Top 10 Best Solar Companies in Nigeria

Studies have revealed that persons who depend on domestic fuel for residential energy use more money to do so. This is far less efficient than solar electricity. Our homes and workplaces are provided with electricity thanks to solar energy providers. This power frequently lasts longer than the typical electricity supplied by the ruling administration of the day. We made the decision to gather several trustworthy solar companies in Nigeria for that. These businesses can assist you in installing solar power in your house and place of business.


The top 10 solar energy firms in Nigeria that can assist you in getting electricity for your home are listed below.


Regarded as Nigeria’s best solar firm, Green Power was founded in 2006 and are concentrated on offering reliable, intelligent energy solutions using renewable energy. The company’s goal is to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective energy conservation.

If you pick green power, you may be sure of prompt service delivery thanks to a highly dependable management and technical team. Over the years, they have also established a solid name by providing services to people, telecommunications companies, private businesses, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. They offer services for electrical installation, solar energy systems, solar thermal energy systems, backup inverter systems, and energy consulting.

The address of the Green Power office is Off Bank Anthony Way, 35b Unity Road, Ikeja, Lagos.


A company that provides expert solar services at a reasonable price is Ecozar Technologies. This is particularly true when it comes to providing, setting up, and maintaining your premium solar systems and inverters. This business, which was founded in 2014, is a national leader. They are experts in installing inverters and solar power systems in homes and businesses nationwide.

In order to foster solid customer relationships, Ecozar Technologies also offers flexible service to customers. The follow-up routine examinations are also quite good.

The business makes sure that customers have the greatest solar installations possible. The Venia Hub 2nd Floor Providence House Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state address of Ecozar Technologies is where you may find them.


The Hians Energy is another top solar company in Nigeria that specializes in electrical wiring, the installation of renewable energy sources like solar power, among other things. You may be certain of receiving the best thanks to their highly competent technical team. This is particularly true when it comes to installing a power backup inverter, receiving solar power consulting, and receiving electrical services.

You can speak with them to find out how many batteries or solar panels you’d need for your tiny abode. Their office is located at 1 Bank Avenue, Okpara Avenue, in the state of Enugu.


Another well-known provider of solar and other renewable energy in Nigeria is Leks. The business has established a reputation for itself in the energy sector.

Since its establishment in 2011, Leks Environmental Limited has become renowned for its solutions for renewable energy and safety. Additionally, they sell waste transportation and recycling equipment, medical emergency transportation services, and health and safety products. They also provide the building of environmental and energy infrastructure.

The Lekki Peninsula in the state of Lagos is the location of Leks Environmental Limited at 30A, Alternative Road, Off Chevron Drive.


Another trustworthy and reasonably priced solar energy provider in Nigeria is Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited. They feature competent customer support representatives who assist in comprehending client needs.

A second area of expertise for Infinite Solar is the importation, wholesale, and retail of solar products. They can install solar street lights, hybrid and standalone inverters, solar lights, garden lights, solar refrigerators, solar panels, LED lamps, etc. You can get in touch with them for these things and more.

The office of Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited is in Wuse 2, Abuja, and they produce high-quality goods.


The most dependable renewable energy company in Nigeria is Solar Force Energy. The business was founded in 2007 and is committed to giving the public access to the most advanced solar technology available.

In the US, SFN is a division of Solar Force Corporation. They provide authentic goods including Solar Streetlights, Mini Grids, Solar Boreholes, and others.

The address of the Solar Force Energy office is No. 1, Rima Street, Maitama, Abuja.


The top businesses to choose in the solar energy sector are Wavetra Energy LTD. They have assisted customers in installing a range of solar energy technologies over the years, including solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, and deep cycle batteries.

Wavetra Energy LTD also sells genuine LED bulbs, windmills, solar street lights, and related accessories. The location of their office is 15 Ajao Road, which is off of Adeniyi Jones Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State.


Full-time solar renewable energy services are provided by Astrum Energy Solutions. This solar firm was established in 2007. They put in solar PV powered systems in residences, businesses, and even entire towns. Customers who use this business highly praise them.

There are offices of Astrum Energy Solutions Ltd in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Jos. You may rely on them to offer you prompt and dependable renewable energy services. Additionally, they offer warranties for their solar services.


One of the reputable solar energy firms in Nigeria is Rubitec Nigeria Ltd. The organization offers backup options for offices and alternate sources of electricity for residences. Your appliances can be powered by this solar backup.

In addition, Rubitec Nigeria sells and installs agro-solar systems for farms, biomass energy systems, and mini-grid systems. They offer their services to both urban and rural populations throughout Nigeria.


For your homes, businesses, and industrial settings, Powertech Solar Energy is renowned for providing high-quality solar-powered goods. This business was established in 2010. It distributes swiftly and easily wherever and provides Nigeria with solar items in bulk, huge equipment, portable hybrid roof top systems, solar energy equipment, etc.


Nigeria as a whole is a mess when it comes to electricity because the supply is frequently unstable. Unlike in other nearby or foreign countries, there is epileptic power supply. Because of that, not everyone has access to electricity, which is where using solar products comes in.

Do you want to know who the top solar energy providers in Nigeria are? We have you covered because we have gathered on one page some of the nation’s most reliable solar energy providers. You can rely on them, therefore collect their phone numbers so you can simply get in touch with them to take care of your solar energy needs.

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