Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria 2019

You’re here because you want to know which tribes have the most educated people in Nigeria. Well, I hope you know this will come with controversies and a lot of disagreements to finally agree or keep arguing.


While I want you to know that our list is not ultimate. You need to also know there’s no officially released statistics for we to base our argument. So take this list with a pinch of salt or better still let us know about yours using the comment box below the article.

Also, note that the list top 10 most educated tribes in the country is in no particular order.

Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria

#1. Yoruba

Unarguably one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria and even thought to be the most learned by some people. The Yorubas are indeed educated and you will agree with me that they deserve a position among the top 3.

It had also been said that this ethnic group have the highest number of professors. Aside this, many of the top management position in companies are been headed by the Yorubas.

One would argue that this was as a result of them been the first to be open to western education. Well, whatever may be the case, the Yorubas are one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria.

#2. Igbo

This tribe is synonymous with one thing- Business! Business is their thing and they are found in all the crannies of the country.

It had been said that any place you come and can’t find an Igbo man then relocate, nothing good is there. However, aside business, this people also have a flare for education and are one of the most educated tribes in the country.

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#3. Hausa

Hausa… what? Did I hear you scream? What on earth is this tribe doing on this list? Well, brother or sister, you need to have a rethink as this tribe is educated just like any other tribe in the country.

However, because of their numbers, high popularion and culture, a lot of them are left out but for the ones into it, they have proven their tribe is not a back sitter in academic issue. I don’t want to start mentioning names just as I purposely didn’t mention in the ones above but I tell you this,

The Hausa speaking tribe is one of the most educated in the country.

#4. Edo

Talking of civilization, the Edo tribe is one of the most civilized tribes in the country due to the high rate of their illegal migration to overseas and other reasons.

However, someone can claim to be civilized but not educated. The Edo people are civilized and educated and can be said to be one of the most educated people in the country.

#5. Urhobo

This is the first tribe from the Niger Delta region that made it to the list. You can’t away education from this people.

This tribe has a domineering nature in Delta state and this even includes in the area of education. Go there and see each family name their own professional.

#6. Itsekiri

The Itsekiri people are also from the Niger Delta Region just like the Urhobos. This tribe is also one of the most educated in the country.

If a man is not educated here and he has the means, his children will!

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#7. Ijaw

I have avoided calling names all this while, permit me to say your former president is an Ijaw man.

This people are schooled just as other Niger Deltans and are one of the top 10 most educated tribe in the country.

#8. Calabar

While we do not see the Calabar people as educated, they actually are! Forget their funny intonation and how Nollywood portray them, they are educated.

#9. Isoko

This is a minority tribe from the Niger Delta region that may not be well known but are actually educated and made it to our list of top 10 most educated tribes in Nigeria.

#10. Ibibio

This tribe also hail from the Niger Delta region and are also educated.

Just like I stated earlier, this list is not in any particular order and also not based on any scientific approach. At its best, it can be termed subjective but then, there’s room for you to also have your say by letting us know your own top 10 most educated tribe in Nigeria using the comment box below.



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  1. Check the current state with the highest numbers of professors. Don’t sit at your home and imagine things Mr. Poster.

  2. Hello Dear Mr. Poster you did injustic in your list, i have belive 100% with No. 1, 2, 3 but all the remaining one’s are faked, how can you selecct tribes from only South Region and forget about North, remember it’s not only hausa that live in North, If you are talking of educated tribe in Nigeria apart from Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, the Next will be Nupe, am not doing tribalism, i’m sure you are from South that’s why you did this, and i’m very sure you don’t go for explore/research to discover new things all you know is about south, you just sit at home and posted this, OK what about Igala, Egbira and Tiv?…, You put “Ijaw” just because of Goodluk jonathan? OK what about Gen. IBB and Gen. Abdulsalam The former military Rulers.. Are they Hausa or other tribe listed above? NO! They are Nupe tribe. So my friend next time make sure you go for reserch before you post this type of things, You may think i’m been ruth to you but No, i’m just telling the truth, Have a nice day.

    1. sorry to interrupt the nupe and other are know to use as the Hausa

  3. These are grossly personal opinions on such critical issues of critical national importance imposed on Nigeria and its people. This jokes are taken too far, right? These presentations are credible imaginations of one Mr. Yahaya. And so be it!!!


    Hmm I find it abhorring that you talk about the most educated in Nigeria and you wouldn’t talk about the Benue and Kogi people.

  5. hi mr poster, after the Yorubas, Hausa and Igbo i think Calabar should be the fourth. And also in terms education in the state of Akwa ibom, Oron is the best educated far than Ibibio or Annang. Oron owns a historicals schools of primary and sec. that some of the former governors of the state like Chief Godswill Akpabio and Chief Okpoyo attended. And secondly Oron has the best educated local governments so far, therefore go in details before you post.

  6. @karibiedwin Nupe are far different from Hausa, we are not thesame! but if you say Nupe and Gbagyi yes we are not much difference and we also have tribes under us e.g Kakanda, Dibo, Kupa, Bassa’nge, Gana-ganan, Koro. so Hausa have nothing to do in Nupe Land..
    And you @Yahya if you post rubbish again, i will tell adsense to banned your account. lolz.

  7. Mr poster

    Ikpa u name hausa as 3, nawaooo 4u, guy wise up! Wise Up!!, who tell u 2 mention hausa in this list, hausa sopost they @ the bottom of 500 in the list, ikpa do resheach b4 u post, and interms of akwa ibom u are right bcuz Ibibio is the most educated people in the south south region

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