Setting Stop-loss And Take Profits Like A Pro Trader

In currency trading, stop-loss and take -profit holds a vital position in the strategy. If they are used properly, these can save investors from blowing their account. These are two options that come embedded with the terminal to help investors. The former tool is to prevent losses at a pre-determined position. If a person sets […]

Nigeria Sports Betting Sector


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. About 60 million Nigerians aged between 18 years and 40 years engage in sports betting, according to a report by The West African nation generates close to $2billion from gambling each year. Mobile gaming is the leading form of betting in the country. Many punters wager […]

How to Pay For College: 3 Options

how to pay for college

A lot of people may fumble around for years trying to find their career path and preferred working conditions. Attending college is almost always the biggest step in achieving a career. While increasing earnings is an enticing incentive, it shouldn’t be the exclusive reason for enrolling in college. It may take some time, but finding […]