Full List of Nigerian Army Barracks & Locations

The Nigerian Army, which makes up the majority of the Nigerian Armed Forces, is in charge of defending the nation and its borders in field battles. The army has several barracks spread across the country to house and train soldiers. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of army barracks in Nigeria and their locations.

The Nigerian Army has a long history of service to the nation, dating back to the pre-independence era. It was established in 1960 and is regarded as one of the best military in Africa. Almost 200,000 people make up the army, who are dispersed across the nation in army facilities that double as residences and workplaces.

Over the years, the army has evolved to become one of the most significant institutions in the country. One of the essential aspects of the army is its infrastructure, including the barracks scattered across Nigeria. These barracks serve as residential quarters, training facilities, and administrative centers for the army. They are crucial to the army’s operations, ensuring the readiness of troops and the maintenance of equipment.


Here is a list of army barracks in Nigeria and their locations:

1 Dalet barracks (Nigerian Army 1 Division Headquarters) Kawo, Kaduna State
2 Bukavu barracks Kano State
3 Kalapanzin barracks ( 312 Artillery Regiment, Kaduna) Kaduna State
4 Ribadu Cantonment (Old Nigerian Defense Academy) Kaduna State
5 Katsina barracks Jibia road, Katsina State
6 Kotoko barracks Kaduna State
7 Chindit barracks Zaria, Kaduna State
8 Dodan barracks (the biggest barracks in Nigeria) Ikoyi, Lagos State
9 Mokola Military barracks Oyo State
10 Osun Army barracks Osun State
11 Albitic barracks – headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps. Surulere, Lagos
12 Arakan barracks – Home to the Nigerian Army Finance Corp, housing the Nigerian Army School of Finance and Administration. Apapa Lagos, Lagos State
13 Tego barracks. It is the intelligence arm of the Nigerian Army School. Badia in Lagos State
14 Beho Beho barracks Lagos State
15 Marda barracks 346 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos
16 Ashanti barracks Mobil road, Ajegunle, Lagos State
17 Letmauk – Home to the 4th Battalion in Mokola  Ibadan, Oyo State
18 Odogbo barracks – also referred to as the odoko-Idogbo, Army barracks, Ibadan.  Ibadan, Oyo State
19 Ikeja barracks, also known as Ikeja Cantonment Ikeja, Lagos State
20 Lafenwa barracks, also known as Nyangoa barracks. Abeokuta, Ogun State
21 AN barracks Yaba, Lagos State
22 Alamala barracks Ogun State
23 Ojo Barracks – also referred to as Ojo Cantonment Tedi Village, Ojo in Lagos
24 Abalti Barracks – the Headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps. Surulere, Lagos
25 Goodluck Jonathan barracks – the third-largest military base in Nigeria. Ohafia, Abia State
26 Onitsha barracks Anambra State
27 Abakpa barracks – houses the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army.  Enugu State
28 Awkunanu barracks Enugu State
29 Ejoor barracks – Houses the 3 Battalion of the Nigerian Army Efurun, Warri in Delta State
30 Calabar barracks – 13 Brigade Barracks, currently known as Akim Army barracks, Calabar. Calabar, Cross River State
31 Ekenwan barracks Ovia North, Benin City, Edo State
32 Adaka Boro barracks Elele, Rivers State
33 Bori camp Port Harcourt, Rivers State
34 Warri Military Barracks Warri, Delta State
35 Giwa and Maimalari barracks – 7 Division headquarters of the Nigerian army. Maiduguri, Borno State
36 Obienu barracks Bauchi, Bauchi State
37 33 Artillery Brigade barracks Bauchi, Bauchi State
38 22 Armoured Brigades, known as Sobi barracks Ilorin, Kwara State
39 Rukuba barracks Jos, Plateau State
40 Keffi barracks, the 177 Battalion – currently called Shittu Alao barracks. Jos-Abuja road, Keffi, Nassarawa State
41 Gado Nasko barracks, also known as Lungi barracks  Abuja
42 Yakubu Gowon barracks – home to the Guards Brigade Medical center, Abuja  Abuja
43 Sani Abacha barracks  Abuja
44 Camp Wu Bassey Muritala way, next to Sheraton hotel, Abuja
45 Aguiyi-Ironsi barracks or Aguiyi-Ironsi Cantonment Asokoro, Abuja
46 Fort IBB barracks (former Fort Obasanjo)  Abuja
47 Mogadishu or Abacha barracks  Abuja
48 Fort Nagwamatse barracks Kantagora, Niger State
49 Makurdi barracks – also known as Naites Nasme barracks. It is the home of 72 Special Forces Battalion Makurdi, Benue State
50 174 Battalion Nigerian Army barracks Odoguyan Ikorodu, Lagos State
51 Artillery Brigade barracks (31 Artillery Brigade Minna Cantonment)  Minna, Niger State
52 Colito barracks  Kwara State


