Cost of Starting Up a Hair Salon in Nigeria (2024)

If you’ve been considering opening a hair salon in Nigeria but are unsure of the costs involved, keep reading. You may get all the information you require in this post on how much it will cost to open a hair salon in your country.

I’ll go into great detail in this article on how much it costs to open a hair salon in Nigeria. I’ll also go over the resources required and, most significantly, the step-by-step instructions for opening a successful hair salon in Nigeria. It is impossible to estimate the cost of opening or beginning a hair salon in Nigeria. However, there is a minimal investment needed to open a hair salon. Let’s find that out.


Here are a few things to take into account while determining salon prices:

  • Location. The most crucial element you should take into account is location. Check out the neighborhood where your business is located. Is it in the suburban areas, a bustling city, a high-end or crowded neighborhood? Determine the socioeconomic position of your target market after doing a thorough geographic analysis. Obtain an understanding of their typical income and purchasing power since they will be the ones visiting your salon. This can also help you estimate the cost more accurately.
  • Equipment. A hair salon can be very exciting to open. However, it might be challenging to remember all you need without a list of the equipment for a hair salon. First things first: you need to advertise your salon’s availability before you can attract clients. Before your customers even enter the salon, your list of necessary equipment already exists. You should start off with a fantastic logo and polished signs. Make absolutely sure you have a welcome mat for when customers enter so you can maintain your salon tidy. When buying these, space, client and stylist comfort, durability, and style are the most crucial considerations.
  • Essential Tools. Having acquired all of your necessary hair salon supplies, don’t forget your instruments! For the finest possible results when providing your services, you’ll need top-notch all-purpose shears, blending shears, clippers, trimmers, razors, and a blow dryer. Ensure that you have lots of towels, brushes, combs, and extra capes. Last but not least, spend your time selecting the ideal hair care retail goods that will meet the needs of your salon and clients!
  • Fixed Variable Costs. It is critical for a salon owner to comprehend the costs associated with each service in order to compute the cost of each treatment. There are two types of costs that every salon business must manage: fixed costs and variable charges. As the name suggests, fixed costs consist of obligatory costs that are set for a given month. Rent, utilities, employee salaries, marketing, maintenance, supplies, taxes, insurance, and other unspecified costs are a some of the costs that fall under this heading.


The expense of starting a hair salon business in Nigeria varies. There are no predetermined amounts that can adequately represent the price of opening a hair salon. However, our research revealed that establishing a hair shop requires an average sum of money. If basic hairdressing equipment has to be built and provided, then this applies regardless of location.

In Nigeria, it will cost between ₦500,000 and ₦10,000,000 to open or begin a typical hair salon. While you can launch a hair saloon business with any capital you have on hand. A hair saloon requires you to get a space, tidy up the outside of your the area, get a comb, some creams, and other small items, and then you start earning money. You might even begin with less. Also it depends on the neighborhood, the location, the projected demographic, your staff, and the types of items you have there.

There are numerous elements that affect that price. This covers operational details including power generators, rentals, and essential tools and equipment for hairdressers. This sum will be more for people who desire to operate a prestigious hair salon in one of Nigeria’s main cities. The start-up costs are also considerably influenced by the hair salon’s location. Rent alone makes up a sizable portion of the startup costs in affluent areas. Therefore, it would be wise to assess your financial readiness before starting this business.

An expensive start-up price may be required to open a well-equipped hair salon in an upscale area or a busy business sector. This might cost more than ₦30,000,000! The cost to open a hair salon is determined by how nicely it should be furnished. Start-up costs in low-income areas can range between ₦500,000 and ₦5,000,000. This depends on the equipment that needs to be bought.

To reduce costs when starting a hair salon in Nigeria, there are several strategies that can be used. One way to reduce costs is by finding affordable equipment and supplies. This can be done by shopping around for the best deals, or by purchasing used equipment. Another strategy for reducing staffing costs is by hiring part-time staff members instead of full-time staff members. Additionally, minimizing marketing and advertising expenses by creating a website and utilizing social media can also help to reduce costs.


Nigerians have a high demand for hair salon services, making this industry profitable. Nigerian women, ladies, and girls value aesthetic beauty. They spend money on having their hair made as a result. This industry is no longer exclusive to women due to the fact that males are now plaiting their hair as well. You can start with the basics today, increase your earnings gradually, and with perseverance, gain notoriety over time.

The location where you live and where the business is located will determine how much capital you need to launch a successful hair salon. For instance, starting a hair salon in an urban region will be more expensive than in a rural one. The majority of your initial investment will go into the equipment your hair salon business will require. If you don’t want to start the business from home, you will also need to pay rent for your store.

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