Top 10 Best TV Stations in Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria’s television industry is booming, with a big number of TV stations offering the country’s multi-ethnic population high-quality viewable content.

In Nigeria, the history of television transmission is nothing new. Nigeria’s first television station, the Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV), officially began airing on October 31, 1959. Since then, there are many licensed indigenous television stations operating in the country. The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is the agency/body saddled with regulating the activities of broadcasting stations in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A lot of people think watching TV is a waste of time. However, watching television has a lot of advantages. It first enables you to discover various civilizations from throughout the globe. After a hard day, it aids in relaxation. Nigeria has a wide variety of television channels. These include, for example, channels that provide public services, religious channels, entertainment channels, news channels, sports channels, and even children’s channels. Continue reading to learn more about Nigeria’s best television networks!


These top TV stations in Nigeria were chosen after taking into account a number of variables. These included inventiveness, technological excellence, audience reach, and high-quality content. The stations’ technical prowess and use of cutting-edge technology, as well as their contributions to the Nigerian broadcasting landscape, were taken into consideration when evaluating them. The stations were also judged on their capacity to consistently produce high-quality programming that appeals to a wide audience.

Based on factors including programming quality, viewership, technological excellence, and innovation, this article seeks to identify the top 10 best TV stations in Nigeria.


Here are the ten best television stations broadcasting in Nigeria today.


Channels TV ranks as the leading television station in the country and a trusted source of information for millions of Nigeria. This independent 24-hour news and media television channel is located in Lagos and has another studio in Abuja. It is owned by Channels Incorporated, a 1992-founded privately held business owned by John Momoh.

In 1995, CTV began operations. The goal of the channel is ensure objective and non-bias reporting of events as they unfold in the country. The purpose of the Channels TV is to inform, educate, amuse, and inspire Nigerians. There is a huge selection of programming on Channels TV. The channel’s programming consists of chat shows, news, and current events. CTV has won numerous awards, among which is being named “Best Station of the Year” twelve times by Nigeria’s Media Merit Award Trust.

Some of the shows that contribute to Channels TV’s distinctive brand and expanding audience include the following: Political Today, Business This Morning, and Sport This Morning. The crew at Channels Television has created feature shows that have won praise from audiences across the nation. Broadcast companies like the BBC, CNN, and ITN frequently use video footage captured by Channels Television news crews of events and happenings in Nigeria. “News at Ten,” its flagship programme, is regarded as the most popular and widely viewed news station in Nigeria.


Arise TV is another popular Nigerian Television station that is strictly known for its objective reporting and in-depth coverage of important national and international events. The Lagos-based Nigerian television channel airs news, entertainment, current affairs, lifestyle, documentaries, and sports. Although, they cover the international scene, Africa is a special area of emphasis for Arise News.

The station has access to excellent journalists such as Ruben Abati, Rufai Oseni, Ojynika Okpe, etc. It is said that the best journalists in Nigeria is thought to be working for this television channel. Nduka Obaigbena, a media mogul from Nigeria, owns it, and Arise Broadcasting Ltd. is the parent company in charge of it.

Arise News is broadcast on DSTV Channel 416 in Nigeria. Additionally, Arise News is available in streaming form on Freeview on Channel 269 and 264.


The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) is a government-owned broadcast station. It boasts of having the largest reach in terms of audience. NTA is known for its coverage of major national events and its commitment to promoting Nigerian culture and heritage. Founded in 1977, the Nigerian Television Authority ranks as one of the oldest TV stations in the country, responsible for regulating Nigerian broadcasting services. In addition to serving as a regulator, NTA is required to offer top-notch content that honours Nigeria’s rich cultural variety.

As the largest television network in the nation, NTA operating stations cut all across the 36 states, and is often recognised as the “genuine voice” of the Nigerian government. Government-related news is a major topic on NTA. Network News, Weekend Deal, Periscope, Super Story, and Papa Ajasco are just a few of the well-liked shows that are shown on NTA.


AIT is a privately-owned station in Nigeria with a strong focus on entertainment and infotainment. The station is known for its innovative programmes, including reality TV shows and talk shows. Founded in 1996 by Chief Raymond Dokpesi, under DAAR communications, AIT has a large and loyal audience, especially among younger viewers. This station has been dubbed as one of the top stations in Africa by many and has won many awards.

