Top 10 Best Nigerian Rice Brands (2024)

Rice is a basic food consumed by millions of Nigerian families on a daily basis. As popular as rice is, finding the Best Rice Brands in Nigeria can be a difficult task because there are so many varieties on the Nigerian market. We’ve compiled a list of the best Nigerian rice brands to make the decision process easier.


There are lot of foreign rice making the most of the market here. However, take a look at these rice brands made in Nigeria:


In the rice sector, Mama Pride is a well-known moniker. Many Nigerian homes have made it their first choice.  OLAM Nigeria Limited produces Mama Pride. This is a leading rice manufacturer with activities in Nigeria’s local communities.

Because of Mama Rice organic nature, the rice brand is also verified to have a high nutritional value. The rice is simple to prepare because it has already been parboiled, saving you time and effort.

Mama Pride rice’s low pricing is due to this distinction. Because of its local manufacture and distribution, Mama Pride is reasonably inexpensive and accessible.


Anambra Rice is a brand of rice that is grown and packed in the South-eastern state of Anambra. Anambra Rice is a high-quality parboiled rice that is simple to prepare. It’s also a brand of long-grain rice. Anambra Rice is nutritious and suitable for both young and old. This rice is free of stones and has been double-sorted, meaning that all damaged grains and extraneous elements have been removed.

However, in order to increase rice production in Anambra, the state government gave loans and support to indigenes of the state who wanted to start rice planting and production. The rice produced by these businesses is Anambra Rice.

In 2016, Anambra Rice won the African product Best Rice.


Elephant Rice Brand is one of the top rice brands produced in Nigeria. It’s sortexed rice, meaning it’s been cleaned of all contaminants and odd materials. It has also been de-stoned, so you won’t have to deal with any of these issues.

Moreover, Elephant Rice has been packaged to preserve natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, which are important for people of all ages. The flavor is exquisite, and everyone can enjoy it.


Umza Classic Rice is a premium full-grain rice with a long shelf life produced by Umza International Farms, a totally indigenous rice mill in Kano state.

Umza Rice has been finely processed and is free of chaff. It also has a non-sticky texture and a great flavor. Umza Rice has been parboiled and is stone-free, making it simple to prepare. High-quality grains are used in the processing and packaging of this rice. It’s fat-free by nature and packed with vitamins and minerals including calcium and magnesium.

On the whole, Umza rice is safe for the majority of people since it promotes heart health. Most households love it because it is inexpensive and widely available in many Nigerian markets.


Adaminna Rice is made by Adaminna Farms Limited, a Nigerian company specializing in agriculture, food processing, and consulting. In Minna, Nigeria, Adaminna Rice is farmed.

Adamina Rice is a high-quality rice that may be consumed by all family members. It’s been parboiled and doesn’t have a lot of starch in it. You will save time and energy by not having to parboil the rice yourself. Moreover, the rice is also excellent and devoid of stones.


Big Bull Rice is a high-quality rice produced in Nigeria. It has already been parboiled, making it quick and simple to prepare. Big Bull Rice produces a hard, non-sticky grain as a final product. It’s also devoid of stones. Vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium are naturally present in this rice. As a result, it is a healthy alternative for the majority of family members. It’s also high in fiber, which supports a healthy digestive system.

WACOT Rice Limited, a rice processing company in Argungu, Kebbi state, produces and bags Big Bull Rice.


Cosrice Rice is a premium long-grain rice produced in Nigeria, precisely made by Coscharis farms in the state of Anambra. Coscharis Farms collaborates with farmers in Sabon Gida, Abuja, to produce some of Nigeria’s best locally grown rice.

Cosrice Rice is also been appropriately prepared for use at home. Cosrice has already been parboiled and is stone-free, making it simple to prepare.


Igbemo Rice is processed and branded by Igbemo Rice Processing Company Limited, a private rice processing company in Ekiti State. This company ensures that the Nigerian people have access to high-quality rice.

Igbemo Rice is a type of brown rice that offers numerous health benefits. As a result, Igbemo Rice consumers are left with nutrient-dense rice.

Brown rice is high in magnesium, an essential vitamin for bone health. Only the exterior covering of the rice kernel, known as the shell, is removed in the production of Igbemo rice.


Labana Rice Mills Ltd, the first indigenous rice mill in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state, processes and packages this rice. From the production stage to the processing stage, Labana Rice Mills assures that Labana rice is of the best possible quality.

Labana Rice is a premium and exceptional parboiled rice variety. This is a parboiled rice that is simple to prepare. It also contains little dirt and is resistant to weevils.

Rice from Labana is solid and non-sticky. It’s also quite nutritious and ideal for all family members.


Ofada Rice is yet one of the most popular local rice brand in the country. It’s also one of Nigeria’s good rice brands.

Ofada rice is made in Ofada town, in Ogun state, and is named after the place where it is made. It’s popular in a variety of restaurants across the country. It is also cost effective, as a 5kg bag costs 6000 Naira.


That’s the view of the top ten Nigerian rice brands. These are mostly locally produced rice that are good and very affordable. In general, these Nigerian rice brands are seen as an alternative to the foreign ones which might come at a high-end cost.

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