Apply For Change of Name in Nigeria 2023: Procedures, Cost & Documents

One may wish to change his/her name for reasons deemed fit to the individual. This always result because of marriage, divorce, adoption, extinction of name, others chose to do it for professional reasons. There is no contrariety in changing a name as long as the reason for the desire is not illegal and not intentional. change of name in Nigeria

In this article, we’ve encapsulate all what is required, eligibility and how to do a change of name in Nigeria. We will also give you the detailed procedures in doing it.


To start the process of changing your name, you must first meet the requirements and qualify to proceed to do it. Here are the eligibility to legally change your name in Nigeria;

Age: Change of name in Nigeria is strictly for individuals above the age of 18 years which is the maturity age in most countries.

The laws here requires that for a child to legally change his/her name, it must be done by a guardian or parent of the child.

Citizenship: The applicant seeking for an alteration in name must be a citizen of Nigeria. This does not restrict foreigners as they can register to be a citizen and subsequently apply for the change in name.

Reasons for Change: Applicants wishing to change his/her name should have a viable reasons for the action. If thereafter its discovered that it was for the intention of misleading or committing a crime, the change in name will be deemed illegal and defaulter prosecuted.

New name: Do not consider going there to use a crummy thing for the sake of having a new name. Note that there are certain classes of names that you would not be allowed to use, which includes names that are obscene or tribalist/racist in nature.

In addition to the above requirements, Anybody who wishes to revert his name must be cleared in all financial institutions and not be bankrupt or having financial liability against him.


Before applying for a change in name in Nigeria, you must keep these documents handy as it should be attached in submitting your application for the process.

  1. A signed court affidavit showing the change of name. It should not be more than one year old.
  2. The newspaper cutting advertisement reflecting your publicizing of change of name. This also should be less than one year from the date of advert.
  3. You’ll be required to submit the declaration/advertisement you typed (in the form above).
  4. Two passport sized photographs displaying your recent image.
  5. Demand draft for the fees for publishing, and extra copies if required.
  6. A letter of attestation from a recognized person will also be needed.
  7. A public announcement of the change.
  8. A statutory declaration (Affidavit)
  9. New government documents reflecting your new name. You can get it done by waiting for the new name to be published in the Official Nigerian gazette.
  10. You will have to extract a copy of the Official gazette containing your name and attach to the application documents for the new documents.
  11. Application Letter which should be addressed to the chief registrar.

You will also be required to give your personal information which is place of birth and date, marital status and details of your current residence.


To ensure a hitch-free process, here are the procedures you should follow in doing a change of name.


As part of the documents we listed earlier, its essential you swear to an Affidavit of Change of Name which is known as Deed Pool. This can be done by walking to a High Court in your vicinity and go to the Registry department to get the job done. 

Your affidavit should be uniquely written and should state the change of your old name to the new one. The affidavit should include the reasons you chose to do change of name as it will be thereafter needed in documenting your old name.


The next step is to advertise to the public that you will no longer bear your old name and resorted to change for a new. This can be done by annunciating your new name in a recognized daily newspaper like The Nation, Guardian or Punch newspapers. You should ensure that the new name reflects in your vital documents.


You should apply to the documentation Department of Publication, Civil registry, requesting them to print your new name in Nigeria’s official gazette. This normally attracts a fee of N5000 (Five Thousand Naira) or may be higher.  When the name is reflected on the gazette, print a copy of the page showing your changed name.

You application for this should follow with these essential documents so as to help process it;

  • Affidavit of name change
  • An excerpt of the newspaper cutting advert displaying your name
  • The declaration on advertising the name
  • Two (2) passport size photographs 
  • Attestation letter

Adding with other documents we listed above in the beginning of the write-up.


Once your new name makes it in the Official Nigerian gazette, you will have remaining to apply for new government documents that exhibit the name you’ve changed to. Your application should follow with a copy of the Official gazette that shows the name.


Marital issues is the major factor that makes someone to vary his name to a new one. Other reasons may be religious issues, business or private dealings. Below is the reasons why you may need the document;

  • Adoption of a child
  • Using of another name in marriage
  • To adopt your biological or step-parents’ surname
  • Divorce
  • Professional issues that you may want adding extra name to your personality.
  • yOthers are reasons of change of nationality and religious connotations.


On normal cases, It can take a period of 5 to 21 working days to apply and get your name changed but to ensure a fast process, head direct to the National Civil Registration located at Sokode Crescent by Michael Okpara Street, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja and do the application with other registrations.


The cost of newspaper publication for changing of name in Nigeria requires a non-refundable fee of N5,000 which is the amount charged for the processing of the application. This fee applies to The Guardian, Punch, Tribune and Sun newspapers.

Hope you’re acquainted on how to do change of name in Nigeria. The steps and procedures we’ve explicated here are simple to carry on and do the needful.

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  1. Thanks for this information… I want to change my name due to some academics issues but I didn’t understand where we need to pay that N5000 you mentioned… is the 5k for news Media Like The Punch or what… Pls I need more clarification.

    1. Akinsoyinu oluwasegun ifeoluwa

      Go to any high court in your area for affidavit 1000 and go for news paper 5000

  2. Thanks a lot

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  7. Ajakaye Damilola comfort

    I did the affidavit and newspaper advertisement and I took it to bank. It was written on the affidavit and newspaper that’s correction of name but the woman that attended to me said it should be change of name…….. She said I’m changing it from ajayi to ajakaye not that I’m correcting a mistake from it so she told me to do another affidavit, but what about the newspaper? Cause it was written as correction of name on it too and it’s not easy to pay money for newspaper twice, its cost…….. Hope I can use it

    1. Pls… How much you did your newspaper add? And where do you did it pls?

    2. Kazeem aminat yinka

      Pls how much did u do it,and where did u do it pls

  8. Meme praiseGod Godfrey

    I want to apply for a chang of name and a change of age how much will it cost me

  9. Please,how long does it take for change of name documents to be ready

    1. It depends on where you are doing it. Normally, two days is enough

  10. About the court affidavit not more than a year,does it really matter?As long as it carries the details needed

  11. Please I want to apply for changing of name because I did correction of name on my bvn but I has not been corrected on my account Nysc account I was unable to activate it due to change of name so they ask me to go and provide news paper and valid ID card please how can I do it

    1. Do an affidavit and also publish the change of name in a National Newspaper

  12. Pls I asked someone to help me with the change of name ..but the name came out with WESTAFRICA BUSINESS NEWSPAPER ..I just want to know if the newspaper is approve to do it. So I can know what to do next.

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    1. Just visit any top newspaper media house and the processes will be explained better there

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  17. Benson Ofure Deborah

    Please I want to change my old son name to the new one

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