Its programming features a variety of entertaining content, such as news, current affairs, documentaries, music videos, movies, drama series, soap operas, comedy shows, game shows, chat shows, children’s programmes, infotainment, religious programmes, cookery shows, sporting events, and more. AIT is the biggest private TV network in Nigeria, with stations in 24 out of 36 Nigerian states. It’s also broadcast from its headquarters in Abuja via satellite.


TVC News is a 24-hour live Nigerian news channel based in Lagos. TVC News Nigeria is a station focused on bringing you the most recent breaking Nigerian news. The station, which was founded in 2012, is your one-stop shop for current top news stories, political updates, sports, business development, entertainment, culture, societal lifestyle, and recent community events in Nigeria and beyond. You can watch it on British Sky in the UK, DStv and Startimes in Nigeria, and Multi TV in Ghana.

TVC station has a large audience in Lagos and is rumored to be allegedly owned by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, one of the most powerful politicians in Nigeria. Due to the station affiliation with the All Progressive Congress (APC), it is difficult to rate this station among the most objective TV stations in the country. Andrew Hanlon is the current CEO of Television Continental.


Silverbird TV was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing contemporary family entertainment and leisure to Nigerians. The company is part of the Silverbird Group, a top media and entertainment company in sub-Saharan Africa, with holdings in communications, cinemas, and production. The Silverbird Group is a true innovator on a global scale. In 2001, the first black African Miss World was selected through their Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) brand.

Silverbird Productions, a subsidiary of the Silverbird Group, is a full-service entertainment company, made up of experienced and dedicated professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, including TV promotions, event management, and beauty pageants.

The company made history by building the first world-class mall and Cineplex in Nigeria, the Silverbird Galleria, setting the standard for other malls in the country. Silverbird Communications Limited covers six out of the ten Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Zones and owns Silverbird Television and their flagship radio station, Rhythm FM.

In 2004, Silverbird TV debuted as Nigeria’s first family entertainment television channel and was voted Lagos’s most entertaining television station in 2005. In 2009, it became the second licensed radio and television network in Nigeria.


Wale Adenuga Productions Ltd. established WAPTV as a sole proprietorship company. WAPTV is responsible for producing popular and award-winning TV shows, such as SUPERSTORY, PAPA AJASCO, and other family-friendly entertainment projects.

Since its launch on October 1, 2012, WAPTV has rapidly become one of the top entertainment channels in Nigeria. WAPTV has built upon the success of the Wale Adenuga brand, which has been providing top-notch family entertainment to millions of families in Nigeria for over 30 years.


Africa Magic is a group of pay-TV entertainment channels focused on African content, particularly Nigerian television programs and films. It is a brand owned by M-Net and has expanded from a single channel to seven channels.

Africa Magic, the movie and general entertainment channel, began its operations in July 2003 with the goal of showcasing Nollywood talent, as well as African culture and fashion. When it was first launched, it was well received by DStv subscribers and today it is available in over 50 African nations.

The seven channels include Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic World, Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Igbo, Africa Magic Hausa, and the epic Africa Magic and the urban Africa Magic. Africa Magic is also the organizer of the annual Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), the largest celebration of cinema and television talent on the continent.


Soundcity TV is a 24-hour lifestyle and music channel owned by Consolidated Media Associates Limited and based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is recognized as a “pan-African urban music TV channel” and is listed among the Nigerian online TV channels.

Soundcity TV broadcasts music videos, live performances, news, interviews, and other content related to popular Nigerian music. The channel is part of the Soundcity brand, which includes the Soundcity Radio Network, Soundcity Digital, Soundcity Music Video Awards, and Soundcity Urban Blast Festival. Before its introduction on DStv in 2009, Soundcity TV started as a 30-minute syndicated television program. Today, it has grown into a well-known music channel in Nigeria and beyond.


In Nigeria, there are numerous television stations that air news, instructional shows, and other informative programming, which can aid in educating the public and delivering the right information at the right time. However, due to biases and lack of professionalism, some of these TV channels are not reliable sources of information. As a result, alternative media outlets such as radio stations, print newspapers, and online news portals have emerged. The Nigeria Communications Commission is responsible for issuing licenses to indigenous television stations in the country. Although, there are many television stations to watch from in Nigeria, these are best you can tune in to get the most reliable information from.

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