How to Rollover Unused Data Subscription For All Networks (2024)

Because times are tough and we must spend carefully to maintain our spending in this challenging economic climate, it is time for you to break your habit of not caring whether your unused data subscription expires. Additionally, you must spend your money wisely this year. We’ll look at how to rollover your unused data subscription across all Networks in this post.

We are completely aware that Nigerians are used to using up their data subscription, or megabyte as some may refer to it. As a result, when the current subscription’s expiration date approaches, the remaining volume of data just disappears. You always feel depressed after this. We will demonstrate how to rollover your unused data capacity for all Nigerian networks, including Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile, in this article.

Before we continue, it’s important to remember that among all Nigerian mobile phone data service providers, Glo sells data at the lowest prices. You may receive 1.8GB of data on Glo for just N500.00 thanks to its recently announced revised data subscription costs. Isn’t that wonderful?

You can be certain that you won’t find this on any other network service. Despite this, MTN continues to be favored by certain customers due to the speed of their internet. Nigerians are more interested in learning how to recover their unused data than they are in the actual cost of data. Well, as you continue reading, the answer will become clearer.

As we already mentioned, it is quite possible to rollover your unused data subscription to your subsequent subscription, and we will be showing you how to do this right away. Keep in mind that this functions for all Nigerian networks (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, SMILE, SPECTRANET, 9MOBILE). Each network in Nigeria had a unique code for its members to use when rolling over unneeded data when it first began, but as technology has advanced, the process has become more standardized. To perform a rollover, no strange network service code is required since they all have a unified code.

To rollover unfinished data, simply subscribe for a new data package before or on the date your existing subscription expires to rollover your unused data across all networks. It doesn’t matter whether you finish it five minutes before the deadline. Your unused old data is immediately rolled over once you subscribe.

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