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10 Best Hair Relaxer Brands in Nigeria (2023)

hair relaxer brands in Nigeria

There are numerous brands of hair relaxers in Nigeria to choose from. The best relaxers for hair are those without lye because they are less harsh on the scalp. The scalp is not less irritated and harsh by lye relaxers. In order to prevent hair damage, it’s critical that you choose the proper solution for […]

Latest Prices of Mini Buses in Nigeria (2023)

minibus price in Nigeria

Transportation is one of the most lucrative business one can imagine venturing into. For instance, busy places like Lagos and Abuja where the population are quite more, there are many means of transportation, the rail transportation (Train) water transportation (boat) and the road transportation system (minibus, 18 seater bus, BRT bus, taxis and the motorcycle) […]

10 Best Styling Hair Wax Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

hair cream brands in Nigeria

Whatever your hair type, you need the correct styling product to get your desired appearance. Once upon a time, hair gel was the most popular hairstyling product available. The hair styling wax is the way to go, albeit it does come with its advantages. The best hair wax available will perfectly shape your hair. Your […]

10 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

organic lightening cream in Nigeria

Do you wish to have skin that glows and looks good? Want to know the top whitening product available in Nigeria right now? People today who want to take care of their skin care goals go beyond simply wanting to avoid breakouts and acne. Their skin’s color is another issue that worries them. In other […]

Current Prices of Solar Refrigerators in Nigeria (2023)

prices of refrigerators in Nigeria

We all know that the Nigerian electricity supply is unstable. Nigerians now rely on power generators to provide the energy needed to run their homes and workplaces. Nevertheless, the majority of homes don’t use their generators to power their freezers. As a result, beverages are never cold and food that has been kept is never […]

Latest Tractor Prices in Nigeria (2023)

tractor prices in Nigeria

Tractors have for a very long time been a necessary element of farm machinery. They transformed the agriculture sector by introducing a completely new degree of efficiency. Tractors are still employed in industrial, commercial, and residential contexts today. Although purchasing a new tractor is a significant expenditure, you won’t need to do so frequently. Albeit […]

Current Prices of Basmati Rice in Nigeria (2023)

Basmati rice price in Nigeria

Rice is one of the major starchy cereal crop planted in very large quantities in Nigeria, with many countries across the globe venturing into rice production. This cereal grain is of various types and the methods of its preparation are different. While many countries engage in large production of rice grain, Basmati rice isn’t any […]

Types of Toilets in Nigeria & Prices (2023)


Toilet is a convenience equipment and also one of the most used home amenities. Everyone uses it daily because the typical person uses the restroom 5-8 times each day. He or she may go for more convenient reasons, to deificate or urinate, or both. Now you understand the origin of the term “restroom” used to […]

Current Prices of Water Heaters in Nigeria (2023)

water heater prices in Nigeria

Nothing will give you a better bathing experience than getting up early, turning on the shower, and taking pleasure in the warmth of a hot water. If you find yourself short of this pleasure, then you need a water heater appliance for your home. Water heaters or geysers are one of the most often utilized […]

Best Broiler Feed Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

poultry feeds in Nigeria

Feed costs make up a sizable portion of a farmer’s expenses when raising chickens. The unfortunate reality for many poultry farmers in Nigeria is that chicken prices frequently rise without corresponding increases in the cost of poultry feed. The high cost of maize and other feed ingredients is mostly to blame for the high price […]