Top Cheap Cars For Taxi Business In Nigeria (2024)

The taxi industry in Nigeria has undergone substantial change over the years. This has been made possible by the entry of newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for taxi/uber business into the market. Despite the fact that the 403 and famous station wagon are still in existence, it’s still uncommon to see one in use. The country’s taxi business has been taken over by Uber, Bolt, and other like services, leaving these old-fashioned car brands in the dust.

However, what precisely have these driving services replaced? Here are some of the top cheap vehicles that can be used as taxi or uber in Nigeria today.


The best vehicle brands for the Nigerian taxi industry will be examined in this article. The automobiles, which only include hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs, were picked for their practicality, mileage, trunk size, and price range.


Our top pick is the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla is among the most popular cars in Nigeria for a good reason. This brand from Toyota is a very capable fuel-efficient vehicle. This car is well-built and stylish, incredibly durable and among the most fuel-efficient cars in the country.

A single gallon of petrol may reportedly take the Corolla’s 1.8L engine up to 30 kilometers. The cost of maintenance and repairs for the Toyota Corolla is relatively reasonable.

The car also has a great audio system and comfortable air conditioning. Depending on the year, the Corolla costs between ₦2.5 million and ₦3.5 million. It makes sense that it is the one that uber/taxi drivers in Nigeria use most frequently.


The Toyota Avensis is just as efficient just like the Corolla. This car has good fuel economy. The 1.8L, 2.0L, and 2.4L engine options are available for the Avensis models. With the 1.8L engine, one gallon of gas could take you up to 27 miles (or 36 minutes at 45 mph).

Toyota vehicles often cost little to fix and maintain. As a result, Toyota brands are excellent candidates for the transportation sector in the country. The price of the Toyota Avensis, which ranges from ₦3 million to ₦5 million, may change according on the year of manufacturing.


In terms of popularity, Honda Accord is another top option. Operators of taxi transport services in particular enjoy popularity with this vehicle. Like the Toyota, the Honda Accord is a reliable fuel-efficient vehicle. Similar to the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Accord offers the best driving performance without you spending a lot of money.

The Honda Accord utilizes a very small amount of gasoline. Additionally, the Honda Accord is known for its long lifespan; you may discover many owners who have kept theirs for many years. Inside, there is enough space for passengers and a great sound system.

A used 2007 Honda Accord in Nigeria can be acquired for ₦2,700,000, while a 2009 model will set you back ₦3,325,000. Your visit to the auto shop will determine this. The car’s condition is considered while determining the price.


One of the popular SUVs in Nigeria is the Honda City. The 1.5Ltr engine of the Honda City can travel 32 miles on a single gallon of fuel, making it a popular choice among taxi drivers. Another thing that makes the automobile a popular option for transportation businesses is its elegant aesthetic. A pre-owned Honda City from 2009 can be found for around ₦2.7 million, or little less than ₦2.5 million.


In Nigeria, taxi services can be provided using Toyota Siennas, which are frequently seen. In Nigeria, it is among the most popular commercial 7-seater car variants. It can fit 7-8 persons in its three rows of chairs. The front passenger seat can accommodate one person, and the second and third rows of seats in the back can accommodate at least four to six people. There is enough space in the car’s trunk for goods or cargo. The third-row seat can be folded to add even more cargo room. This car also has a very minimal fuel consumption rate and is preferred for long range driving.

When a problem arises, replacement parts are easily accessible, and the Toyota Sienna only needs occasional maintenance. The cost of a Toyota Sienna depends on where you buy it.


The Volkswagen Vento is an example of a common five-seater commercial car that can be utilized for taxi service. It has become a well-liked automotive type in Nigeria and other nations around the globe. The Vento’s interior design is unique and excellent for commercial purposes. The vehicle includes a single seat in the back part for passenger comfort. This car also doesn’t consume much gasoline.

This suggests that business owners and drivers of transportation businesses can make a sizable profit when adopting it. The Volkswagen Vento needs only ordinary amounts of maintenance, which lowers the price. Remember that a new Volkswagen Vento will always cost more than a comparable used car. Depending on the model, the Vento costs somewhere between ₦300,000 and ₦1.5 million.



Here are important things to think about when buying autos for a transportation business in the country. If you consider these variables, you’ll choose the ideal car for your company that will generate profits for many years:

  • Fuel economy — It is appropriate to avoid using a fuel-hungry vehicle for business activities. This will significantly reduce your earnings and cause you to operate at a loss.
  • Repair and maintenance costs — Some automobiles require a lot of upkeep. You must choose a car with affordable maintenance because all cars occasionally have defects.
  • The state of the vehicle — Purchase an automobile that is fault-free to avoid endangering lives and your company.
  • Availability of replacement parts — There are several automobiles for which spare parts are difficult to locate on the Nigerian market. Avoid purchasing these kinds of vehicles since you will have trouble replacing them in the future.


If you’re preparing to buy a car for taxi business, we have provided the brands and type of cheap cars that suit Nigerian roads and also a few factors to consider that will impact the profitability of your transport service.

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