Current Prices of Bag of Rice in Nigeria Today (March, 2023)

To know how much a bag of rice costs currently in Nigeria today, one must first be aware that most rice dealers fix prices based on some factors. The size, brand, economy, dollar exchange rate and even location are just a few factors influencing the cost of bag of rice prices in the country.

Rice is a very common foodstuff in Nigeria and indeed the world. It is scientifically known as “Oryza Sativa” and it is one of the most popular grain/cereal eaten by human beings.

Apart from eating rice as normal meal, it is regarded as one of the best food for ceremonies in the southwestern part of Africa. Many Nigerians believe a ceremony is not complete until rice is added to the list of food served to guests or celebrant.

Although, there are various brands of rice in the country, it would be wise to know the current prices of bag of rice in the Nigerian market so as to know the type you would buy.

rice in Nigeria


There many ways you can prepare your rice, you can decide to cook it without adding any seasoning or ingredients except salt. However, you will need to prepare a very delicious stew which will give it a great taste whenever you are eating. This type of rice is referred to as “white rice” by an average Nigerian.

You can equally make it as Jollof, Coconut rice, Fried rice, Banga rice and many other ways.

We won’t be teaching you how to cook all of the listed ways of cooking rice today, but focus more on bag of rice prices in Nigeria. However, we promise to come up with a special article on how to go about it.


There are different sizes of rice packs in the country and beyond. The larger the size, the higher the prices, however, sizes has no influence on quality and longevity.

In Nigeria today, you can get as low as rice of 5kg pack, your can equally get the one of 50kg – it all depend on your preference and your financial capacity. You can also get rice of 25kg, 10 kg and 30kg at a very affordable price if you want to buy bag of rice from a direct supplier (wholesaler).


Prices of rice has somewhat reduced drastically across the country compared to what it used to be some years ago, thanks to the embargo placed on importation of foreign rice.

In 2023, 50kg bag of foreign rice is sold for huge ₦31, 000 while Nigerian rice is sold for ₦25, 000 due to the unstable economy and  only wealthy citizens could afford eating rice on daily basis.

But situation got better during the previous year as the government laid some emphasis on locally-made agricultural products.

As result of government’s zeal to totally eradicate the importation of foreign rice, some states of the federation were agriculturally empowered so as to increase the production of rice across the country.

This has brought massive improvements to the availability of rice, though, there are more to be desired as we believe it can still get better.

Having said that, let’s quickly reveal the brands of rice alongside their present prices in Nigeria.

This list contains name of brand, sizes and the price of each sizes. It also includes locations where you can get it without any stress.

It is important to let you know that these brands are NOT made-in-Nigeria products, they are foreign rice that somehow find their way into the country despite the embargo placed on rice importation by government.

If you are a trusted rice dealer who purchases rice or beans in large quantities and would want to advertise your business here, you can contact the admin of this site (07032252176) to put up your contact here for ₦20,000 per month.

See the price list below:


This is one of the most popular brands in the country. Mama Gold rice is a quality Thai-parboiled rice which does not take much time to get cooked.

One other feature of Mama Gold rice is its low starch content which makes it easier to cook compared to other products products. Mama Gold Rice is of different sizes and prices, which are unveiled below:

  • Mama Gold 50kg Rice  =  ₦29,000 — ₦30, 000
  • Mama Gold 25kg Rice   = ₦15,500 — ₦20,000
  • Mama Gold 10kg Rice  =  ₦8,500 — ₦10, 500

NOTE : The prices above varies from market to market, hence, you might find it more expensive or more cheaper depending on location and your bargaining skills.


Marketed and distributed by Stallion Group of Companies,  Royal Stallion Rice is one of the products produced by the company.

The company also engage in production of automobile, kitchen utensils among many other things.

Royal Stallion rice isn’t a locally-made products just as the company itself, but, that doesn’t stop it from being a popular brand in the country.

Just as Mama God, Royal Stallion rice is made of different sizes and here is the prices below:

  • Royal Stallion 50kg Rice  = ₦29,000 — ₦30, 000
  • Royal Stallion 25kg Rice   =  ₦15,500 — ₦20,000
  • Royal Stallion 10kg Rice  =  ₦8,500 — ₦10, 500


‘Rice Master’ is another brand of rice in the country. Its quality and taste is never in doubt while its colour is attractive and it’s easy to cook.

It’s a well parboiled rice  and it’s sold at a very affordable price in almost all large markets in the country. See prices and sizes below.

  • Rice Master 50kg Rice   =  ₦29,000 — ₦30, 000
  • Rice Master 25kg Rice  =  ₦15,500 — ₦20,000


Caprice rice is arguably the cheapest rice in the country. Despite its low cost, its quality is on the increase while its delicious taste continues to wow Nigerians.

In fact, Caprice rice is one of the most sought-after brands in many states of the federation. Here is the prices and sizes…

  • Caprice 50kg Rice  =  ₦29,000 — ₦30, 000
  • Caprice 25kg Rice  =  ₦15,500 — ₦20,000


Nigerian rice is mostly what you would see in the market today as opposed to foreign rice which is more expensive. The price of Nigerian rice today ranges from ₦24,000 – ₦27,000 only. Olam brand is available and it is stone free


This brand isn’t as popular as the listed ones, yet, it still maintains it class among the best rice-producing companies in the world and in Nigeria. It is mainly produced in the United States and it somehow finds its way into the West African country.

Unlike the listed above brands, Falcons Rice only has one size  — the 25kg which ranges from ₦15,500 — ₦20,000.


Basmati Rice isn’t popular but it worth trying due to its wonderful taste and attractive look. It has just one size pack which is the 5kg.

It is mainly seen in Super markets, however, handful of its pack could be found in local markets in some part of the country. It is sold at the rate of ₦8,500 — ₦10, 500


A locally-made product, Ofada Rice is produced and packaged in Ogun state — Southwest region of the country — and in some other states.

Ofada rice is an affordable brand of rice which give an average Nigerian the opportunity to eat rice anytime he/she feels like.

It is the most common rice among  average people living in the country, though, the elites also find pleasure in consuming Ofada rice in restaurants, fast-food joints and bars.

  • 5kg size of Ofada rice is sold between ₦8,500 — ₦10, 500


  • Bodija Market in Ibadan (Oyo state): 50kg = ₦28,500, 1 Congo of Rice = ₦500
  • Dawanau Market in Kano ( kano state): 50kg = ₦27,850 ; 1 tier = ₦900
  • Gombe Market, Gombe state: 50kg = ₦28,600 ; 1 Mudu of Rice = ₦500
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Abuja (50kg) = ₦23,000 – ₦25,000
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Lagos state (50kg)= ₦23,000 – ₦26,500
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Jos, Plateau State (50kg) = ₦23,500 – ₦25,000
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Ilorin, Kwara State (50kg) = ₦24,000 – ₦27,000
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Ibadan, Oyo State (50kg) = ₦22,000 – ₦25,500
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Port Harcourt, Rivers State (50kg) = ₦23,500 – ₦26,500
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Lagos (25kg) = ₦13,000 – ₦14,000
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Sokoto State (25kg) = ₦11,500 – ₦13,000
  • Price of Bag of Rice in Sokoto, Sokoto State (100kg) = ₦44,000 – ₦47,000


If you are a trusted rice dealer who purchases rice or beans in large quantities and would want to advertise your business here, you can contact the admin of this site (07032252176) to put up your contact here for ₦20,000 per month.

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