Best Profitable Handworks To Learn In Nigeria (2024)

Handwork is one of the most interesting methods to make money in Nigeria, particularly in towns with a huge population. A large population equals a large consumer base. Many people in Nigeria who work with their hands earn more money each month than most salaried workers. They are ignorant of this due to a lack of earnings records. In less than three (3) months, you can master a high-income lucrative talent or handwork. It is determined by how quickly you can learn and use your skill knowledge.


Without further ado, here are the best handwork jobs in Nigeria that will pay well in 2022.


With the exception of individuals who leave their hair to grow for fashion reasons, practically every male has his hair cut weekly or every three days. Barbering is a popular skill among guys, particularly students, and you will never regret learning it. The most important thing is to find a fantastic salon where you can register and train; becoming an expert can take anywhere between 6 and 1 year.

Learning to barb is as simple as it gets. Handwork is profitable and brings in a lot of money. After all, individuals have their heads shaved every day, and they’re always willing to pay a reasonable fee as long as your competence is acceptable.

Although the profitability of hair barbing is determined by your area and target demographic. Even so, it remains one of the best handworks for a guy.


Nigeria’s fashion industry is growing and getting international attention. Demand for locally made clothes is increasing as indigenous brands change the narrative. Tailors and fashion designers are needed to make special occasion outfits.

Tailoring or fashion design is widely recognised as one of the most profitable handworks for Nigerians to learn. The company has been in operation and profitable since time immemorial and will continue to be so in the unknown future. Tailoring can be a lucrative business depending on your target audience and area. As a result, it is a good skill for a lady to learn.


Hairdressers and barbers both make enough money each day. Ladies nowadays are willing to pay to learn how to make a woman’s hair appear beautiful. It is a very good handwork for a lady to learn, similar to hair barbing.


Make-up is another skill that women in Nigeria can master, but we’ve discovered that some males are learning it as well in order to start their own make-up business. Make money by doing make-up for women and ladies, whether for weddings or any other occasion. Make money by doing make-up for your friends’ or classmates’ birthday picture sessions. This is another reason why this is one of the best handworks to master for students.

Makeup is a useful skill to learn. If you want to be a makeup artist, you can master the craft for four months and then own your own cosmetics business. Ladies often spend thousands of dollars merely to bring out their natural beauty. As a result, it is a profitable handwork for ladies


Phone repair is another handwork you can perform easily and earn great money in Nigeria. Every household in the country has a phone, and when the phones go down, there will be a need for a repairman to fill the hole. As a result, phone repair is one of the best handworks a guy can do.


In Nigeria, they’re known as mechanics. This is yet another fantastic and profitable skill for Nigerians to master in order to generate a steady flow of money.

After all, cars are used by a large number of people, and individuals cannot live without visiting an automobile workshop on a daily basis. As a result, it is the best handwork for a man.


Nigerians celebrate birthdays and other events at an alarming rate, and as a result, there are generally some bakes involved. So learning to bake various items is attractive and rewarding in Nigeria.

You can learn how to bake cakes, doughnuts, bread, and other items at your leisure. And you have the option of learning everything.


Bags, wallets, centre table boxes, wall hangers, key chains, and pen boxes are just a few of the objects that can be made using beads. Beads are small ornamental trinkets that come in a variety of shapes. Beads are made of stone, plastic, glass, and wood with a small hole for threading. Beading is another simple handcraft that can be learned in a month. There’s nothing difficult about it. All you need to do is be creative and eager to learn.

You must first complete training before you can begin making anything using beads. You can learn how to bead from an industry professional. You may train for free on YouTube by watching video tutorials and then putting what you’ve learned into practice.


These are just a few of the money-making handicrafts you can learn and master in Nigeria in a month. When it comes to learning, they are not all the same. Because you are aware that all handworks are neutral, your efforts are also critical to success. Do things correctly, and you’ll obtain the desired results. Do you know of any handwork that falls within this category, or do you disagree with the ones listed? Please leave your comments in the area below.

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