List of Uncommon Yoruba Names & Meanings

Uncommon Yoruba Names & Their Meanings

Are you from the Yoruba ethnic group and you have given birth to a child? Beautiful! The next step now is giving to baby a name.


Beautiful names you can name your child in Yoruba language

To some or even majority of people, they don’t even wait for the birth of a child before thinking of the name to give the child.

While others might not see anything wrong in naming their child Wood or Cane, we are Africans and we believe names have effect on the lives of children. So, we took time to come up with meaningful names that are at the same time appealing to the ears.

If you are planning on giving your child a name but the common Yoruba names don’t appeal to you then you have come to the right place.

This post will list out uncommon Yoruba names and their meanings to you.

List Of Unique Yoruba Names That Are Not Very Common

  • Aega: A Tiny bird
  • Ereadura: Reward of prayer
  • Ewatomi Ewa: Beauty is all that is needed
  • Feyisetan: Use this as a story
  • Folusho: One that is constantly protected by the Lord
  • Olanrewaju: Wealth resides in the future
  • Latorunwa: A child that came down from Heaven
  • Moraanugba: I was given mercy
  • Sibesibeoluwanbepelumi (Pelumi): God loves no matter what
  • Bamidele: Travel home with me
  • Banjoko: Never leave my side
  • Bayode: One who brings joy with himself
  • Erioluwa: Testimony
  • Farayioluwa: I trust God
  • Folami: Respect and honour me
  • Mabayoje: Joy must never be destroyed
  • Shoyebi: One who wards off all evil in life
  • Tanimola: No one knows tomorrow
  • Sunkanmi: Come closer to me
  • Abeo: Bringer of happiness
  • Babasola: Father’s wealth has arrived
  • Ifelewa: The beautiful love
  • Abayomrunkoje: God won’t allow humiliation
  • Abiade: The one who is born of royal parents
  • Iranola: A wealthy family
  • Olabamiji: Wealth wakes with me
  • Oson: Summer
  • Naade: A boy who is born with royalty
  • Abayomrunkoje: God won’t allow humiliation
  • Adebamgbe: Royalty dwells within me
  • Esupofo: The devil has lost
  • Fiyifolu: Give honor to God
  • Idogbe: The second child born after twins
  • Modadeola: A man wearing a crown of wealth
  • Olumoroti: I stand with God

We believe these Yoruba names that are not very common will help you make the right decision if you want to give your child a befitting name.

Please if you also know of more names, you can use the comment section below to tell us about these beautiful Yoruba names and their meanings. Thanks

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  1. My kids names are Morohunfoluwa :I’ve seen something to give to God Momoririore:i know the worth of God’s goodness and Morireoluwa:I’ve seen the lords goodness

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