List of Online Marketplaces in Nigeria (2024)

Are you looking for a good store to buy things? You want a platform that allows you to easily buy items and have them delivered to your destination, am I right? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to think about using an online retailer. This may be a result of the recent technological revolution’s rapid progress. With the help of this, you can select a product from a list of hundred possible choices.

The majority of people nowadays use the internet as one of their primary sources for buying things. The most popular trend today for purchasing groceries, household appliances, mobile devices, gadgets, and much more is online shopping. As new online shopping websites continue to appear on a daily basis, this trend and competition have been increasing.

We have done our homework and have also provided you with a list of all Nigerian best online retailers. This list will provide you on where to buy your items most conveniently, saving you the hassle of having to visit the market.


You can discover a list of the top internet retailers in Nigeria in this list. Not only the best, but also those that provide the most affordable online purchasing options for their clients. Let’s start exploring.


One of the biggest online marketplaces in Nigeria is called Jumia. It’s actually the best e-commerce website in Nigeria, which is why it’s at the top of my list. Jumia is the best option if you’re seeking for affordable online shopping in Nigeria.

When looking for inexpensive goods, turn to Jumia. My preference is for this website’s payment-on-delivery option rather than its speedy delivery.

Jumia is a significant player in the Nigerian and/or African online retail industries. They have pick-up points in significant cities and online stores in important west African nations.

Jumia provides each product with a high degree of professionalism and places a great value on customer pleasure. Many consider Jumia’s online store to be among the greatest e-webstores in Nigeria.


My second option for online shopping in Nigeria is Konga. Konga and Yudala, two prominent Nigerian online malls, combined to form one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms. Konga sells pretty much anything you can imagine.

Similar to Jumia, Konga offers affordable delivery costs, marked-down prices, and various payment options. When you shop on Konga, you have three different payment options: debit card, pay at delivery, and KongaPay.

Konga’s delivery and after-sale services, as well as their customer service, are usually excellent. They provide “pay on delivery” services all around the country. Shop on Konga to enjoy all the awesomeness that comes with it.


The worldwide internet market is where Amazon is really bending the rules. Online shopping is synonymous with Amazon shopping for many Nigerian consumers. More than 78% of online shoppers trust Amazon, which is anticipated to receive 323 million monthly visits. Moreover to retailing a wide variety of goods, including food, clothes, electronics, and appliances. Amazon likewise sells goods under its own brand, as well as famous gadgets like Alexa and Echo and its digital services.

Amazon, a major American online retailer, will start doing business in Nigeria in 2023. This occurs as it prepares to expand its business to five additional countries.


Alibaba links national-level Nigerian businesses and suppliers. It gives suppliers, importers, and exporters a platform to search for global business prospects. Nigerian buyers can acquire goods from international vendors through Alibaba’s B2B multi-vendor marketplace and sell their own goods internationally. There are millions of suppliers and almost 30 million active buyers on Alibaba’s marketplace.

AliExpress offers delivery to several countries, including Nigeria. Similar to Amazon, they have a vast coverage of the products or delivery services they offer. As a result, if you reside in Nigeria, you may order something from AliExpress and have it delivered there in 2 to 4 weeks.


One of the first truly successful business directories to exist online in Nigeria is Vconnect. It appears that their recent foray into e-Commerce is a great move in the right way.

When you shop on Vconnect, you are doing business with a firm that is passionate about protecting consumers’ rights and providing pre- and post-sale support.

In addition to being of high quality, their products are also quite reasonably priced. You should feel confident while making purchases on the Vconnect website.


Slot has been one of the leading eCommerce web stores in Nigeria and is more than simply an online marketplace. Users can visit their functional retail locations in significant cities to purchase phones and devices.

Slot Nigeria is famous for its excellent customer care and post-purchase support. It has been kept up for a considerable amount of time.


Kara Nigeria internet shopping mall is the trading brand of Royal-coast Technologies Limited. They have already spent more than three years operating in the Nigerian online marketplace.

Although i haven’t purchased anything from them, several of their clients have in the past and had no problems. Kara Nigeria’s online stores include PCs, smartphones, kitchen appliances, consumer goods, and accessories for the latest fashions.


The biggest online grocery store in Nigeria is without a doubt SuperMart. You can buy for groceries online using their easy platform without leaving the comfort of your home or workplace. With more than 60,000 products in their online supermarket, they offer the most comprehensive assortment of groceries online. They guarantee delivery across Lagos in 3 hours.


Dealdey is known for its inexpensive and fantastic bargains. They have extensive experience in the eCommerce industry and understand how to serve customers with respect.

Dealdey delivers the line well. Just watch out for unpopular merchants charging absurd prices for expensive goods.


The internet has made shopping quite easy. We save a ton of time because we receive everything we need right at our door. Additionally, we have access to a vast array of possibilities that we would not have ever found in a store. Everything is accessible online, including groceries, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and other goods. We no longer have to go through the trouble of determining which store will have the thing we need since we can do it with only the touch of a button, which has greatly simplified our life. Online shopping is growing more and more popular in Nigeria, and there are several e-commerce websites that we Nigerians like, trust, and that provide us with the best shopping experience.

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