Latest Prices of Ford Edge in Nigeria (2024)

The Ford Edge is a cutting-edge sports utility vehicle that combines style, intelligence, and efficiency. The combination of its extreme comfort and uniqueness makes you feel unique. One of the best-rated SUVs worldwide is the Ford Edge. If you pay close attention to Nigerian roads today, you will see that this car brand is slowly gaining traction just like Toyota and Honda cars. The people of Nigeria are growing more open, or perhaps the Ford Edge has won our hearts. This article will mostly focus on how much the Ford Edge cost in Nigeria, including brand-new, “Tokunbo” (foreign-used) and locally-owned prices.


Ford Motors in America began building Ford Edge automobiles in 2006. Since then, little has changed since newer models are released annually. The sole significant shift, though, happened in 2015, and not much has changed since then.

The Ford Edge’s attractive design and appearance make it a fantastic choice for personal use. It is much more ideal for a family vehicle, though. Five persons can sit down. Passengers can spread out and unwind comfortably in the attractive and spacious interior. It has a sizable trunk that can hold a lot of luggage, and the back seat splits to provide more room for it.

This SUV moves quickly despite having a lot of cargo. A smooth and pleasurable ride is made possible by the vehicle’s body style, sturdy chassis, and powerful engine.

The cost of Ford Edges in Nigeria will be the primary topic of this article. This list will instead focus on average pricing rather than precise rates. You’ll have a better sense of what to anticipate when you go Ford Edge shopping after reading this.

You should be aware that Ford Edge is available in various trim levels, much like other car brands. The SE, which is the base model, is the less expensive option; the Titanium and Sport are more expensive.


Everyone will appreciate the chance to own something brand-new since it was once ours. We prefer to buy our autos from new. Get the Ford Edge if you fit this description and have the funds to purchase a brand-new SUV. You need between 15 and 30 million naira to purchase a brand-new Ford Edge in Nigeria. There are numerous elements that influence this pricing range.


Tokunbo Ford Edge vehicles are better of than Nigerian used ones due to the fact that you might get these vehicles in good clean conditions. See the price list of various models of foreign used tokunbo Ford Edge cars in Nigeria.

Model Year Price Range (₦)
2007 Ford Edge 3 million – 4.5 million
2008 Ford Edge 3.5 million – 5 million
2009 Ford Edge 3.5 million – 5.5 million
2010 Ford Edge 4.5 million – 6.5 million
2011 Ford Edge 5.5 million – 9 million
2012 Ford Edge 6 million – 8 million
2013 Ford Edge 6.5 million – 8.5 million
2014 Ford Edge 7 million – 10 million
2015 Ford Edge 12 million – 16 million


The cost of Locally-Used Ford Edge in an area vary from vehicle to vehicle. There are elements that determine their prices, and they can either increase or decrease them, just like the pricing of the brand-new ones. The condition of the car’s body, the power and strength of the engine, the suspension, the condition of the dashboards, the condition of the seats, the roof, and the floor are just a few of these variables.

Model Year Price Range (₦)
2007 Ford Edge 2 million – 3.5 million
2008 Ford Edge 2 million – 4 million
2009 Ford Edge 2 million – 3.5 million
2010 Ford Edge 2.5 million – 5 million
2011 Ford Edge 4 million – 6 million
2012 Ford Edge 4 million – 7 million
2013 Ford Edge 4 million – 8 million
2014 Ford Edge 4.5 million – 9 million
2015 Ford Edge 8 million – 10.5 million


You’ll appreciate the following features of this SUV:

  • User friendly: The Ford Edge boasts a user-friendly infotainment system that integrates with smartphones. The most recent model has an 8-inch touch screen that can recognize voice commands, swipes, and gestures. It has good navigation screens. Even when moving, the driver or controller can readily access the controls.
  • Excellent engine performance: There are three engine options available for the Ford Edge. Fuel-efficient engines include the 2.0 liter turbocharged SE or basic engine. The SEL and Titanium trim levels have V6 engines available for better acceleration. The twin-turbo 2.7 liter V6 engine is a feature of the Ford Edge Sport version.
  • Well built chassis: This SUV was/is created with the possibility of cross-country travel in mind, necessitating a well-balanced construction. Additionally, its physical build is well-proportioned.
  • Beautiful interior: The Ford Edge’s interior is certainly stunning. With seats that can be adjusted manually or automatically, it is equally roomy and comfy. There are also a few useful crevices where you can store tiny items.
  • Spacious cabin. Ford Edge features a roomy 39.2 cubic feet of interior space, which comfortably fits a fair quantity of stuff.
  • Fuel efficiency with a basic engine is above average.


You won’t enjoy the following aspects of this SUV:

Costly Parts: The Ford Edge is only recently starting to gain popularity in Nigeria’s vehicle industry. However, unlike the spare parts for Toyota or Honda, the parts are not currently readily available in surplus. They are readily available, but they are also rather pricey. But it’s comforting to know that you won’t need to visit the mechanic very often if you have a Ford Edge.

Electrical Problems: This car model is among the most advanced ones on the market right now. Even so, you wouldn’t frequently experience mechanical or electrical problems. When it does, it is never simple to locate a professional that can assist in resolving the problems.

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