Best Online Banking Apps in Nigeria (2024)

Nigerians may now do their daily banking from the convenience of their smartphones thanks to the introduction of internet banking apps. The leading online mobile banking applications let you effortlessly access your bank accounts’ funds, conduct transactions efficiently, and manage your bank account without having to physically visit a branch of your local bank. In this post, we give a detailed review of the top 5 best online banking apps in Nigeria you can trust this 2023.


Below are Nigeria’s best online banking apps that are easy to use.


Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), one of the top commercial banks in Nigeria today, has an online banking application called GT World. Because of its features that enable GTBank clients to conduct mobile banking with comfort and security, the GT World app is one of the top online banking apps in Nigeria. If you use an Android device, you can download this app from the Google Play Store. If you use an iPhone, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

One feature that distinguishes GT World from other banking applications is the ability to sign in with your face, fingerprint, or any four-digit password of your choice. All of these methods are safe and simple to use. Additionally, utilising the GT World app to send money to a friend, relative, or business partner is straightforward since all you need is their mobile number. You can quickly pay utility bills and view all of your transactions with with one search.

A few operations, like checking your account balance, purchasing airtime, and money transfers without using your GTBank accounts, can also be taken without even logging into your GT World account. This online banking programme also includes options for banning your ATM card in the event of theft or loss and getting a new one. The GT World app also allows you to send your account statement to an embassy of your choice or your email address, among other things.


The official online banking app of United Bank for Africa is this UBA Mobile app. Self-service banking services, an ATM/Branch location, auto-reminders for recurring payments and transfers, and the instant insertion of OTP via SMS on the transaction screen are all upgraded features of this app’s design.

The UBA Mobile app also boasts outstanding features like sliding menu navigation, 24-hour live chat customer care, instant app login utilising face and fingerprint biometrics, and more. Users of Android and iPhone devices can both download and install this app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively.


One of the top online online banking banking apps in Nigeria right now for convenience and ease of use is the Access Mobile app, which is the online banking app of Access Bank PLC. The app is available for download and installation from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively, and works with both Android and iPhone devices.

Everyday banking tasks like paying bills, transferring money to friends and family, and topping up while you’re on the go are made simpler with the Access Mobile App. You may effortlessly purchase airtime for your phone or for anyone else without even logging into the app. This online banking tool also allows you to withdraw money from an ATM even if you don’t have your debit card with you.

Additionally, you can get movie tickets for less money via the Access Mobile App, avoiding lengthy lines and sold-out tickets when you wish to purchase. The mobile banking app offers more possibilities for seamless online banking services.


Another trusted online banking app on this list is Alat by Wema. The official bank app of Wema Bank is this online banking platform. The Alat by Wema banking app is one of the top 5 online banks in Nigeria thanks to a number of essential features. Opening a Wema Bank account via the Alat by Wema bank app is one of the highlight benefits.

Another feature of the Alat by Wema mobile banking app is the ability to automate transfers and bill payments. With the automated target savings feature of this online banking application, you can additionally increase your savings. Additionally, you may manage your debit card from the app and make online purchases using a virtual dollar card that is unique to Alat by Wema. Whether your device is an Android or an iPhone, this app can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


First Bank of Nigeria’s official online banking app is called FirstMobile. This app is on the list because it makes it simple to access your account’s cash, it’s convenient to conduct transactions from any location in Nigeria, and it lets you keep track of your monthly income and expenses. Even if you are  using an Android device or an iPhone device, First Bank of Nigeria users can access this online banking app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You may easily carry out all financial activities with FirstMobile, whether you’re adding airtime to your phone or any other number, sending money to relatives and friends or paying your utility bills. The “Dashboard” part of the FirstMobile app also allows you to keep track of your money because it displays your monthly income and expenses. The ‘Lifestyle’ option in this app, which lets you quickly book your favourite events and concerts, is another noteworthy feature. In general, FirstMobile app is excellent, and the fact that the app has millions of users (as indicated by the number of installs on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) proves that it is among the finest in Nigeria.

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