Full List of Oil Well Owners in Nigeria

Petroleum has been a substantial industry in Nigeria since its discovery. An oil well is a hole that is bored into the Earth with the purpose of bringing petroleum oil hydrocarbons to the surface. The Department of Petroleum Resources estimates that Nigeria has 1481 active wells and 159 active oil fields. The coastal Niger Delta Basin, which is home to 78 of the country’s 159 oil fields, is the most producing part of the country. About 52% of Nigeria’s blocks are owned by Nigerians, while 48% are held by foreign oil firms. The complete list of nation-wide oil well owners will be highlighted in this article.


The following are the licenced owners of oil wells in the country:

  • Alhaji Mai Daribo. Daribo is a Bornu Patriarch. He is the proprietor of the high yielding OML 110. An estimated 500 million oil barrels are contained in the oil well’s OBE oil field. If you want to put that into plain English, use a benchmark price of $100 per barrel, which is equal to $500 billion in oil reserves. After taxes, Daribo receives more than $20 billion in oil profits.
  • Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero. Nasiru is the cousin of the former CBN Governor Lamido Sanusi. He owns the marginal ASUOKPU/UMUTU oil fields and is the Seplat Petroleum’s manager. The daily oil production capacity of this oil well is 300,000 barrels. This equates to $30 million in daily terms, with a benchmark price of $100 a barrel on average.
  • General Theophilus Danjuma. OPL 246 is owned by Danjuma, whose business is known as SAPETRO. Up to 2300,000 barrels of crude oil are exported daily from the oil block.
  • Colonel Sanni Bello. Sanni Bello is the owner of NOML 112 and OML 117. The International Petroleum Development Corporation is the name of his business. Abdulsalami Abubakar, the former head of state of Nigeria, has an in-law named Sanni Bello.
  • Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi. Ludimi, a native of Niger State, is related to Ibrahim Babangida, a former military leader. OML 115, OLDWOK Field, and EBOk Field are all owned by Ludimi.
  • Alhaji Sela Mohammed Gambo. Sela Gambo runs Nor East Petroleum Limited and he also owns OML 215.
  • Mike Adenuga. Adenuga is a multimillionaire who owns Conoil which is the oldest indigenous oil exploration industry in Nigeria. The Conoil exports more than 200000 barrels of crude oil every day from its six oil blocks.
  • Alhaji Aminu Cantata. Aminu is the owner of OML 108. Express Petroleum Company Ltd is the company’s management.
  • Alhaji W.I Folawiyo. Folawiyo is the owner of OML 113. His oil well operation company is called Yinka Folawiyo Ltd.
  • Atiku Yaradua and Bayero. The couple owns Intel and has a respectable position in Nigeria’s oil and gas development sector.
  • Rilwan Lukman. Rilwan served as OPEC’s previous chairman. He is the owner of AMNI, a business with the oil blocks OML 112 and OML 117. He owns shares in the OML 67 EBOK oil fields.
  • Dan Etete. Etete was previously the oil minister. He is the owner of Malabu Oil, which runs the OPL 245 oil well. The Malabu Oil & Gas Company is the organization in charge of running this oil well. The oil block is valued at $20 billion.
  • Andrew Odili. OPL 289 and OPL 233 are owned by the former governor of Rivers. The operating firm in this oil well is Clewater Refinery and RivGas Petroleum and Gas Company.
  • Andy Uba. Uba is a significant operator of OPL 286 through Focus Energy.
  • Emeka Offor. Emeka owns OPL 291 that is operated by Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited. Afterwards, Addax Petroleum Development Company Ltd acquired ownership of this oil well.
  • Alfred James. Alfred owns OPL 302 which are owned conjointly.
  • J.O Udoji. Udoji with his colleagues own OPL 226 and the operating company is 2 Soglas Nigeria Limited.
  • Saleh Jambo. Jambo who is the Chairman of the North East Petroleum owns the OPL 215 oil well.
  • Ibrahim Bunu. Ibrahim Bunu presides as the Chairman of Optimum Petroleum that opy OPL 310.
  • Aminu Alhassan Dantata. Dantata is the Chairman of the Express Petroleum committee. He owns OPL 108&_227.
  • Sanni Bello. Bello was the Chairman of the committee of the OPL 112& 117 of the Amni Int. Petroleum.
  • Arthur Eze presides over Atlas Petroleum Int. Ltd that owns the oil well OPL 109.
  • Mohammed Indimi presides over Oriental Energy Resources which owns the oil well OPL 115
  • Mai Derive presides over Cavendish Petroleum Big Ltd which owns OPL 110
  • Kase Lawal presides over Allied Energy Resources Big Ltd which operates OPL 120&121
  • M.A Olokun presides over Summit Oil which runs OPL 122
  • M.K.O Abiola presides over Summit Oil which owns OPL 205 and OPL 206
  • Said Kuashi presides over Crown well Petroleum that owns OPL 305 and 306
  • Module Alakija presides over Famta Oil Ltd which owns OPL 216
  • O.B Lulu Briggs runs the oil well OPL 114, 239, 234 and 231
  • A.B.C Orjiako presides over Zebbra Energy Limited which owns OPL 248
  • Reggie Uduhim presides over Oil and Gas Limited that owns OPL 249
  • David Richards, P.O Balogun, T.O Omisore, Olayiwola Fatona presides over the Niger Delta Western OPL 34
  • Rachel Akintola, Ibukun Olawepo and their colleagues operate Oil World which owns OPL 241
  • Appia Korang, A. Peppe, Oba Gbadebo, O.A Kpata, O. Adeyemo, M.O Osunsanya, O. Boyo, J.A Tinubu presides over Oando which owns OPL 278, 236
  • Onoh Anthony and his colleagues, Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong, Nwauche Erastus presides over Eurafric Energy Limited Dawes Island which operate OML 54
  • Unejei T, Akinro C.A and colleagues own Bicta Energy that operate Bicta Energy
  • Ewendu Chidi and his colleagues own Platform Petroleum Limited that operate OML 38
  • Du- Frayed and his colleagues Baba Lawal, Cole Tonye, Odunsi Ade, Adeniji Titi, Akinla Ladipo, Bentley John, Ciroma Musa preside over Sahara Energy & African Oil Ltd which own OML 40 oil well.
  • Fatona Layi and his colleagues Aret Adams, Uduimp Itsueli, Sammy Olagbaju, David Richard, Udi Ibru operate the Niger Delta Company which owns the OML 54
  • Macpepple Victoria and his colleagues MacPepple Henry, Macpepple Joy, MacPepple Emmanuel, MacPepple Elfrida operate Prime Petr. Ltd & Suffolk Petroleum which owns the OML 11
  • Usman Danburran and his colleagues Alhaji Indimi operate Oriental Energy which owns OML 67.
  • Nwauche Erastus and his colleagues Onoh Anthony, Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong operates Eurafric Energy Limited Dawes Island which owns OML 54
  • Aliyu Abubakar and his colleagues Brigidi David, Alamieyesheiga Anitonbrapa, Ifimaim Ekine, Jonathan Selereipre, Enddeley Francis, Chinwetelu Chris, Williams E.J operate the Bayelsa Oil Company Ayala which owns the oil well OML 46.


The Niger Delta region of Nigeria is where the majority of oil blocks are found. 90.1% of the oil produced is produced in Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa, making them the leading oil producers in the country. The long list of people whose oil wells are in Nigeria is found above. It is significant to keep in mind that, although acquiring the entire list can seem unattainable, it is technically achievable and not all oil well owners in Nigeria are entirely northerns.

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