Army barracks are military installations that serve as the living quarters for soldiers and their families. These installations are designed to accommodate the needs of military personnel, providing them with a secure environment, training facilities, medical care, and recreational amenities.

In Nigeria, army barracks are located in various parts of the country, ranging from the north to the south, and from the east to the west. They are strategically placed in areas where they can effectively serve their purpose of maintaining law and order, combating insurgency, and protecting the country’s territorial integrity.

The Nigerian Federation’s 36 states are divided into six geopolitical zones. The 52 barracks used by the Nigerian Army to house ground troops are dispersed around the country’s six geopolitical regions. The North-East, North-West, North-Central, South-East, South-West, and South-South are these geopolitical zones, and we shall list the various barracks under each zones below.


Barracks Name Location
Dalet Barracks Kawo, Kaduna State
Bukavu Barracks Kano
Kalapanzin Barracks Kaduna State
Ribadu Cantonment Kaduna city
Katsina Barracks Jibia Road, Katsina
Kotoko Barracks Kaduna State
Chindit Barracks Zaria, Kaduna State


Barracks Name Location
Giwa and Maimalari Barracks Maiduguri, Borno State
Obienu Barracks Bauchi State
33 Artillery Brigade Barracks Bauchi State


Barracks Name Location
22 Armoured Brigades, Sobi barracks Ilorin, Kwara State
Rukuba barracks Jos, Plateau State
Keffi barracks, Shittu Alao barracks (177 Battalion) Keffi, Nassarawa State
Gado Nasko barracks, Lungi barracks Abuja
Yakubu Gowon barracks, Guards Brigade Medical Center FCT, Abuja
Sani Abacha barracks Unknown
Camp Wu Bassey Abuja, Muritala way, next to Sheraton hotel
Aguiyi-Ironsi barracks, Aguiyi-Ironsi Cantonment Asokoro, Abuja
Fort IBB barracks (former Fort Obasanjo) FCT, Abuja
Mogadishu or Abacha barracks Abuja
Fort Nagwamatse barracks Kantagora, Niger State
Makurdi barracks, Naites Nasme barracks (72 Special Forces) Makurdi, Benue State
Artillery Brigade barracks, 31 Artillery Brigade Minna Cantt. Minna, Niger State
Colito barracks Kwara State


