Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria 2019

You’re here because you want to know which tribes have the most educated people in Nigeria. Well, I hope you know this will come with controversies and a lot of disagreements to finally agree or keep arguing.


While I want you to know that our list is not ultimate. You need to also know there’s no officially released statistics for we to base our argument. So take this list with a pinch of salt or better still let us know about yours using the comment box below the article.

Also, note that the list top 10 most educated tribes in the country is in no particular order.

Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria

#1. Yoruba

Unarguably one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria and even thought to be the most learned by some people. The Yorubas are indeed educated and you will agree with me that they deserve a position among the top 3.

It had also been said that this ethnic group have the highest number of professors. Aside this, many of the top management position in companies are been headed by the Yorubas.

One would argue that this was as a result of them been the first to be open to western education. Well, whatever may be the case, the Yorubas are one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria.


#2. Igbo

This tribe is synonymous with one thing- Business! Doing business is their thing and they are found in all the crannies of the country and even in the world at large.

It had been said that any place you come and can’t find an Igbo man then relocate, nothing good is there. However, aside business, this people also have a flare for education and are one of the most educated tribes in the country.

#3. Hausa

Hausa’s are also among the learned tribe in Nigeria. You might be surprised as to why this tribe is on this list but they have a very high success rate when it comes to politics in the country.

However, because of their numbers, high population and culture, a lot of them are left out but for the ones into it, they have proven their tribe is not a back sitter in academic issue. I don’t want to start mentioning names just as I purposely didn’t mention in the ones above but I tell you this,

The Hausa speaking tribe is one of the most educated in the country.

#4. Edo

Talking of civilization, the Edo tribe is one of the most civilized tribes in the country due to the high rate of their illegal migration to overseas and other reasons.

However, someone can claim to be civilized but not educated. The Edo people are civilized and educated and can be said to be one of the most educated people in the country.

#5. Urhobo

This is the first tribe from the Niger Delta region that made it to the list. You can’t away education from this people.

This tribe has a domineering nature in Delta state and this even includes in the area of education. Go there and see each family name their own professional.

#6. Itsekiri

The Itsekiri people are also from the Niger Delta Region just like the Urhobos. This tribe is also one of the most educated in the country.

If a man is not educated here and he has the means, his children will!

#7. Ijaw

I have avoided calling names all this while, permit me to say your former president is an Ijaw man.

This people are schooled just as other Niger Deltans and are one of the top 10 most educated tribe in the country.

#8. Calabar

While we do not see the Calabar people as educated, they actually are! Forget their funny intonation and how Nollywood portray them, they are educated.

#9. Isoko

This is a minority tribe from the Niger Delta region that may not be well known but are actually educated and made it to our list of top 10 most educated tribes in Nigeria.

#10. Ibibio

This tribe also hail from the Niger Delta region and are also educated.

Just like I stated earlier, this list is not in any particular order and also not based on any scientific approach. At its best, it can be termed subjective but then, there’s room for you to also have your say by letting us know your own top 10 most educated tribe in Nigeria using the comment box below.


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Abdulwali Yahaya

Abdulwali Yahaya is a professional blogger, programmer and a writer on Nigerian Infopedia


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  1. Picaldi

    Check the current state with the highest numbers of professors. Don’t sit at your home and imagine things Mr. Poster.

    1. Rhapsody El Bliss

      leave the mumu

  2. Aliyu Sidi Ndagi

    Hello Dear Mr. Poster you did injustic in your list, i have belive 100% with No. 1, 2, 3 but all the remaining one’s are faked, how can you selecct tribes from only South Region and forget about North, remember it’s not only hausa that live in North, If you are talking of educated tribe in Nigeria apart from Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, the Next will be Nupe, am not doing tribalism, i’m sure you are from South that’s why you did this, and i’m very sure you don’t go for explore/research to discover new things all you know is about south, you just sit at home and posted this, OK what about Igala, Egbira and Tiv?…, You put “Ijaw” just because of Goodluk jonathan? OK what about Gen. IBB and Gen. Abdulsalam The former military Rulers.. Are they Hausa or other tribe listed above? NO! They are Nupe tribe. So my friend next time make sure you go for reserch before you post this type of things, You may think i’m been ruth to you but No, i’m just telling the truth, Have a nice day.

