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Office Addresses Of Registered Political Parties In Nigeria


Nigeria runs a multi-party system. According to INEC, there are virtually 66 registered political parties in the country at the moment all geared up for the general elections. Although we have written on the slogans of these parties, their chairmen and other information concerning them. It is important we provide their headquarter address and how […]

Where To Advertise Online In Nigeria

Online advertising on various top platforms ensures that your business or products is seen to a wider audience in many countries. Nigeria is ranked the 7th largest internet population in the world, accounting for over 86 million users, out of which 80% are active. With this large number of people surfing the net, it is […]

Biography and Net Worth of Jacob Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was the President of South Africa from May 9, 2009 until his resignation from office on February 14, 2018. He has been known to be very corrupt and amassed great wealth during his time in office, which has led many to try to know about him and his net worth. Zuma was […]

World’s 12 Richest Black People in 2018


Forbes have recently released the list of richest black people on earth, 2018. This recent list is a compilation of the net worth of these distinguished individuals in American Dollars and I have taken my time to compile the list of the 12 richest of them all this 2018. Read through and see how many […]