Top 10 Best Universities in Nigeria & School Fees (2024)

There are more than 100 recognized universities in Nigeria. From these numbers, there are ones that have advantage over others due to their prestige, state of the art facilities and quality lecturers being employed by these schools. These are the academic institutions that are seen as the best all round.


Factors that are used to rate these universities include the quality of staff (especially academic), the standard of educational infrastructures, the volume of research, and generally the impact of their education on the students. These are the factors that we use to come up with the list of the leading 10 best Universities in the country with their school fees.


The below listed universities are rated based on ranking by the National University Commission (NUC), UniRank and other comparative studies. Here is the highlight of the best colleges to study in the country with their school fees:


The University of Ibadan alternatively known as UI was the first degree-awarding institution in Nigeria. The historic university is equally the best all round university in the country.

The Ibadan university was founded in 1948 and is located in the remote part of the city in Oyo State, South-western Nigeria.

There are lots of programs offered in the country’s premier university. They include disciplines like agriculture, arts, education, environmental design and management, law, pharmacy, renewable natural resources, science, social science, technology and veterinary medicine. These programs is fully accredited and they enroll and graduate students every year.

School Fees: UniIbadan has a school fees around ₦30,000, but it varies each year of enrollment.


University Of Lagos well-known by the acronym UNILAG is a top rated higher institution in the Africa’s largest city – Lagos. It is a federal government-owned research university which has it campus in Akoka, Lagos State.

The institution was established in 1962, and has since then proven to be one of the best Nigerian higher institutions and a first choice university of many aspirants. The educational programs in the University of Lagos includes Arts, basic medical sciences, business administration, clinical sciences, dental sciences, education, engineering, environmental sciences, law, pharmacy, science, and social sciences

School Fees: UniLag has a school fee charge in the range of ₦53,500 (Non-Science Students) and ₦63,500 (Science Students).


Nigeria’s very own university, the University of Nigeria – Nsukka is one of the top rated higher institutions in the country. It occupies the second place in our list of the top 10 best universities in Nigeria. Located in Nsukka in Enugu state, this is a Federal government-owned and managed university. The University was the first autonomous university in Nigeria

The University of Nigeria – Nsukka offers a long list of degree programs in a wide range of disciplines, including Environmental Studies, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dermatology, Performing Arts and more.

School Fees: UNN has a session school fees around ₦70,000 but it varies each year of enrollment.


With respect to infrastructures and building architecture, Ahmadu Bello University has the upper hand more than other universities in Nigeria. This has made the university to be a world-class one.

ABU Zaria is located in the remote town of Zaria in Kaduna state. The institution was named after Northern Nigeria premier, Ahmadu Bello. It is a federal government-owned and managed research university, the first of its kind in the northern region.

ABU Zaria offers degrees programs in Administration, agriculture, arts, education, engineering, environmental design, law, medicine, science, pharmaceutical science, social science, veterinary medicine and many other courses.

School Fees: The school fees range of Ahmadu Bello University is ₦140,000 – ₦200,000.


The University of Ilorin is a federal government-owned educational institution that is situated in Kwara state capital, Ilorin. The university is arguably one of the best universities in the country at present. With more than 50,000 students and a qualitative staff strength of up to 4,000, the school is highly rated.

Unilorin was once ranked among the top 20 universities in Africa, and was the first Nigerian university. They were also globally ranked in the 1824th position in the 2014 data.

Agriculture is one of the many programs offered by the university. Others include arts, communication, health sciences, education, engineering & technology, environmental science, life science, law, management science, pharmaceutical science, physical science, social science, and veterinary medicine.

School Fees: The University of Ilorin has school fee charges in the range of ₦75,000 – ₦83,000.


Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) is one of the most ranked higher institutions in the country. This is a university located in Ile-Ife, an ancient city in Osun State, South-western Nigeria. With quality educational infrastructures and good staff quality, the university has also been ranked high by NUC and others. They offer degree courses in these disciplines: administration, agriculture, arts, education, environmental, management, basic medical science, clinical sciences, dentistry, law, pharm, sciences, technology and social sciences.

School Fees: OAU school fees is around ₦20,100 – ₦57,000 (per session)


Covenant University is the most modernized university in Nigeria. The institution is equally leading in terms of infrastructures and education learning standards.

Covenant University was founded in 1999  by Living Faith Church Worldwide a church that was founded by a prolific pastor – Bishop David Oyedepo. The university campus is located in Sango Ota, Ogun State, South-western Nigeria.

The programs offered in Covenant University falls under business and social science, engineering, leadership development studies, science and technology, and postgraduate studies.

School Fees: ₦817,500 to ₦882,500. Since this is a private owned university, the fee is very high and some programs charges up to ₦1 million.


The Federal University of Technology, Minna occupies the 32 position in the UniRank rating of universities in Nigeria. This is a federal government-owned and managed university which is situated in Minna, Niger State.

Federal University of Technology, Minna is an educational institution that majors on technological education. As such, engineering, science and technology are the most important discipline in the higher institution. Other programs include agriculture, information and communication technology, entrepreneurship and management technology, education, environmental technology and life sciences.

School Fees: The cost of school fees in FUTMinna ranges from ₦24,700 – ₦52,950


The University of Port Harcourt is a federal government-owned university in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The university was given a University status in 1977, though founded two years earlier.

University of Port Harcourt often called UniPort is regarded as the best University in the South-southern sub-region of the country. This is not far from the truth as the institution was ranked the sixth-best university in Africa. In 2015, it also earn the rank as the best university in Nigeria by Times Higher Education (THE).

School Fees: UniPort school fees falls in the range of ₦90,000 to ₦140,000.


The Federal University Of Technology, Akure is another technology inclined university in the list. They are ranked in the 16 position by UniRank.

FUTA as popularly called, was established in 1981 with the main aim to produce graduates that are equipped with practical as well as theoretical knowledge of technologies in the country. The institution offers courses on engineering, science and technology. They also offer biological sciences, management, and arts.

School Fees: FUTA school fees is around ₦50,000 for new students. Old students will pay at a lower rate ₦20,000.



That’s the size of this article on the best universities in Nigeria. We additionally included their respective school fees so as to give you a clue on what it cost to study there.

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