    1. karibiedwin

      sorry to interrupt the nupe and other are know to use as the Hausa

      1. Abdullahi Dauda Tyabo

        isoko,ijaw and others are also know as igbo

    2. Rude Man

      Mr Man Abuses slam Or IBB Are Not Educated Just Take It From Me

    3. Richard Peter

      Lovely tell him bcz to me he did injustice

  3. Dr. Young

    These are grossly personal opinions on such critical issues of critical national importance imposed on Nigeria and its people. This jokes are taken too far, right? These presentations are credible imaginations of one Mr. Yahaya. And so be it!!!


    Hmm I find it abhorring that you talk about the most educated in Nigeria and you wouldn’t talk about the Benue and Kogi people.

  5. Yungson Effiong

    hi mr poster, after the Yorubas, Hausa and Igbo i think Calabar should be the fourth. And also in terms education in the state of Akwa ibom, Oron is the best educated far than Ibibio or Annang. Oron owns a historicals schools of primary and sec. that some of the former governors of the state like Chief Godswill Akpabio and Chief Okpoyo attended. And secondly Oron has the best educated local governments so far, therefore go in details before you post.

    1. Imeobong Ukana

      Mr.Yungson, who told you in the first place that oron is better than ibibio in terms of education. See young man let me just clear your doubt. Oron is only wide and occupies a gigantic share in Akwa Ibom State map.She is the largest tribe that has persons of different caliber. In terms of education, ibibio is far more better than oron.

    2. Adedokun Temitope Emmanuel

      Welld done YORUBA is their father everybody knows that.

      1. femi

        wa a gbayi! oba loba ma ma je

    3. Sunday jr Ebong

      u r out of point bro,
      #i think u r from oron

  6. Aliyu Sidi Ndagi

    @karibiedwin Nupe are far different from Hausa, we are not thesame! but if you say Nupe and Gbagyi yes we are not much difference and we also have tribes under us e.g Kakanda, Dibo, Kupa, Bassa’nge, Gana-ganan, Koro. so Hausa have nothing to do in Nupe Land..
    And you @Yahya if you post rubbish again, i will tell adsense to banned your account. lolz.

  7. Bishop Asuquo

    Mr poster

    Ikpa u name hausa as 3, nawaooo 4u, guy wise up! Wise Up!!, who tell u 2 mention hausa in this list, hausa sopost they @ the bottom of 500 in the list, ikpa do resheach b4 u post, and interms of akwa ibom u are right bcuz Ibibio is the most educated people in the south south region

  8. Akoso Solomon

    You don’t even know about Nigeria. You are only restricted to your so call South. Do you know the Tiv people of Benue state.

  9. am Yoruba by tribe and I will not support poster u are a can u put hausa for the list in fact they are not even Nigeria

    1. Mato

      ola, u be mumu…

    2. Isah Muhammad

      Ok give Hausa their country because u said they are not a Nigerian

    3. DESMOND

      Avoid insulting other people ola the poster has done nothing much wrong.

  10. Ikechukwu

    this is trash if we should go by list of the most educated states in Nigeria, you will discover that the Igbo is the most educated tribe, this post is baseless and lack merit,it was borne out of yellow journalism and a particular tribe trying to change the narrative to suit their delusion.

    1. Olamide

      Please apply manners

    2. Humble Deji

      Please, can you just stopped reasoning through your anus and connect your brain with your mouth? Everyone knows YORUBA is unquestionable when it comes to education. better think well before you lips

  11. Ikechukwu

    the Igbo is the most educated tribe in Nigeria and facts and figures has substantiate it,imo state being the most educated state in Nigeria

    1. Odinaka Harrison Mayor Godwin

      Yoruba with all proof is the most educated people in Nigeria ….mostly Ilefe, Igba People , Ekiti, Ondo and Oyo people. I am Igbo man but truth is truth .

