How To Write a Blog Post That Google & People Loves

Writing a blog is one thing, making it user and Google friendly is another. In order get ranked on Google SERPS you have follow some do’s and don’ts. The following steps will give you a tip on what you must do to make your post not only SEO & user friendly but a killer article.


Constructive plan

Writing a post without a plan is like building a house without a blueprint. In the end, nothing stands but a few vague dreams. So before you write a post make sure take a notepad and write down a list of what you want to highlight in the article.

To make you article worth reading, You should also take a time to figure out what the unanswered questions your audience usually ask and try to address the problems. Make use of subheading titles to divide your content and make it easy to navigate through the post. Try to keep your points vivid and clear to give readers the answers they need. The recent update on yoast – a wordpress plugin counts readability as a ranking factor.

Cut down on redundant words. Cut it down!

You know that chick you try to avoid every time she calls. The one who sound like a broken record, starting up another conversation out of the blue and goes about the whole time repeating stories she had once told you in the same manner. She doesn’t just get it. does she? People tend to block out messaging we find redundant. It goes beyond repetition – As a matter of fact, research shows that repetition is regarded as a highly effective persuasion tactic.

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Redundancy is saying more than what is required without introducing anything new. For example: An average English speaker in Nigeria would say “ Hell fire” you say Hell or Fire. But you don’t use both. It’s like saying babies are children – it’s already implied.

Good Grammar and Spelling Counts

A post full of blunders will drive readers away, and you don’t want that do you? Google uses bounce rates to know if a post is answering the topic people search for. The more readers bounce off a page, Google moves the page down the SERPs and brings up post it considers valuable.


To avoid this, you have to make sure your post is free from grammatical errors. When you use good grammar and avoid spelling makes readers want to stay on your site, which leads to less bounce rate and that’s what every blogger wants

As a matter of fact, removing all the clutter when writing is as important as the topic. Most readers tend to judge by what they see and believe me when a post is full of grammatical errors, users will leave as quickly as they’ve arrived. Who can blame them for doing so when the post is not well organized. Before making a post, it is advisable to proof read it more than once to remove all errors.

Avoid the copy and paste habit

Many a time bloggers get tempted to copy contents from another source and post them on their blog without giving due credit to the owner of the post. That’s plagiarism, which results to duplicate content which Google penalize. You have to make sure your content is unique and has not been copied. If you must copy, grab an excerpt from the source and link to it.

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By creating unique content, you can rank high on search engines. Conducting a well-researched topic is the best way to escape the urge to copy and paste online.
With that being said, you should also write insightful information which will give readers a good perception of your blog.

Add Value To Readers

To add value, answer questions and share opinions is the main purpose of blogging in the first place.
Your post, therefore, should solve the problems of readers. Reply comments left on your blog to answer any question. feel free to engage in discussions on the topic you posted, most misunderstood topics are solved by discussions.

Use Transitional words and Phrases

Transitional words help your writing sound more fluent and less robotic. It creates a system where readers go with the words, flow and rhythm as it make them feel less rushed. So here are some examples to help you incorporate more transitional words and phrases in your post:

Words which lead to an example: as shown by, to illustrate, for example.
Words which show series of event: First/second/third/ lastly, finally.
You can come up with a handful transitional words by searching them on Google.


Finally, I’d love to hear from you. What are your best tips to make a perfect copy? Given your experience what has yielded the best results? The comment box will come in handy. Let me know what you think?

This post was written by Moses Dzarmah. You can mail him for more blogging tips at He also blogs at



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I am simply known as Ikenwa Chizoba, a seasoned blogger and the Founder of Nigerian Infopedia. A very simple person who loves writing, reading and research.


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      Bloggers often underestimate the sentence “content is king” as cliche it may sound for some, it’s just the main cog that keeps the internet moving.

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      Rather than posting tech related news, narrow down to tech related keywords with high volume & low competition.

      Other things you can do to improve your site are:

      Increase your site speed.
      Build links to your site.

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