Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Nigeria (2024)

The real estate industry is a focal point of consistency inside any economy, and Nigeria will be no exception. This important industry includes apartment renters, commercial real estate developers, tailored property managers, and a slew of property developers.

The top Nigerian real estate businesses are involved in a variety of activities such as property development, acquisition, management, rental, and sale. Nevertheless, they are involved in a wide range of verticals outside the conventional housing and residential industry, not only providing a home for millions of Nigerians.


The specifics about the 10 leading best companies that make up the Nigerian property market have been included here to provide you a fuller insight of what companies exist in the real estate field in Nigeria.


On our list of the best real estate companies in Nigeria, Property Link comes in #1. This company is a multinational corporation that offers real estate investment options in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Dubai, and South Africa.

Property Link is among the country’s largest autonomous real estate firms, according to CEH, an American real estate corporation. They are, nevertheless, more than just a real estate firm; they also provide financial services related to real estate. This allows its clients to make more educated decisions about financial instruments such as mortgages. They also offer a legal department with experienced lawyers that provide clients with excellent legal assistance.


Cortts is a renowned property investment agency that provides professional real estate sales, consulting, and building services to a wide range of residential and business customers. The real estate agent is based in Lagos State’s Lekki Peninsula.

Cortts delivers expert property development and real estate consulting services to a wide range of private and public sector clientele. They specialize in project management and are primarily involved in projects in the Lagos neighborhoods of Ikoyi and Victoria Island.


King’s Court is indeed a real estate company that prides itself on offering 100 % satisfaction. They are located on Lagos’ Victoria Island. They also have an overseas office, opening them up to a previously untapped network of customers eager to invest in the Nigerian property market.

King’s Court Realtors develops, manages, leases, and sells property in the Nigerian real estate market. They also manage shopping centers, residential portfolios, and office buildings as part of their property and facilities routine maintenance.


Jide Taiwo & Associates is a real estate development company that has been around for a few decades and has continued to stay on forefront of the industry notwithstanding the real estate industry’s adjustments throughout the years. Jide Taiwo, an experienced estate manager, launched this real estate firm in 1980.

JTC is a familiar brand in Nigeria, with 22 offices around the country. They provide assessment services to institutions, people, and businesses. Assets in the marine, aviation, and rail industries are all covered by this service. JTC is however engaged in the appraisal of municipal projects’ master plans and individual plots.


This is a property investment business which has been in the Nigerian real estate market since over thirty years and is also known as PDC. They do planning, feasibility study, and project management while focusing on locating real estate prospects.

PDC properties are in high-end neighborhoods of Lagos, such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island. They have extensive relationships with important actors in the real estate business as well as state authorities as a result of their long tenure in the industry.


This prestigious real estate firm is a prominent player in the luxury property and development market. They are concentrated in Lagos’ affluent neighborhoods of Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island.

Primewaterview Limited adopts a comprehensive strategy to real estate development. They are also actively committed to supporting people and clients with the purchase and sale of property assets.


LCR sees value in being the country’s leading real estate development company. The Queens Park Estates, among other things, are their flagship offering.

They appear to be a choice among low and middle-income people because they provide relatively flexible payment arrangements. Their price structure makes it simple for this demographic to acquire real estate.

They do not, though, only work with individuals; they also work with businesses.


Cadwell Ltd has been involved in the real estate industry for about twenty years. This firm is one of Nigeria’s leading real estate firms.

Cadwell, despite being a local company, has a bit of elegance that surpasses even worldwide companies. Their properties are mostly in Lagos’ affluent areas, such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island. Their project portfolio is excellent, and they mostly serve high-end clients.

Overall, their cutting-edge strategy to facility management distinguishes them as the preferred real estate firm in this area.


Fine and Country is an international real estate company that is regarded as a luxury brand that offers superior service by its competitors.

Fine and Country works with a wide range of clients, including buyers, sellers, developers, and investors, to provide outstanding real estate investment opportunities. Their attention-getting website and enticing subscription box demonstrate their marketing expertise. They are well-known for placing advertisements in national and international magazines.

Overall, Fine and Country has a slew of honors to their name, many of which are predicated on their outstanding customer service.


The Adron firm aspires to be Africa’s leading real estate development enterprise. Adron has around 4000 acres of land in Abuja, Lekki, Ikorodu, Shimawa, and Ota, among other areas.

The realty company provides promotions and discounts, along with payment versatility. As a result of all of this, they are the preferred real estate company among middle and low-income people.


If you’re looking for a reputable real estate firm, you’ve come to the appropriate page. We looked at the top ten best real estate firms in Nigeria. All of those are property merchants who are dependable and trustworthy.

However, several of these businesses are based in Lagos or Abuja. It’s worth noting that these real estate firms are the best in the business. If you engage any of these organizations, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality real estate services.

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