Zenith Bank Nigeria Salary Scale: How Much Do Zenith Bank Pay Staff

Zenith Bank Nigeria Salary Scale: How Much They Pay

It is the dream of most graduates to work in a bank due to the kind of salary they pay their staff. Zenith Bank Nigeria is no exception as their entry level basic salary is fair compared to what other top companies in Nigeria pay their workers.


The Banking sector just like the oil and gas industry is one of the highest paying sectors in terms of salary. Although there exist some differences in how much banks in Nigeria pay their workers as no specific law compels them to have a fixed amount for their staff.

For its entry level staff salary, Zenith Bank pays an amount between N108,000 and N110,000 monthly according to department and unit. Your pay may also rise as time passes as long as you are still in the system. Apart from the basic salary you receive, there are other allowances and benefits that the bank pays and you are also entitled to a leave break.

On the salary level, Zenith bank Nigeria has been able to prove itself as a bank of repute.

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