How To Become A Paga Agent (2024)

What do I need to know before applying as a Paga Agent? Paga is a popular Nigerian online payment system that delivers quick and error-free payments. Paga also provides a variety of features, including sending and receiving money, paying utility bills, purchasing airtime, and using internet to send or receive airtime.

become a paga agent in Nigeria

If you’ve been looking for a method to get started as a Paga agent, then you’ve come to the proper spot. We went through everything in depth in our post about how to become a Paga agent, so read on if that interests you.

We’ll teach you how to get money while offering Paga services to clients in this article. We all grumble about there being a lack of employment in Nigeria, but there are many possibilities that go unfulfilled. Being a Paga agent is one of them. You become self-employed and profit while providing the service in a physical store or even online as a result of this.

As a money transfer agent, you’ll be in charge of assisting customers in sending and receiving money, buying and selling airtime credits, retail payments, cable TV subscription payments, and more. This blog post is dedicated to those seeking to work as an agent and we’ll address any questions you may have regarding the requirements, advantages, and commission structure.


What are the benefits of becoming a Paga agent? see them below:

  • For every transaction completed through you, you get a commission.
  • The more transactions you complete, the more money you make.
  • You can’t draw traffic to your business if you don’t have any customers. By becoming an agent, you may get consumers to know about other things that you do or services that you provide.
  • You may get excellent training with Paga and its partner affiliate businesses if you meet the qualifications.


The following are the five steps on how to be a Paga agent:

  1. On the Paga Agents Registration Page, visit the official online registration platform for agents.
  2. Fill in your name and a working phone number, then click Continue.
  3. Fill in all of the necessary details on the agent application form and then submit it for evaluation.
  4. Your application will be reviewed as soon as you submit it. Paga officials will reach out to you as soon as possible to continue the process.
  5. Once verified, you’ve become a Paga agent.

You should be aware that you must go through some basic training on how to utilize the Paga software as well as other necessary information. Paga will immediately provide information regarding the training location and date after your request has been successful. If you don’t hear from Paga after two weeks and there’s no update on your account, contact them at [email protected], the official email address set up for Paga agents.


  • What is the cost of being a Paga agent? This comes with a minor one-time charge of N20,000.
  • What are the advantages of being a Paga agent? On every transaction conducted by such agents, commissions are assigned. See above for such benefits
  • How much money do Paga agents make? There is no ceiling to how much you can make as an agent; it all depends on the quantity of sales and transactions completed.
  • How much should I put in the agent account as a start-up sum? You are not restricted by a cap or a floor, however it is always good to have an acceptable quantity on your agent account.


Working as an independent Paga agent in Nigeria is profitable, so you shouldn’t be concerned about looking for employment. You may need to put lots of effort into what you have and then grow your Paga business large. Rural areas with little or no banks are the greatest area to expand rapidly because they provide extra space for growth.

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