is the most important aspect of advertising your song. If you don’t create good music content, none of the following methods for promoting your song will be essential. It makes no difference how successful you are as a musician or upcoming artist. To be current in the music industry, you must follow what the majority are into. This does not imply that you should modify your voice or imitate others; in fact, it would benefit you more or less if you did not.

What matters is that you reach the masses, which you can do by creating fantastic music that makes your fans adore you and want more from you. Keep in mind that you may not be able to create a song that will become viral right away; the most important thing is to continue producing wonderful music, and then any extra work you put into advertising your song will be profitable.


Nowadays, it is common to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise your music. Social media is not a marketing tool in and of itself, but rather a catalyst for dialogue and word-of-mouth marketing.

That is not to argue that articles for discussion purposes cannot be promotional; you simply need to understand how to package the content in intriguing ways. Try to provide a short tale, a photo, or a teaser film about your experience in the studio and with video shooting. To help expand your fan base, you can also take photos at the locations of your tour or publish quick photos or videos of the audience.


Music blogs are a terrific way to promote your music; try to advertise on popular music websites by posting your songs to such promotion sites as they tend to create a lot of traffic on a monthly basis, which is a nice place to start. Most music blogs in Nigeria provide interviews, while some do not. For budding artists, focus on music blog sites that accept interviews and offer to promote your music on their social media channels. You might start by submitting your tracks to top music blogs that also feature interviews. Promoting your music on radio stations can also aid in the growth of your fan base.


Are you simply seeing trends and failing to leverage them? Following trends that are relevant to your type of music is a significant advantage for music promotion and can help both you as a brand and your music. Even if you are a new artist, you may participate in trends; simply choose the proper trend and people will listen. Top Nigerian artists are also trend followers, which has expanded their fame even globally and made them more significant in the music industry. Remember to approach your songs like a business.


While you should distribute your songs to platforms where people can buy them, you should also distribute them to sites where people can obtain them for free. You need to make people appreciate your music right now by giving it away for free.

Consider how firms would give you their items for free when they first launch, not only so you may sample them but also so you will remember that they are on the market. So, the next time you visit, you will be more likely to purchase because you have tasted or sampled their product. The same is true for your music; instead of rushing to sell it, provide it for free to gain popularity first.


Collaboration is an excellent strategy to promote your song. When you work with other musicians, their fans hear your song and, if they like it, they automatically become your fans. If you don’t have the budget to work with top musicians, work with other young artists who are eager to collaborate, and as previously stated, if his/her followers enjoy your music, they will become your fans. So collaborate with an artist from a similar genre or who has a similar fan base.


Attending a variety of concerts, such as clubs, weddings, university shows, radio shows, and birthday parties, can help you improve your music coverage and promote your brand. While attending performances on a regular basis, make an effort to perform on each occasion and to serve the appropriate track (music) for each show.

Submit your music to DJs you meet at an event even if you are not scheduled to perform; the DJ is more likely to play your song at future times if it is a good track, even if you are not present. Attending performances on a regular basis is one of the free ways to market your music, as you will be able to connect with people and build your following.


This is a crucial aspect of any aspiring artist. Instead of concentrating all of your efforts on reaching out to all of your fans, concentrate on establishing positive relationships with other firms. You might be wondering what I mean by this.

What I mean is that you should spend quality time with business people who might impact your music, such as event organisers, radio OAPs, TV channels, DJs, established musicians, and a few others.

If you can establish a solid working relationship with this type of business musician, you will be exposed to a much bigger audience, and among their audiences will be people who will fit into your ideal fan base.


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