Barracks Name Location
Dodan Barracks Lagos, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Mokola Military Barracks Oyo State
Osun Army Barracks Osun State
Albitic Barracks Surulere, Lagos. It is the Headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps.
Arakan Barracks Apapa Lagos, Lagos State. It is the umbrella of the Nigerian Army Finance Corp, housing the Nigerian Army School of Finance and Administration.
Tego Barracks Badia, Lagos State. It is the intelligence arm of the Nigerian Army School.
Beho Beho Barracks Lagos State
Marda Barracks Yaba, Lagos. It is located opposite Healthy Pulse pharmacy and supermarket, 346 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos.
174 Battalion Nigerian Army Barracks Odoguyan Ikorodu, Lagos State
Ashanti Barracks Mobil road, Ajegunle, Lagos State
Letmauk Barracks Ibadan. It houses the 4th Battalion in Mokola, Oyo State.
Odogbo Barracks Ibadan, Oyo State. It is also referred to as the Odoko-Idogbo Army barracks, Ibadan.
Ikeja Barracks Ikeja, Lagos State
Lafenwa Barracks Abeokuta, Ogun State. Also known as Nyangoa barracks.
AN Barracks Yaba, Lagos State
Alamala Barracks Ogun State
Ojo Barracks Tedi Village, Ojo in Lagos. Also called Ojo Cantonment.
Abalti Barracks Surulere, Lagos. It is the Headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps.


Barracks Name Location
Goodluck Jonathan barracks (third-largest military base in Nigeria) Ohafia, Abia State
Onitsha barracks Anambra State
Abakpa barracks Enugu State
Awkunanu barracks Enugu State


Barracks Name Location
Ejoor barracks Efurun, Warri, Delta State
Calabar barracks Calabar, Cross Rivers State (currently known as Akim Army barracks)
Ekenwan barracks Ovia North Benin City, Edo State
Adaka Boro barracks Elele, Rivers State
Bori camp Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Warri Military barracks Warri, Delta State


Nigeria Army barracks are designed to provide soldiers with everything they need to carry out their duties effectively. These facilities include:


Soldiers in Nigeria Army barracks are provided with accommodation, usually in the form of barracks or hostels. Each soldier is allocated a bed, a locker, and a table, which they share with other soldiers in their platoon.

Soldiers are given residential accommodations called billets to sleep in. It was once a private residence that the troops might accept. To accommodate officers and their families, numerous quarters have been developed around the barracks in Nigeria today.

The Nigerian Army’s top officers reside at the officers’ quarters. Each officer is given a room with a wingman or orderly who is a soldier. In comparison to their subordinates, the commanding soldiers reside in larger, more spacious homes. The accommodations that the officers reside in are also determined by their ranks. While the sergeants’ quarters are primarily for non-commissioned officers, privates and corporals dwell in the quarters assigned to their respective ranks.


Training is a crucial part of the Nigeria Army’s operations, and barracks have facilities to support this. These include shooting ranges, obstacle courses, and mock villages.


Barracks also have medical facilities to provide soldiers with healthcare services. These facilities include hospitals, clinics, and first aid stations. To address the medical needs of the military commanders and their families, the Nigerian Army barracks also has its own hospital. It is either within the barracks or close by. In addition, people in need of medical care are given this chance. Army Command and NAOWA Hospital in Abuja, Nigerian Army Military Hospital in Lagos, etc. are a few examples of Nigerian army hospitals.


Soldiers need to eat, and barracks have mess facilities to cater to this need. These facilities include dining halls and kitchens, where soldiers can have their meals.


Barracks also have administrative offices to manage the day-to-day operations of the barracks. These include the command office, finance office, and personnel office.


Soldiers also need to relax and unwind after a long day of training and duties. Barracks have recreational facilities such as cinemas, sports fields, and game rooms.


Correctional facilities, sometimes referred to as military prisons, are located in the Nigerian Army barracks. You can picture what it will be like for prisoners to live in a military setting. For the offender, the environment won’t be particularly pleasant. The jails are designed to establish discipline and rationality in anybody who violates the law. An army officer who violates the law, an enemy of the state, or a prisoner of war are all examples of trespassers. The military in Nigeria handles the prison’s business.


The Nigerian Army has several barracks in different parts of the country. These barracks are essential to the army’s operations, providing accommodation, training, and administrative services to the troops. It is worth noting that the Nigerian Army is continually expanding and upgrading its infrastructure, including the barracks. This is in line with the army’s commitment to ensuring that its personnel are adequately trained and equipped to defend the nation’s territorial integrity.

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