Latest Prices of Toyota Corolla Cars in Nigeria (2024)

Undoubtedly, the Toyota Corolla stands as one of the best automotive models the company Toyota has ever produced. The vehicle is among the easiest to operate in the Nigerian car market. It is clear that Toyota has worked hard to increase passenger comfort, engine durability, safety, and maintenance.

Toyota has improved its offering with the introduction of additional user-friendly features in the most recent Corolla. The new, increased safety features make this difference quite clear. This article examines the Toyota Corolla’s current cost in Nigeria. It includes the costs for both new and tokunbo Toyota Corollas.


How much is Corolla in Nigeria? What is the cost of Corollla right now in this country? These are the queries that our visitors regularly ask. The brand new Toyota Corolla costs between ₦6,000,000 and ₦20,500,000 in Nigeria.

The cost of a Toyota Corolla in Nigeria is shown below along with some of the most popular model years.


There is a plentiful supply of pre-owned Toyota Corolla vehicles from abroad. Locally used Toyota Corolla automobile dealers are also frequently found throughout the country. A user may just desire to sell their car for any number of reasons. Aside from being truly new and fulfilling specific requirements, these cars are frequently less expensive than Tokunbo autos. Nevertheless, you may find the costs of these cars below if that’s what you prefer:

  • 2003 Toyota Corolla costs between ₦1,000,000 – ₦1,500,000
  • 2004 Toyota Corolla == ₦1,500,000 – ₦1,700,000
  • 2005 Toyota Corolla == ₦1,600,000 – ₦1,800,000
  • 2006 Toyota Corolla == ₦1,600,000 – ₦1,900,000
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla == ₦1,900,000 – ₦2,000,000
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla == ₦1,900,000 – ₦2,500,000
  • 2009 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,200,000 – ₦2,800,000
  • 2010 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,300,000 – ₦3,200,000
  • 2011 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,300,000 – ₦3,300,000
  • 2012 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,500,000 – ₦3,500,000
  • 2013 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,700,000 – ₦3,800,000
  • 2014 Toyota Corolla == ₦2,800,000 – ₦4,500,000

Toyota Corolla automobile prices are displayed as ranges. This is merely a result of used automobiles’ (local or foreign) lack of set costs. It will depend on various variables such as mileage, the amount of faults (if any), trim, and more. As a result, it’s feasible to discover an older model that costs more than a more recent one. The price is heavily influenced by the car’s condition. This does not apply if it is a brand-new car, such as the 2017 model.


In 1966, the Toyota Corolla nameplate debuted. The Latin term for “small crown” is where the name “Corolla” comes from. The Toyota Corolla Sedan crown serves as an expression of the fundamentals of the brand’s history, which are detailed here. It is a line of small and subcompact cars that have long met consumer demands. Toyota reached a significant milestone in July 2013 when 40 million Corollas were sold.

Over time, Toyota has produced vehicles with rear-, front-, and even four-wheel drives. These developments are a result of the shifting dynamics of automotive consumption and manufacturing that we have seen over the course of several years. Although a few semi-SUVs have appeared, saloon vehicles make up the majority of Corolla variants. Moreover, they feature a unique and frequently modified design that gives the Corolla brand its distinctive appearance.

The 1.3ltr 1NR-FE four-cylinder engine and either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive are standard on the Corolla Axio of the eleventh generation. The vehicle also includes CVT and 5-speed manual transmissions. Another model in the line worth mentioning is the Corolla Fielder. This one features a customized CVT transmission coupled to a 1.5 liter NZ-FE or 1.8 liter 2ZR-FAE 4 cylinder engine.

The traits of the Fielder and the Axio were combined to create a hybrid. This was made available in August 2013 and included the 1.5-ltr variant.


You’ll appreciate the Toyota Corolla for the reasons listed below. You’ll admire the Toyota Corolla brand for a number of reasons. However, we’ll look at a couple of them:

  • Versatility: No other brand receives as much usage as the Toyota Corolla. Whether for work or amusement, it has a variety of uses. Plus, it is ideal for long road trips or evening rides. This is the reason the Toyota Corolla brand is so well-liked in Nigeria.
  • Maturity: The brand is also quite sophisticated. It makes a terrific travel companion for both the young and the elderly. Along with being excellent for business, it is also fantastic for family outings. Its refinement and elegance are not diminished in the least by this feature.
  • User Friendly: The Toyota Corolla is indeed very user-friendly. In addition to being tough, it is also relatively simple for mechanics to repair. The simplicity of obtaining spare components when your car needs repair emphasizes this simplicity even more.
  • Beauty: No one can contest the Corolla’s aesthetic attractiveness, especially in more modern models.


You won’t enjoy the following aspects of the Toyota Corolla.

The Corolla is not a car for sports enthusiasts. Therefore, you might desire something different if what you want makes you feel like a hippie. Unfortunately, the parts for the Corolla’s most recent models, particularly those from 2013, are rather pricey. Despite being readily available, they are not exactly inexpensive.


The Toyota Corolla has over the years offered a variety of appropriate and stylish vehicles. This covers vehicles made for consumers who want something in the middle of high-end sport cars and plain, unimaginative designs. Year after year, it maintains a very mature appearance and is sophisticated and attractive. Many Nigerians have grown more and more interested in the Toyota brand over the past three decades. The fact that the parts are easily accessible in the country is one of the main justifications for the bond. Additionally, mechanics have little trouble navigating these vehicles. The cost of a Toyota Corolla in the country was examined in this article. We hope this article was helpful.

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