How to Start Underwear Business in Nigeria (2024)

Underwear is a necessity for everyone, and the demand for high-quality, comfortable underwear is growing in Nigeria. If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, starting an underwear/boxers business could be a great choice.

In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in starting an underwear/boxers business in Nigeria. We will cover topics such as market research, product sourcing, branding, marketing, and sales.

We will also provide some tips for success in this competitive industry. By following the advice in this article, you can increase your chances of starting and running a successful underwear/boxers business in Nigeria.

Here are some of the key points that will be covered in the article:

– The size and growth potential of the Nigerian underwear market

– The different types of underwear that are popular in Nigeria

– How to source high-quality underwear at a competitive price

– How to create a strong brand for your underwear business

– How to market and sell your underwear products

– Tips for success in the Nigerian underwear market

We hope that this article will provide you with the information you need to start your own successful underwear/boxers business in Nigeria.


Do you want a side-husle to engage with in Nigeria? You can venture into selling of boxers and underwear. If you are contemplating on how to start, then you need not worry as this article will give you tips on how to start an underwear/boxer business in the country.


The first thing you should do is to carry out a market survey to determine the demand for boxers in Nigeria.

A market survey will help you to understand the size of the market for boxers in Nigeria, as well as the demographics of the target market. This information will be essential for determining whether or not there is a demand for your product.

Some questions you could ask during your survey include:

  • How many men wear boxers every day?
  • What are the most popular brands of boxers in Nigeria?
  • What are the price points of boxers in Nigeria?
  • Where do people typically buy boxers in Nigeria?

The answers to these questions will help you to determine the size and scope of the market for boxers in Nigeria. You will also be able to identify your target market and develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to their needs.

It is important to note that the demand for boxers in Nigeria may vary depending on your location. For example, the demand for boxers may be higher in urban areas like Lagos than in rural areas. By carrying out a market survey, you will be able to gather the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. This will help you to increase your chances of success.


The next step is to pick a place where you can buy the materials for your underwear/boxer business. You have two popular options: the markets in Lagos or Aba. Here, you can choose to buy either from the wholesalers who sell already-made boxers or from the sellers who provide the materials. Buying the ready-made boxers will save you time and effort, but the quality of the boxers you buy will affect how many you can sell.

You will also need to buy packaging materials like plastic bags and stickers. You can put your business name and contact number on the boxers to make it easier for customers to reach you. Some people prefer designer names, so you can sew or print your logo on the package. This is another way to make your products popular. If your products are well-packaged and affordable, people will choose to buy them over more expensive options.


Starting any business requires capital, and the underwear/boxers business is no exception. The amount of capital you will need will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your business, the type of underwear you will be selling, and your marketing strategy.

If you are starting a small business, you may be able to get the required capital from your own savings or from a personal loan. However, if you are planning to start a larger business, you may need to raise capital from investors or through a bank loan. The capital needed for an underwear/boxer business in Nigeria can just be ₦50,000 up to a million, depending on the size of your intended business.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your startup costs. For example, you can start by selling your underwear online.


Once you have secured the necessary capital, you need to get the necessary equipment to start your underwear/boxer business. This includes sewing machines, nylons, clothing bags, fabric, thread, and other materials. You may also need to rent a space to operate your business.

The type of equipment you need will depend on the scale of your business. If you are just starting out, you may be able to get by with a few basic sewing machines.

You can find equipment for your boxer business at a variety of places, including fabric stores, sewing machine dealerships, and online retailers. You should get them in places like Lagos and Aba.


Your underwear/boxer business needs a large customer base in order to be successful. You can reach out to potential customers in banks, campuses, companies, and corporations. This will help your business thrive because you will be able to reach a wider audience. You don’t have to wait for customers to come to you; you can take your product to them.

You can also approach sellers of your product, such as boutiques and clothing outlets. Work with them to agree on a price that is fair to both of you. This will allow you to reach even more customers and grow your business.

Having an online presence is essential for any business, even if it is already popular offline. Marketing your business online can help you reach a wider audience and increase sales. You can create social media accounts and pages to allow customers to make orders directly from your website. You should also add your contact details so that customers can reach you if they have any questions.


That’s it in our article on how to start an underwear/boxer business in Nigeria. I believe these step by step guides was helpful. If you have any questions about starting this business, don’t hesitate to drop them on the comments section below.

Mfonobong Daniel

Daniel is an Editor on Nigerian Infopedia who craves for writing, researching and also watching soccer.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam Inyang says:

    Please, what are the specific machines and equipment if am to start this business of good quality boxers production for export to USA?
    Can you also handle or recommend someone who can handle a feasibility report at a reasonable fee for a Port Harcourt base production outfit?

    • Sure, here is a list of the specific machines and equipment you will need to start a high-quality boxer production business for export to the USA:

      Fabric cutting equipment:

      Spreading machine: This machine is used to lay out the fabric evenly on a cutting table so that it can be cut accurately.
      Band knife cutting machine: This machine is used to cut the fabric into the desired shapes and sizes.
      Rotary knife cutting machine: This machine is used to cut the fabric into circular shapes.
      Laser cutting machine: This machine is used to cut the fabric with precision and accuracy.

      Sewing equipment:

      Industrial sewing machine: This machine is used to sew the boxers together.
      Overlock machine: This machine is used to finish the edges of the boxers so that they do not fray.
      Buttonhole machine: This machine is used to create buttonholes in the boxers.
      Elastic waistband machine: This machine is used to attach the elastic waistband to the boxers.

      Finishing equipment:

      Inspection table: This table is used to inspect the boxers for any defects.
      Packing machine: This machine is used to pack the boxers into individual packages.
      Labeling machine: This machine is used to attach labels to the boxers.
      Barcode scanner: This scanner is used to scan the barcodes on the boxers to track them through the production process.

      In addition to the above, you will also need the following:

      Factory space: You will need enough space to house all of the equipment and to store the fabric and finished boxers.
      Storage space: You will need space to store the raw materials, the finished boxers, and the shipping materials.
      Employees: You will need to hire employees to operate the equipment, to inspect the boxers, and to pack and ship the boxers.

      Feasibility report:

      A feasibility report is a study that assesses the viability of a proposed business venture. It typically includes an analysis of the market, the competition, the financial projections, and the risks involved.

      I can recommend someone to handle a feasibility report for you. Please provide me with your contact information and I will put you in touch with them.

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