Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In Nigeria

Mathematics is by far the most hated subject in Nigerian junior and senior secondary schools. Many students fail to gain admission because they did not pass mathematics, in particular. According to WAEC’s statistics, more than half of WAEC applicants fail mathematics as a subject every year, which is one of the main reasons for the high number of resit candidates.

Students who dislike mathematics as a subject will find this post highly intriguing and instructive. Most of us are used to seeing and hearing that in order to obtain admission into any higher institution in Nigeria, you must have completed your O’level requirements, which are five (5) credit passes in mathematics and English language. Many candidates have missed out on admission for the session because they lacked correct information about their chosen courses, as many are unaware that some courses do not require Mathematics as a requirement for admission in our universities, polytechnics, and institutes of education nowadays.

Yes, there are courses available in universities, polytechnics, and other higher education institutions that do not require math.

The wonderful thing about these courses that do not require mathematics is that it makes no difference whether a candidate sits for the course in WAEC or not. Even if an applicant receives a D, E, or even F9 in Mathematics, he or she is just as qualified as other candidates who score an A B, or C in mathematics.

This article contains a comprehensive list of courses available in Nigeria that do not require mathematics (in 2022). If you want to skip mathematics in JAMB, you’ll have to enroll in one of these courses that don’t require mathematics in JAMB. And guess what else? It makes no difference if you are a science or an arts student; you are still eligible.


  1. Political Science in the Faculty of Social Science
  2. Political Science / International Law and Diplomacy
  3. Political Science and Conflict Resolution in the Faculty of Social Science
  4. Political Science and Conflict Resolution in the Faculty of Art
  5. Political Science and Defence Studies
  6. Political Science and Diplomacy
  7. Political Science and International Relations
  8. Political Science and International Studies
  9. Political Science and Public Administration
  10. Pre-Primary and Primary Education
  11. Public Administration in the Faculty of Administration
  12. Geography in the Faculty of Art
  13. Geography in the Faculty of Science
  14. Geography in the Faculty of Social Science
  15. Geography and Environmental Management in the Faculty of Social Science
  16. Geography and Meteorology in the Faculty of Social Science
  17. Government and Public Administration
  18. Guidance and Counselling
  19. History
  20. History and International Studies
  21. Home Economics and Education
  22. Hospitality and Tourism
  23. Hotel and Tourism Management
  24. International Relations and Diplomacy
  25. Library and Information Science
  26. Linguistics
  27. Local Government Administration
  28. Mass Communication in the Faculty of Administration
  29. Mass Communication in the Faculty of Art
  30. Mass Communication in the Faculty of Social Science
  31. Peace and Conflict Studies
  32. Philosophy in the Faculty of Art
  33. Physical and Health Education
  34. Policy and Administrative Studies
  35. Policy and Strategic Studies
  36. Political and Administrative Studies
  37. Political Science in the Faculty of Art
  38. Religious Studies
  39. Secretarial Administration
  40. Secretarial Administration and Education
  41. Secretarial Education
  42. Social Justice
  43. Sociology in the Faculty of Art
  44. Sociology in the Faculty of Social Science
  45. Teacher Education
  46. Vocational and Technical Education
  47. Food Science and Technology
  48. Public Administration (Polytechnic)
  49. Animal Health and Production Technology (Polytechnic)
  50. Leisure and Tourism Management (Polytechnic)
  51. Office Technology and Management (Polytechnic)
  52. Art and Design (Polytechnic)
  53.  Hospitality Management (Polytechnic)
  54. Hospitality Management (Polytechnic)
  55. Library and Information Science (Polytechnic)
  56. Local Government Studies (Polytechnic)
  57. Mass Communication (Polytechnic)
  58. Social Development (Polytechnic)
  59. Adult Education
  60. Civil Law
  61. Conflict and Peace Resolution
  62. Counsellor Education
  63. Dramatic and Performing Art
  64. Education and Biology
  65. Education and Efik
  66. Education and Geography
  67. Education and Political Science
  68. Education and Social Studies
  69. Elementary Education
  70. Elementary Education
  71. English and Literary Studies
  72. English Language
  73. Environmental Education


Whether you dislike Mathematics or find it difficult, here are scientific, business, and art courses to which you do not require Mathematics to get admitted.

We are all aware that mathematics is a vital topic. Should you be denied the opportunity to study at various universities because you find mathematics difficult? No, it does not.

If you are an aspirant who does not wish to take Mathematics in your forthcoming UTME, this information will be very useful to you.

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