Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth (2024)

Stand-up comedy is arguably one of the most fast-rising money making means in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Considering the innumerable attention and viewers who are likened to these comic videos, we can infer that industry as a lucrative one. On the whole, comedy is a consequential aspect of the entertainment industry in Nigeria and this has made the contributors – comedians to be highly appreciated. These skilled entertainers have earned a lot from telling jokes, being hilarious and making their fans laugh. In this article, we list the top 10 most richest comedians in Nigeria this 2023.

richest comedians in nigeria


The following comedians are celebrity personalities who lead the chart as the richest comedians in the country this 2023.


Talking about the Nigerian entertainment industry, one cannot rule out Ali Baba because of his influence. This has been possible because he is a highly rated comedy artist in the country.

Ali Baba turn out to be an affluent man, however he additionally has gotten numerous Awards. His wealth has been generated mainly from the comic entertainment industry which he works on.

Ali Baba is at present, leading as the richest comedian In Nigeria. The influential comedian has a net worth estimated at ₦3.2 billion.


Following in our list of the most richest comedians in Nigeria is AY. Considering the fame and works of this stand-up comedian, there is no contention about the way that he carries out his business. AY is an entertainer who has been around for some time, and he is probably the best humorist the country has at any point seen.

AY utilizes his talents well to be ranked among the biggest earners in the Nigerian Comedy Industry, as of today his year. The Delta born comedian has an estimated net worth of ₦2.5 billion.


This is also another popular funny comedy actor that has been performing for a long time now. This has made him to be well-known and considered as one of the most richest of all comedians in Nigeria. However, BasketMouth also turns out to be perhaps the most well known.

BasketMouth has earned himself wealth and has gotten an endless number of Awards. His net worth this year is assessed to be 2.1 Billion Naira.


I Go Dye May not be pretty much as famous as the preceding comic entertainers, yet his value can’t be underestimated. The real name of I Go Dye is Francis Agoda. He is a middle-aged person who likewise has a lot of other business.

Looking at I Go Dye wealth, he has a total asset and net worth estimated to be about ₦2 billion. This has positioned the comedy actor in the list of the most richest in the country.


Julius Agwu is also on the list of Nigeria’s richest comedians. He is also funny just like others we have examined so far. Agwu is expected to be around 46 years and has been in the industry for a long time. Furthermore, as respects to his real name Julius Agwu, he also uses the name in his projects which has made a brand for him. Julius Agwu net worth is estimated to be ₦1.5 billion.


Okey Bakassi is a very popular celebrity in the Nigerian comedy industry. He started the business when it was not paying off and now he is one of the richest there.

Okey Bakassi isn’t only a veteran humorist, yet what’s more an on-screen actor, MC and a TV presenter. The Imo entertainer has figured out lots of shows for top class government authorities.

Okey is among the top earning comedians in the country. As of this year his net worth is estimated to be over ₦800 million.


Bovi is a top-performing comedy actor that has been influencing much in the country’s entertainment industry. He is quite well known, and we don’t need to express much in introducing him. Bovi is a middle-aged person and is similarly just about as old as most people here.

Looking at Bovi wealth, he has earned a lot and his shows can be found on YouTube and other social media handles. His current net worth is estimated to be ₦600 million.


Gbenga is a notable name in the Nigerian comedy industry. The entertainer is genuine for orchestrating huge shows for government authorities. Adeyinka is the CEO and organizer of ‘ laffmattaz’, a notable show that has generated a lot of money.

Gbenga is related with various associations and he asserts various advantages in huge metropolitan networks in the country. The net worth of this entertainer is assessed to be ₦500 million.


Gordons is a talented joke and comedy artist in the country. He is also one of the richest in country’s comedy entertainment industry.

Gordons came into spotlight through Opa William’s Night of 1,000 Laugh and since then he has made much from the industry. His net worth this year is estimated to be ₦400 million.


Akpororo is liked by various viewers of Nigerian comedy shows for his intriguing comic lines. Having been very hardworking, he scaled the ladder at a high speed to earn a good place in the industry.

Akpororo is one of the most affluent comedy entertainers and has acted in some noticeable shows that has earn him much.

Currently, Akpororo has a net worth of ₦350 million to earn this position as one of the Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria.


The comedy industry has been very popular and income generating sector of the Nigerian entertainment industry. With lots of viewers staying glued to comedies by these comedians, there is much credited to the performers. They earn their money through YouTube, movies, shows, sponsorship deals, and other ways.

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