Top 10 Untapped Business Ideas For Nigerian Students (2024)

As a Nigerian student, blending academics and less engaging business will be very good to keep you financially stable. It’s a normal thing that you can’t rule out your financial needs in the course of your study year in the university or college. If you would want to augment your finances being an undergraduate, then you should go for a good business idea. There are a good number of these untapped business opportunities that will bring you sufficient cash and wouldn’t take much of your time for academics.


The best untapped business ideas for students in Nigeria include the following:


On the off chance that you are very good at a specific course in school, this will give you a means of bringing in cash without contributing capital except if you need to make it on a large scale.

What’s involved in this business is to find a location for your class and publicize your tutorial class to the students. The school and tertiary organizations won’t ever prevent you from utilizing their classes for lessons. It is the thing that a few students do to bring in money.


Virtual education is also one of the top ten undiscovered business ideas in Nigeria. As the country is developing in the area of technology, and shockingly, it’s yet to be completely utilized in the education sector of the country.

The need for Virtual education rose on the flare-up as schools were closed due to the pandemic. You can take advantage of this opportunity as a student and tutor other students via the online mediums. This is best done through the video streaming platforms.


You can start a business on apps and online services as a student. This is possible as the digital and computerized system is taking over many aspects of engagements in Nigeria. These days, various companies right now use computerized systems and are going on the web.

Moreover, Nigeria’s high level economy is turning out to be huge, and that means many opportunities for online services.


A good number of students are blessed with talents like acting in films. Also, the country has talented and innovative performers and since the general population contains many youths, the viewers of these videos are many.

To get accepted into the film and video production business, you should be certain to make first class films with quality pictures. A lot of Nigerian actors and actresses, including students, go a long way to shoot movies which are sold on their web-based media platforms.


Year in and out, Nigerian organizations lose more than $3.5 billion to cyber crimes and hacks. The greater part of these deficiencies come from the way that the country is immature in the part of technology. It’s just recently that tech masters are coming up to meet the task of stopping the activities of cyber-crimes.

Along these lines, Cybersecurity is currently one of the lucrative areas in the IT industry. It is one of the rising and undiscovered businesses in Nigeria.


Freelancing is a general term that involves such countless jobs done on freelance. These jobs are done as long as you have an ability, you can work with any individual or organization without focusing on them for the long haul.

At the point when you take up a task, they are eventually independently employed and can decide to work either distantly or at the office.

Freelancing jobs include content writing, content development, content management, graphics designing, programming, proofreading, and a lot of others in this category.


In the event that you have the cash and assets to set up a computer business, then that will be fine even as a student. For the meantime, you can have someone to manage the place for you.

This is extraordinary compared to other untapped business opportunities for students in Nigeria; notwithstanding, it requires specialized abilities. To get into the business well, simply have the basic training or how an I.T company is run, and you could get your large break.


Having a blog is one of the business ideas you should consider as a student. Blogging is likewise a couple of the undiscovered business ideas that are not capital escalated. This business won’t stress you much and it will bring you cash when it’s done right.  The basic things you require to start blogging is to have a personal computer, have a blog, and start publishing your contents.

It’s pertinent to know that blogging requires a lot of devotion and dedication in case you are simply starting. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have sufficient cash to finance it, you will rapidly expand the authority of your blog.


In the event that you have an eye for arts, you can put away your time and cash on your skills for drawing.

The beauty of wallpapers and art drawings have invigorated people to the degree that they are now showing love for unique drawings and designs. Organizations use it to impact the purchasing choices of customers. Hairdressers, Betting shops, car owners, entrepreneurs, students, and families buy wallpapers to enhance their homes or stores, albeit the significant justification the vast majority is to send a message through it meaning.


Crypto currency trading is ostensibly the most untapped business idea in this list. The reason for this is that a lot of people do have misconceptions about this business. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), one of the regulators of digital currencies in Nigeria have marked that all cryptographic forms of money currently go about as exchange.

This new development implies that crypto currency trading is completely acknowledged. Indeed, some organizations and companies now use it as a form of exchange. As a vendor, you can make a ton of cash exchanging digital currencies. This can be accomplished on the off chance that you realize when to purchase and when to sell, more like theorizing.


That’s the view of the top ten untapped business ideas in Nigeria. These business opportunities are sorted out to reflect the ones that are suitable for students in the country. If you’re a student in Nigeria, then you should try any of these business ideas, blend it with your academics and make the best out of the two.

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