How To Start A Successful Fresh Juice Bar Business In Nigeria

Owning a juice bar business is profitable, and as the name suggests, is the sale of fruit drinks in a bar. A location must be obtained before fruit juices can be made and served to customers. Aside from being a very profitable idea, it has fewer competitors because it is not a popular business in the country, so you can expect to be introducing something new to the business scene.

Among the benefits of this business are high profitability and relatively low start-up costs, quick payback, low competition, and mobility.


To begin a successful juice bar business in Nigeria, you have to carry out the following:


The idea of researching a new business before starting it is highly recommended for entrepreneurs. Individuals who do not have enough information about a business idea are more likely to learn enough if they conduct a detailed and thorough investigation into the product, industry, competitors, risks, and the business in general.

Take, for example, the juice bar business that we’re discussing. Because this business is not widely practiced, it is likely that only a few people are aware of it, and for some, this may be their first encounter with something of this nature. On the rare occasions when you come across someone with a business idea, don’t be afraid to ask questions and take notes on important details.


You’re already aware of certain things you’ll definitely need to operate your own bar based on your findings, so put them in writing as a business plan. The majority of what you learned about the business and how you intend to carry out your own operations to achieve the desired goal will be included in the business plan.

When writing a business plan, keep your points brief and avoid including extraneous information. Finally, the goal is to run the business using your own ideas and skills, so be realistic about what you put together. Examine the purchasing power of your city’s residents as well as the work of your competitors.

Allow your ideas to be something that can be implemented rather than something that makes no sense or that can be considered or referred to as fantasy or make belief.


There are two types of business locations that can be used. The first is a regular permanent location or building where people can come in and sit down to enjoy a drink. You’ll need a small space for this, depending on the number of people you plan to serve. The space, however, should not be too small and should be comfortable for individuals. It may be necessary to decorate the space or add some creativity to the bar in order to make it look lovely and inviting to customers.

The mobile location is the other type of location. Have you ever seen a food truck? And what about mobile food trucks? These establishments are very similar to what a mobile bar should look like. You could use the same concept as a food truck and sell your drinks from there. They are not very popular in Nigeria, but it will undoubtedly be something that people will look to for something new. It is less expensive than obtaining a permanent position. Moving in the right direction with high human traffic is also a plus for the business.


The capital will cover a variety of expenses, one of which is the cost of location. Securing a shop will undoubtedly come at a cost, and even if it is a mobile location, you will undoubtedly require funds to purchase a vehicle or a stand from which to sell the drinks.


Following that, you’ll need to purchase a variety of equipment that will be useful in the course of your business. Items such as the juice extractor, freezers, juicers, blenders, large containers, and serving cups will need to be purchased and made available because they make the entrepreneur’s job easier and faster.

A high-quality juicer is one of the most important pieces of equipment. The juicer directly influences the quality of the drinks you will sell, and high performance will allow you to serve customers quickly and without creating lines. Professional devices’ high prices are usually justified by their features and long service life.


This is where the real work begins. The fruits are purchased from a supplier, preferably a farm, and then put through various extraction processes to extract the water content and turn them into juice drinks. Preservatives are also among the items to be purchased.

To avoid delays or damage during long hours of travel, it is best to get a close supplier for the products. Fruits should be healthy and fresh as well. The best drinks are made from fresh fruits.


A juice bar can employ almost anyone. Such work does not necessitate any specialized knowledge, skills, or education. It should be understood that the employee is the institution’s public face.

They should be young, cheerful, and in good shape. Accuracy, honesty, and openness are important personal qualities.


Attracting customers is the most difficult aspect of starting a new project. You can accomplish this through both offline and online advertising. Offline advertising consists of banners, flyers, and handbills. You use social media in your online advertising.

An advertising campaign is required at the start. In the future, if the location is good, you can get by with a bright signboard and social media page maintenance.


Fruits are healthy, and you’re sure to get customers if your drinks, smoothies, and anything else you make from them are tasty and well-prepared. You can add something else as a side refreshment for sale as an added bonus, but it’s not necessary. Remember, this is supposed to be a fruit juice bar.

It should be noted that the juice bar business cannot be launched in every city. It is better suited to megacities and resorts. If you’re looking for a new and profitable business venture, this could be it.

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