How To Be Happy As A Nigerian (2024)

It is not impossible to have a happy life in Nigeria. It is doable, and anyone can do it. “Happiness is a condition of mind,” as the phrase goes. In other words, everyone, including Nigerians, can live a happy life.

Chinua Achebe once said and I quote: “Being a Nigerian is abysmally frustrating and unbelievably exciting”

The typical Nigerian is constantly worried, whether financially, emotionally, mentally, or in other ways. Whatever it is, the stress is persistent, which frustrates you. The thrilling aspect is the ability to find reasons to smile and laugh in the middle of adversity.

You see them establish humorous Twitter trends, Instagram skits, and so on. You’re perplexed and appear to be proud to be a part of such a cheerful community. According to studies, Nigeria is the 23rd happiest country on the planet.


Genuine happiness cannot be purchased; it must be derived from the heart. Many Nigerians live up beneath a roof where it never rains silver, let alone golden spoons for every family member.

Despite this, they revel in the innocence of childhood, discover bliss, and build on it to uncover the meaning of life. This contradicts the widely held belief that money guarantees happiness.

It may be difficult to live happily in Nigerian society. There are obstacles to overcome in order to achieve optimum happiness. These difficulties manifest themselves in several ways

Living a life that does not adhere to any one cultural norm generates huge and harsh criticism in Nigerian society. In general, Nigerian society is severe. If ethnic disparities produce instability, imagine how much more lifestyle choices that follow no cultural norm will cause.

It is just not possible for homosexual guys to wear braids and earrings. But wait! You should not conduct your life according to the norms of others since, in the end, you can only be defined by who you believe you are.

It is not your problem what other people think of you. People will constantly chatter, so listen, smile, agree, and do whatever you want.

Nigerian society has conditioned our minds to believe that money and prosperity is the key to a happy life. Holding this belief in high regard will always lead to disappointment.

True happiness comes first. It is the only thing humans require because, in the end, money serves solely to make ends meet, which may or may not offer happiness.

Money, without a doubt, does not ensure happiness. However, maximal happiness is never possible for someone who is financially challenged to the point of not being able to make ends meet.

For example, how can someone who can’t pay his medical bills be happy? Because of the inadequate distribution of wealth in Nigeria, a large number of people fall into this category. This challenge is to blame for the mistaken belief that money guarantees happiness.



Keep track of how much time you spend with others. It is easy to become engrossed in the lives of others without having our own life or identity. Make time and a safe location for yourself where you may undertake regular self-evaluation and assessment. Take the time to get to know yourself and what you want so that you know exactly what you want from those around you.


People who are happy are optimistic, and positivity spreads. When you have such people on your side, there is no room for negativity.

According to research, achieving happiness through social means (e.g., spending more time with family and friends) is more beneficial than other techniques. Say goodbye to negative individuals and hello to positive energy.


There is no such thing as an island. It makes no difference how much less of a people person you are. It makes no difference if you like to be alone most of the time. You will always require the presence of others in your life; family, friends, and partners. They provide the support structure that you will require throughout your life.

The caliber of your relationships enhances the caliber of your existence. You cannot walk this route alone, which is why it is critical that you make time for the people in your life. It is more beneficial than we frequently believe. Beautiful memories are rarely produced on their own. And believe me, those memories will come in handy as you become older.


Relationships should not be dismissed. On Nigerian internet space, you can rarely go a day without seeing 2 to 6 “fuck haters” memes or posts.

If a friendship’s duration is unclear, animosity is unquestionably transitory. So, why keep enemies when friendship is far more profitable? Every possession in the world could be obtained. In the end, though, friendship is more valuable.

With friends, you can make better lifestyle choices, recover faster from setbacks, and play the get out of sadness card. They should not be exchanged.


Small gestures can make a big difference. It begins with being compassionate to others, expressing thanks, and even remaining optimistic about oneself.

When you make modesty a habit, it draws good emotions, productivity, and optimism, which leads to pleasure. Making yourself happy is important, but spreading pleasure is much more important. This is referred to as prosocial behavior by scientists.


Busyness is an illusion; it all comes down to priorities. If your health is a top priority for you, you should make time to unwind and indulge in enjoyable activities. Fun clearly helps to good health.

What do you enjoy doing? A hobby should be focused on activities that you enjoy. It is critical that you select a pastime that matches your interests, goals, and values.

Hobbies, according to research, help people enjoy better moods, feel motivated and zealous, have less stress, and have lower heart rates.


The spiritual life is made up of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and desires. Inner peace and happiness are the results of a good spiritual life. Religion is one way to connect with your inner existence.

Everyone should have a religion or spiritual belief- individuals who have a spiritual belief or religion are happier than those who do not.

Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College, said and I quote: “Religious beliefs give people a sense of meaning, it also gives them a social network, it gives them a sense of well-being or comfort.”


The search for happiness is accompanied with some difficulties. From erroneous beliefs to cultural hurdles to other considerations, focusing on one’s aspirations ultimately leads to pleasure.


Meanwhile, in your pursuit of happiness, be sure you do it correctly, as seeking aimlessly can only lead to disappointment and heartbreak. Make your goal meaningful and with a purpose.

Mfonobong Daniel

Daniel is an Editor on Nigerian Infopedia who craves for writing, researching and also watching soccer.

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