  12. mcbelliwilz

    Mr poster job well done but for futuristic purpose,Calabar have the best intonation in Nigeria when next ur talking of intonation then called the Ibibio and Anang not Calabar….don’t forget Calabar we speak exactly like our first colonial masters

  13. Saamayaorkwagh .h.chihi

    Ikechukwu u are too selfish and tribalistic,IMO being the most educated state, doesn’t not mean all Igbos are educated,pls don’t dispute this fact, Yoruba Tribe are most educated, fellow by Igbos,and for Mr poster,I believed the Northerns u meention here,is Not the hausa-fulani,But the Tivs/Idoma(Benue state),the Igalas and Nupe(kogi and Niger states).pls not the hausa-fulani u mean coz these hausa-fulani can never be among educated tribe in this Nation for the next 100yrs to come.Pls go out and make ur easerch, don’t stay in ur room and post things u don’t have ideal on them.Am from Benue state,I hate when some illitreats refer me as An HAUSA..pls we have our identity,ok why wouldn’t U called the Niger DELTANS IGBOS,if u will called the MIDDLE-BELTANS, TIVS/Idomas, IGALAS,NUPE,EGBRA and others HAUSAS.A hate Nonsense.

  14. Lordgic

    That’s your opinion but as far as Nigeria is concern
    Tiv people of Benue state should be after The Igbos

  15. Sunny Inyanag

    which tribe is calabar in the country.

    1. Ikpi

      A tribe where education is prioritized, a tribe where every family produces graduates, a tribe where an individual can bost of an SSCE certificate. what else do want to know?

  16. Olaleye oluwatobi

    Indeed the Yorubas are the most educated tribe in Nigeria without much argument the basic free education started in the western part of Nigeria, the administrative region of the country was in the western part for decades. Where there is urbanisation there is standard education that means the Yorubas will be more educated than other part because urbanisation of the western part of Nigeria can not be compared with other regions of the country

  17. Kator Kunde

    the truth can never be bitter that the yorubas indeed are the most educated tribe in our nation Nigeria, but I think the TIV people should place third on that list behind the igbos…sorry no pun intended or tribalism involved just because am a TIV guy, that’s the truth and I think its bitter right now…

  18. Fulanis are number one

  19. Guy Edo is the most educated, Edo is the cradle of black civilization. we wre the most educated tribe before the white men came. when you talk about the Yoruba, igbos and hausa you use base on population. let say the most educated state Edo state will come first. Edo has has the most professor. the first Educated man in history was the Oba of Benin.

  20. Chief. Angus Onuegbu Uzoamaka

    Please let’s measure our education level with the question: Who are the most innovative tribe in Nigeria. Reason: Most Educated, without corresponding level of innovation = Zero education.

  21. Ignorance is a disease. the narrative has changed. igbos are well studied and educated now. Imo State in the last ten years has produced best WAEC, NECO scores.

  22. Abubakar sadeeq

    Your list is correct but Igbo people supposed to be on bottom of the list because they know nothing but money
    They can even born they state for money



  24. prince Almaay

    Actually, this post has no any important since it can cause misunderstanding between tribes!
    I don’t know why most of the people don’t think before the talk, and I don’t know why must of the tribes don’t like Hausa especially those ones who came from southern part. As far as I concern, All 300+ tribes are under one flag and are under one law, and also they must respect each other,
    Yes Hausa are uneducated if you say so! But I know that Hausa is the one of the top three ethnic groups. And with high population too, so how do you think Hausa is not Nigerian??? If they are not Nigerian why are they leading the whole nation, even the current president is Fulani and Fulani are all Hausa (Hausa/fulani)
    May be it’s due to your stupidity!
    And those ones who talking about egbira is above Hausa, should mind their words, because egbira are Yoruba’s followers they are called in Hausa “bayin yarabawa”. And all other tribes around egbira.
    And you that nupe Man, who told you that nupe can separate themselves from Hausa? You should know what you are doing!
    At the end you should know that it’s not important to insult someone tribes cos it’s same as to insult his mother, and if you insult someone mother it’s means that you are not respecting yours! And Hausa are important people in this nation if you don’t know you should expand your knowledge about it, cos many people from other tribes are speaking Hausa very well in order to live in northern part successfully!!!
    So Mr poster you did good thing but if you want try it again don’t mention Hausa! Because we don’t want stupids peoples talking about us!!

    1. Adeyemi Lukman

      You have said it all @ #Prince_Almaay. May God save our Nation from tribalism.
      Nigerian let us be wise and mature…

    2. not using tribalism u are right we are under one umbrella Nigeria but u should no everyone will want to defend where he or she comes from without reasoning so deep no need to use insultive word

  25. Jugudu

    Some people have make wonderful comments. But displayed their tribalistic and myopic view. I am Hausa I don’t respond with abusive words I got manners.

