How To Work Remotely And Get Good Production Rate

It is true that working from home, from a distance, can make life considerably easier. There are professions that are unviable outside the workplace, but many others are already combining this modality that provides, above all, a better conciliation between personal life and work.

There are already countries in which this way of working is being legislated which requires certain aspects to be monitored. In Chile, for example, a labor reform that will come into effect on April 1 will give the possibility of teleworking to employees who meet certain conditions. In Spain at the moment the main obligation with regard to this issue is that companies compute the hours worked away from home.

Introducing work from home in a company

Times have changed a lot, but not all entrepreneurs adapt to new dynamics. There are those who are still anchored in the past. For them, not seeing you while you work means losing control over your production. That’s the main fear.

According to Silvia Forés, Human Resources Director at Baker McKenzie Barcelona, working remotely is very positive for a company, but in order to implement this model, important aspects of both the worker and the company must first be evaluated: “with respect to the worker, whether he has the appropriate technical means and a well-equipped space to carry out his work from home and whether it will be necessary to provide him with any type of additional training to facilitate his organization.

As far as the company is concerned, it is necessary to reflect, before approving it, on whether the employee’s physical presence in the office is critical for the development of their functions, and if it is not, it is necessary to assess more factors, such as, for example, how it will impact on their day-to-day relationship with clients and other office colleagues, the need for supervision that this person may require and the degree of availability and connection of the worker to attend to matters from home”.

Therefore, one of the arguments that must be defended is that the work will continue to come out, if not equal, perhaps even better. You may have to provide the ideas yourself. Count your tasks, see which ones are easily outsourced and calculate the time you dedicate to them. This information can be brought up when you make your proposal. It is also a good initiative to define small targets and agree on a timetable for compliance.

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On the other hand, there are already numerous tools that facilitate the monitoring and sharing of tasks. Knowing applications such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, Skype, Google Drive, Trello or Toggl can be very useful to have the right answr to the questions of how to organize the day at home.

Teleworking from home

Planning and taking care of yourself when working from a distance

Not everything is an advantage when you take work home. One of the greatest precautions to take into account is the risk of hyperpresentism, i.e. the risk that working life will interfere too much with staff. Do everything you can to prevent this situation.

On the other hand, enable the space you are going to occupy while you develop your tasks remotely. A conveniently prepared place will not distract your attention and will make you condenses your efforts, because the danger of dispersing at home is much greater.

Finally, you will have to do a real job of raising awareness with the people you live with, whether they are big or small, especially if they are used to coming to you to help them solve the small incidents that arise every day. They must be aware that you’re working. A good measure may be to choose the times when the house is quieter, so you can avoid many interruptions.

Telework conciliation

Working from home is becoming more and more widespread. There are many tools that make it possible and companies are beginning to overcome prejudices about this way of keeping the day. It is also the natural habitat of many self-employed people. We offer you 25 keys divided into 5 general aspects that you should think about if you are going to spend time at home working.

The work space inside the home

Look for a quiet place day and night. Think about how you may need to work when everyone is asleep or when they come home to rest, for example.

Enable your space with comfort. You have to make sure that the lighting and furniture are adequate.

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Think versatility and functionality. Review all the tasks you perform and make sure that you can accomplish them in the space you have searched for or that you have a good alternative if you have to move at a given time.

It is important that your position is not in the center of the house if you live with other people. You’ll avoid unnecessary arguments.

Break down household expenses and supplies if you are self-employed.

Interruptions in the working day and coexistence in the home

The first thing you have to make clear if you live with other people and in your social environment is that, in your schedule, you are in the office, you are not available.

If you are in a studio or room, don’t let everyone in at all times. Talk to your family members so that they follow certain rules, such as, for example, to call before entering or not to dislocate what you have left arranged in a certain way.

Establishes short periods of time to deal with interruptions in an orderly manner. That way you can say things like “I’ll get back to you in 7 minutes” and not give up what you’re doing for an interruption.

Don’t let your presence be noticed, make yourself invisible. This means don’t engage in conversations and don’t meddle in home life when you’re not supposed to attend to anything other than your job.

Make sure everything is under control before you start working. If you’re going to do an activity when there are children or dependents at home, anticipate their needs and times of boredom.
Work from home

Organization and planning of your effective time

Assign yourself a schedule, if possible every day the same so as not to dismount your biorhythm. Keep in mind the unexpected and include them in your timing.

Divide the type of tasks you carry out and distribute them according to the concentration and the means they require. This includes those you do in the company, if you combine the two types of workday.

Count the real time you work to be able to make forecasts about the objectives you propose.

Make a list of the things that interrupt you, the time thieves. Preview them and anticipate the solution.

Have at hand all the tools and apps you need to share and work online.


Separate working life from personal life

A first piece of advice that may seem banal: dress for work. You don’t have to go too formal. Wear comfortable clothes that are not pajamas or anything you use when you are home from work.

When you stop sharing a common space, such as an office, you tend to be isolated. Try to cultivate friendships and plan encounters with professionals who don’t just go digital. Look for physical spaces, such as meetings, conferences, fairs or associations, for example.

Keep in mind that the schedule you set determines your separation between work and personal life. It’s important that you stick to it.

You’re in grave danger of becoming a workaholic. Take steps to prevent work from getting too involved in your personal life. Household chores also have their time and can be planned. Don’t try to overtake them during your day. Accustom your relatives or people you live with to respect this time and not abuse your presence.

Take care of your health

Don’t let hyper presentism get into your life. It is a cause of occupational disease to which you are especially exposed if you work from home.

Get up every now and then. Having enabled everything so as not to suffer so many interruptions, you can go from concentration and adopt forced postures that should be broken for periods.

Plan what you’re going to eat during the day. When you don’t consider a plan, you run the risk of continuous pecking. If you don’t share the moment of the meal, you can also be carried away by a fast and unhealthy diet.

Establish a statutory rest period in your working day, such as that observed by salaried workers. If possible, get out of the house and clear out, it may be the only time in the day you do it.

Practice mindfulness. It is a technique that will benefit you in any case, whether you work at home or not. It’ll keep your mind in good shape.




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