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Oil Company Salary Structure in Nigeria (2023)

oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Oil companies are among the highest paying companies and organizations in Nigeria. Its even said that they sometimes pay in Dollars (USD). The monthly salary scale paid to staff and workers in oil companies like Shell, Chevron, NNPC and co, runs into millions due to the kind of work they do. This post lists out […]

Nurses Salary Structure in Nigeria Today (April, 2023)

nurses salary structure

What are nurses salary in Nigeria this 2023? How much do a nurses in Nigeria earn on average? This is what this post seek to answer. If you plan on choosing nursing as a career and you are wondering how much is the salary of nurses in Nigeria? If yes, you are on the right […]

MTN Salary Structure: How Much Do MTN Nigeria Pay Staff in 2023


This page contains MTN salary structure and scale in case you want to know how much MTN Nigeria pay its staff this 2023. Working for MTN Nigeria can be a good way to boost your career in the telecommunications industry. Without doubt, this company has proven to be the biggest network provider in Nigeria surpassing […]

Salary of a Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army (2023)


The Nigerian army is one of the three most respected armed forces in Nigeria military. Joining the Nigerian army is a dream for many Nigerians who want to build a career in the Nigerian army. If you really want to join the Nigerian army, you should be aware of the actual salary of a second […]

Nigerian Air force Ranks and Salary Structure 2023 (Official)


The Nigerian Air force salary structure is a classified information you would hardly find on the internet. How much the Air-force pays its officers monthly according to the various ranks in the Nigerian Air-force varies from what the Navy and the Nigerian Army pays. While some argue that the Nigerian Navy pays the highest salary […]

Nigerian Army Salary Per Month 2023 After Minimum Wage Increase


How much is the new Nigerian army salary per month after minimum wage increase to N30, 000? Here is the official current breakdown of the amount of money paid as salary for soldiers in Nigeria. With recruitment into the Nigerian military going on a yearly basis if you visit the website of the Nigerian Army, […]

Nigerian Navy Ranks & Salaries 2023 (New Increase by Buhari)


Just like the Nigerian Police, Airforce and Army, the new Nigerian naval officers salary range is paid according to their ranks from the lowest to the highest. The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the fleet while the lowest of its commissioned officer is mid-ship man. For those interested in joining […]