10 Best Places to Buy Cheap Cars in Nigeria (2024)

Typically, its not easy to find a low-cost vehicle in good running condition. When it comes to purchasing an automobile in Nigeria, many people have been duped. But where in the country can one find a decently used car? This is the question that most buyers on a shoestring budget ask while looking for a car for sale. For additional information on this, see our piece on the cheapest cars in Nigeria.


Cheap automobiles are available at fantastic prices. In Nigeria, there are certain locations where people go to buy used automobiles. Apapa-Tincan port in Lagos and Cotonou in Benin Republic are the two of the most standout places.

If you just do not have the time or the energy to reach the popular destinations listed above, you may want to consider purchasing a cheap car available on the internet.

If you ever want to buy a cheap car in Nigeria, here are the ideal places to start your search.


Jiji is Nigeria’s largest classified advertisements website, where registered users can post free classified ads. There are now around 75,000 automobiles available for purchase. The majority of people utilize Jiji to promote their vehicles, making it the quickest option to sell a car in Nigeria.

If you’re seeking for cheap automobiles in Nigeria, Jiji can assist you in finding one as soon as possible.

You can look at a large range of vehicles and meet a car buyer or seller from anywhere in the country.


Cheki is also one of the best spots in Nigeria to get a good deal on a car. Cheki claims to be Nigeria’s most popular car website. Cheki.com is a website where you may buy a secondhand car. Another advantage of the platform is that once you’ve joined, you can sell your car on it.


Jumia is one of Nigeria’s most popular internet stores. This platform also allows you to purchase automobiles. To begin shopping, simply go to cars.jumia.com.ng. After acquiring carmudi.com.ng, Jumia began selling automobiles. You can now order old, new, fairly used, and Tokunbo cars at discounted costs.


NigeriaCarMart is also one of the leading places around The country to buy a car online. The Nigerian Car Mart is a brand-new internet marketplace for used cars in Nigeria. This is a marketplace where buyers and sellers may meet and conduct business.


Nairaland is Africa’s largest online forum and among the most popular websites on the internet. Though perhaps not official, Nairaland is another wonderful site to buy cheap automobiles. You can obtain a good car for a reasonable price here. The Nairaland Autos section allows those who are interested in vehicles to have interesting conversations and make car sales agreements.


Sellyourcar is a Nigerian online auto market where users may buy used automobiles, new cars, trucks, okadas, kekes, and other vehicle accessories. If you’re still seeking for a website where you can buy a car in Nigeria quickly, look no further. Then look no further because your car will be sold quickly on sellyourcar.com.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive automobile, Carnotautomart is one of the ideal places to visit. This website offers both new and old automobiles for sale. You may quickly browse the collection and select a vehicle that suits your needs.


Car45 is just another fantastic website where you may find low-cost automobiles. This website allows car sellers and purchasers to meet online and in person to do business related to their vehicles. www.car45.com is the address for their website.


Tokunbocars is a further fantastic online community where buyers and sellers gather to sell and purchase cars at a low cost. If you look carefully, you can find a decent operating automobile on this site for a reasonable price.


Auction Export is a Canadian website in which you can buy cars for ridiculously low costs.

Although the majority of the vehicles on Auction Export are damaged vehicles that can be repaired, you can find an excellent car at a reasonable price on this website.


Because buying a brand new car may be out of reach for most Nigerians, affordable cars are the most practical option. Here are some important things to note when buying these secondhand cars:

  • Research on the vehicle — When acquiring a used vehicle in Nigeria, it is critical to learn everything you can about vehicles, particularly used cars in Nigeria. Obviously, you may acquire important knowledge on the internet, but you can also get it from friends, neighbors, and even your local expert.
  • Examine the price range and your budget — It is vital to know costs on sites after completing research on the different types of used cars. This is necessary to ensure that the car you want is within your spending plan. There are various websites that offer a diverse selection of used automobile options in Nigeria.
  • Carry out final inspections on the vehicle — When you’ve found the vehicle you want at a price you’re happy with, you should double-check the information. Conduct a VIN (vehicle identification number) check, as this can reveal important aspects of the vehicle’s history.
  • Ensure that all of the car’s documents are correct — When buying a used automobile in Nigeria, you may need a court oath, a major difference in ownership, and a police record. If you buy a Tokunbo, be sure it was brought into the country legally and that all requirements were paid and confirmed.


Buying a car is an excellent investment. A automobile, like a house, is a property that may be sold in an emergency. A automobile can be used to pass the time. If you live in a congested city with never-ending traffic, you’ll be upset if you don’t have a car.

Regardless of how near your home and workplace are, you will need a car to accomplish non-work-related objectives.

There are various benefits to owning a car; if you can afford one, do so. This is because it enables complete independence and comfortability in terms of movement, as well as saving time and reducing stress.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best places to buy cheap automobiles in Nigeria.

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