Top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria is a country blessed with natural and mineral resources. These resources paves the way for economic activities which the resultant is increment in the revenue of the source region. With over thirty-six states making up the country, there is bound to be much deposit of these resources. Inasmuch as some states are making much, there are others who are below par with respect to per-capita income. These are the poorest states we have in Nigeria.

In this article, we will highlight these least fortunate states in the country as indicated by information from the National Bureau of Statistics, after they have viewed their infrastructural advancement, condition of their economy, proficiency level, security and administration to attend these issues. From this information, we will give the rundown of which are the most poorest states in Nigeria this 2021.


The following paragraph will be an highlight of the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria. This list is accurate information from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on the thirty-six states poverty level. The include the following:


Sokoto state has a poverty rate of 81.2% to earn the spot as the poorest state in Nigeria. The northern Nigeria state is one of the country’s most populous and that has to some extent affect the rate of poverty in the area. Sokoto state is evaluated by the National Bureau of Statistics as the most poorest state with having a very high percentage on poverty level.

Generally, the ‘seat of the caliphate’ state has a very unfavorable environment for natural and mineral resources; and that have made its an off limits region. This has also forestall outsiders and foreign investors to come and invest in the state.

Sokoto state as a whole has a general GDP of $4.82 Billion, and per-individual is $1,274. However, the city of Sokoto is supposed to be the biggest city and the capital of the state.


Katsina state is another northwestern state in the list of the poorest states in the country. Kastina state made it in the rundown since it has less or no strong speculation or area that produces income for the state. The state do not have a good land which can support agricultural activities. There are also mineral resources but they are limited to cater for the vast population.

Katsina state has been indebted in some cases. At the start of 2019, Katsina inside the space of a half year had acquired and was owing an debt of around 34 billion Naira, positioning the third in the Nigerian states with the most debt profile.


This northeastern state had been affected by the activities of extremist groups which poses a threat to economic development. There has been regular assault from Boko Haram terrorists. All of these has made Adamawa state to be muted because of its residents fleeing from the state due to security.

On the whole, the pressing issues has influenced the state ineffectively to a poverty level of 74.2%.


Gombe state which is situated in the north-eastern piece of Nigeria is likewise confronting its own risk in security. Interestingly, the state is an agricultural one and they also have solid mineral resources to boost the state’s revenue.

Sadly, with a disabled economy and a 73.2% poverty rate, Gombe is one of the leading states in terms of the most poorest.


Jigawa is a state found in the north-western part of Nigeria and fundamentally populated. Just like the preceding two states, Jigawa is quite affected by issues relating to security.

With a low education level and low financial development, the destitution level of Jigawa state is at 72.1%. This has made them to earn this position as one of the poorest state in the country.


Though Plateau State might not be a popular name on the aspect of destitution, but they had a low poverty level to earn this position as one of the poorest in the country. Also, in spite of the fact that the state is one of the populous and most visited in Nigeria; owning to the tourist attractions and vacation sites, it still make the list.

The state has likewise endured a long convenient religious and ethnic clash which has thoughtlessly obliterated the state’s economy by 71%


Ebonyi state is obviously the only southern state in the list. Shockingly, this is a state in the South-East region that is known for individual income generation.

Ebonyi has a poverty rate of 70.6% to make the seventh place as one of the poorest states in the country. Much of this is contributed to neediness, ignorance and bad governance in the area.


As indicated by the National Bureau of Statistics, Bauchi has a poverty rate of about 71% to earn the position among the poorest states in Nigeria.

Survey report shows that greater part of the occupants of Bauchi State come up short on the essential conveniences of life. That and issues of insecurity has made the area to be not economically favored. Also, the death rate recorded after the activities of different extremist groups is another pressing issue.


Kebbi is a state in north-western Nigeria. Its capital is Birnin Kebbi.

Kebbi State has a poverty rate of 72%. The state is also listed among the top states that have the most elevated neediness level in the country.


Zamfara is a state in northern Nigeria which has a capital in Damaturu town.

The state has a 70.8 percent poverty rate, and has been positioned by the NBS among the most poorest states in the country in the 2019 report.

The major things the influences their poverty rate includes hardship, insecurity, and the unfavorable environment for commercial agricultural activities.


In the course of this article, a great deal has been said concerning the most poorest states in Nigeria: from bad government to negligence, absence of works and employment opportunities which causes joblessness, neediness, and so forth. These are the major reasons for the high rate of poverty in the affected states.

That’s how much we can take on this write-up on the top ten poorest states in the country.

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