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How To Preserve Yam Tubers in Nigeria

yam in Nigeria

The majority of yams produced in the world are grown in Africa, particularly Nigeria. Perhaps you’ve thought how to store yam for a long time at home? Here is a short tutorial on how to quickly preserve yam in simple steps without giving up its flavor and freshness. HOW TO PRESERVE YAM TUBERS IN NIGERIA […]

How to Earn in Dollars in Nigeria (2023)

earn in dollars in Nigeria

The dollar is a common denomination for those who wish to make money in foreign currencies. The most widely used currency worldwide is the US dollar, which is accepted in a wide range of nationalities. You may be certain that your cash flows will be felt around the world if you work for dollars. Furthermore, […]

Types of Drainage Systems in Nigeria: Full List

drainage systems in Nigeria

Drainage system is a very important factor for housing and agricultural projects. It is the removal of surface and subsurface water from a wet area through natural or artificial drainage. Most agricultural soils have adequate internal drainage to prevent severe waterlogging, which can lead to anaerobic conditions that hinder root growth. However, many soils require […]

Significance of Nok Culture in Nigeria’s History

Nok Culture in Nigeria's History

One of the earliest communities in Western Africa known to have existed was the Nok civilisation. It existed in present-day Nigeria between roughly 500 BCE and 200 CE. The human faces’ triangular or oval eyes are one of the distinguishing features of Nok sculptures. The Nok people’s usage of iron technology is a key aspect […]

The Significance of Igbo-Ukwu Culture in Nigeria’s History

Igbo-Ukwu culture in Nigeria

How well-versed are you in knowing the history of Igbo-Ukwu and its importance to Nigeria? We think that’s one of the main reasons you ended up on this page. The town of Igbo-Ukwu is located in the south-central Nigerian state of Anambra. Igbo-Ukwu culture has existed in Nigeria since long before colonial administration there began. […]

The Importance of Border Closure in Nigeria

land borders in Nigeria

Nigeria shut its land borders in 2019 to make sure it had complete control over its imports. Due to the smuggling of rice into the nation, the authorities decided to close the border. There were also unauthorized exports of cheaper, subsidized gasoline from Nigeria to its neighbours. The government’s revenue has increased significantly as a […]

Importance of Tourism in Nigeria

The relevance of tourism has increased as a result of Nigeria’s rapid tourism growth. It encourages national unity and supports regional artistic and cultural endeavors in hospitality. Additionally, it contributes to the growth of global awareness of our past and cultural heritage.  Nigeria now boasts over 7000 tourist destinations, and the government is actively working […]

The Major Importance of Voting in Nigeria

voting in Nigeria

A democratic nation like Nigeria values the ability of its citizens to vote for their government. Many people in our country are entitled to vote, yet few enjoy doing so. According to INEC data base, the largest voter turnout in Nigerian history occurred during the 2019 general elections, where 35% of eligible voters participated. The […]

The Significance of Ife Culture in Nigeria’s History

Ile-Ife in Nigeria

How much do you know about the centre of Yoruba tribe — Ile Ife? Ife, the purported place of origin for the Yoruba tribe, is given a great deal of significance. Ife is where all people originated, as per the Yoruba perspective. As a result, it has special religious and political significance. Ife is still […]

Importance of Unity Schools in Nigeria

unity schools

The significance of unity schools in the Nigerian educational system will be discussed in this article. In actuality, it is impossible to overstate the significance of unification schools in the nation. Unity education is promoted in Nigerian schools along with national integration and building. Students from various sections of the nation and from all walks […]