The Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria (2024)

There are several paramilitary groups in Nigeria, and their members are in charge of upholding law and order. Although their jobs are crucial to our society’s operation, many people are interested on their pay. Military service officers benefit more from the fair amount of money supplied to these paramilitary groups. Which paramilitary group in Nigeria receives the highest pay? This article will examine the nation’s highest paid paramilitary personnel this year. Their separate wages will also be included in this information.


In Nigeria, there are federal government organizations known as paramilitary agencies and they provide support for the military in carrying out security operations for the benefit of the nation. Although they have officers and staff that wear uniforms as well, they are not the military and cannot be used to defend the nation’s territorial sovereignty.

Despite having certain training similarities to the military, they are called “paramilitary” because of this. Since they fall outside of that category, they are referred to as “paramilitary”. This is due to the fact that a large portion of the officers in these security agencies are civilians. Who are the highest paid paramilitary in Nigeria? See them below.


Who received the highest pay among Nigeria’s paramilitaries this year? Learn more about them below.


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) will be Nigeria’s highest-paid paramilitary organization as of 2022. The Nigeria Police Force gave birth to the Nigeria Immigration Service in 1958. (NPF). The latter is the best and most effective paramilitary organization in the nation. Managing immigration and emigration on behalf of the nation is the responsibility of the Service. Any illegal immigrant found in the nation may be detained and prosecuted by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). The NIS is tasked with collecting money for the government as well as issuing passports, residency permits, and visas.

Given that its employees receive a monthly salary of around N1.2 million, the Nigerian Immigration Service ranks this position highly. Their monthly allowances are covered by this amount.


One of Nigeria’s newest paramilitary organizations is the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). Amongst the most significant law enforcement organizations in Nigeria, the EFCC is in charge of tackling some of the most serious financial crimes that occur there. They ranked second on the list of Nigeria’s highest-paid paramilitaries in 2022. This demonstrates the sum of money given to this force to combat corruption in the nation.


Nigeria’s Custom Service is the third-highest paid paramilitary force in the country (NCS). One of Nigeria’s underappreciated paramilitaries, the Nigerian Custom Service is handsomely compensated. They are the ones in charge of ensuring that the procedures for products and services entering and leaving the country are followed. This indicates that they are typically stationed close to borders. They are occasionally used in conjunction with other security units.


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is fourth on our ranking of the highest paid paramilitary in the country. (NDLEA). This paramilitary group was established to look into, convict, and eliminate illegal drug use and trafficking across the nation. Their employees receive better pay than those of the majority of Nigeria’s paramilitary organizations. You may learn about the salaries and ranks at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)


The Federal Road Safety Commission is the next organization on our list and the fifth-highest paid paramilitary organization in Nigeria (FRSC). Every motorist must be taught the Federal Highway Code as well as other necessary driving techniques by the Federal Road Safety Commission. As a result, there will be fewer accidents and cases of reckless driving because those who are detected will face legal consequences. They are therefore being paid handsomely as a result of the variety of tasks assigned to them.


One of Nigeria’s paramilitary organizations is the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, or NSCDC. This group is occasionally sent to battle some domestic crises in Nigeria with the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Military. They are among the Nigerian forces with the highest salaries. You can view the NSCDC officers’ ranks and compensation. They ranked sixth on the list of the highest paid paramilitary groups in the country.


The Nigerian Correctional Service, sometimes referred to as the Nigerian Prison Service, is the second-lowest paid paramilitary in Nigeria. The prisons in Nigeria are under the control of this institution. The majority of people in Nigeria aren’t even aware that they are members of paramilitary organizations. They were ranked as the seventh-highest paid paramilitary group in Nigeria. You can learn about the salaries and positions in the Nigerian Correctional Service.


The paramilitary in Nigeria that is paid the least is the Nigerian Police Force. Nevertheless, they are the ones who consistently combat crime in local communities, states, and even at the federal level. However, when compared to other paramilitary organizations in Nigeria, their pay are nothing to get excited about. You can see why the Nigerian Police Force has this position on our list by looking at their pay scale and rank system. The effect of these can be seen in their behaviour and beutality to the masses.


The Federal Fire Service comes in last, but is by no means the least well-paid paramilitary service in Nigeria. The organization that receives funding from the government, originally known as the Police Brigade, was founded in 1901 as a division of the Police Force. Their main goal is to put out flames in order to protect people and property. The Federal Fire Service is in charge of, among other things, educating the public about fire safety, firefighting, and prevention.


Being a member of a paramilitary force in Nigeria has various advantages. Salary, perks, and training are a few of these advantages. The average income for a paramilitary is usually greater than the national average in Nigeria. Additionally, they get allowances for things like housing and food, which might make their lives a little bit more pleasant.

In this post, we’ve discussed and provided a salary list for Nigeria’s highest-paid paramilitaries as of 2022. The numerous paramilitary forces in Nigeria and their pay have also been examined.

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    Nobody in Immigration, and i mean nobody, excluding the CH, makes 1.2million Naira monthly…. Slash that number by 10 and that is where the average falls…. Same goes for NPF, NCoS, NSCDC, and FFS

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    Navy and custom or immigration force, which one earns higher in Nigeria. Pls I need answer, so that I will choose the appropriate one to enter. I am a Bsc degree holder in political education and have skills in computer repairing engineer. Thnks

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