  26. Ushahemba Kegh

    My dear if you want to engage in research engage properly. Don’t stay in South and assume they are more educated than orders. To me you have not research anything. It is because of tribalism that make those tribes you are mentioning in those positions if not you will be shocked of other tribes academic achievements in this country. Go to middle belt Benue State precisely, you will find the Tiv and Idoma PhD holders doing okada because the government have been centralized with tribalism.
    Travel around the country and make more inquiries about the most educated tribes in Nigeria.

  27. Mohammed lamido

    Hello poster
    Did u understand that it is not only hausa in the north? There is about 19.5 million fulani in the north alone and there are more learned fulani than hausa

  28. Evag Jacobite Essien

    Mr poster you try.but I must said the truth,
    The Hausa never i deserve where you place they .I school in Hausa stats I know what am talking about .if you won’t to doubt me go to Hausa state you weep during exams.why using politics to judge this .don’t know there alot of illerates politicians in the North who photocopy brother Certificates?


    Mr poster! you are not justifying your write-up.anyway you have tried but next time ensure that you have more insight before you one Man by name called CAKABAR are the father of Ibibio,Efik etc and he has five sons.the Ibibio people are number 1 Educated people in Nigeria but due to the high Population of Yoruba its seems that they’re the first tribe.but let me put to you that we the Ibibio tribe are number 2 educated people in Nigeria.and the hausa are the last.can I tell you that some of the tribe in the north are more educated than the hausa tribe.i school there ok.but thanks for wisdom

    1. okike

      Na waoo… Nigerians! I can see how educated and civilized u are,( u all that posted here). bear in mind that all these rubbish post by all of u, is equally read by non-Nigerians and deserves no commendation. Beside, I must say that Nigerian tribes are not educated OK.
      I made this assertion bcos of the much irregularities, looting, dichotomy, disenfranchisement, criminal tendencies etc etc…which is on the increase in nig.
      Educated tribes are those tribes that learn to get what they want without offending others. You are an uneducated and illiterate tribe, by the time u think u can offend others and get away freely with what u want.

      1. Thank you, you spoke very very wisely

  30. Precious

    Nigerians,lets be civil and respect others opinion on any issue.Must we insult others? All these fighting will never help matters.I commend Jugudu and others who avoided to insult others.

  31. Abubakar Bin Isma'ell Sp-four

    Why are you confusing your selves ? we entirely agreed that “the most intelligent black people on earth are Igbo and Yoruba”.

    But I remember one thing, as they appeared to be the most intelligent black people on earth who can manufacture drugs from cassava, sell old tyres as new, sell fake and expired drugs,impregnating their daughters, killing their parents for rituals to mention but a few, has really explained what their IQ scores is capable of.

    Hausa are as illiterate as donkeys, therefore nothing could be expected from them other than giving Igbo and Yoruba a scapegoat.

    1. Dtmnt

      My friend Hausa’s is the only tribe in the history of education that has their own traditional education that served as a factor of progressives since before coming to Western education in the country, Hausa’s is the number 1 tribes that has the prolific and competent scholar in the country

  32. Ekenedilichukwu Onyenze

    I am original Igbo man,
    Awo fault for free education in the western Nigeria,
    Northerners have used their ruling power to get more Prof than other tribe…
    The Igbo’s are still suffering from war implications caused by just few(5) Igbo man and a (1) Yoruba man as first coup plotter that Hausa during the counter coup and war claim the life of over 3.5m Igbo’s because of this (6) fellows action…

    each tribe has the place they are strong and they equally have their weaknesses…

    If an Igbo man has the same opportunities like other Nigerians… they would be best in education and creativities…

    but as things stand today…

    #1= Yoruba
    #2= Edo

    Igbo’s=#1 in business, hustling and creativity because of condition of what we find ourselves into it but for those of us that have sponsors in education, if u say they are not the best, is a big lie because they would always make the best of their results

    Hausa=#1 in politic, forces like police,military and co, but lowest in education

  33. Comr Alhassan Abubakar

    This is like telling the whole world how sentimental we are in this country. You all should stop pointless argument and suggest ways to get the country to the promise land from this wilderness.

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