13 Reasons Why Women Are More Attracted To The Bad Guys Than The Good Guys

Bad guys in this context are referred to guys who are not so dangerous and violent and are irresistible by 90% of women. A bad guy is known to be confident and has set boundary rules guiding him. He hardly bends to the will of others to please them; he pleases himself first before considering others around him.

why-women-are-attrated-to-bad-guysThe bad guy works effortlessly to get that girl you have being dreaming about and sweeps her off her feet with mind blowing sexual fantasies; in most cases still leaves her heart broken and longing for more. He is the guy women fantasizes about and can practically do anything to have him. She can stake her neck for him even if her family and friends don’t like him.

Bad guys have this appealing and incredible traits that keep women endeared to them even with the after effect regrets, you still find many women willing to risk it. Women are always overwhelmed with the excitement of having them (bad guys) because there can never be a recorded boring moment around them; until when they are hurt, their senses returns.

Let’s kick-off with the reasons why women are more attracted to the bad guys than the good guys!

1. The push to redo what is familiar like the father-daughter connection
Many women idealize their father, especially if the father-daughter relationship was a good one. They always have this funny feeling that Dad will be impressed if they both share same traits. So, if her father was rebellious and shared most of the bad guys traits, there is every possibility that the said woman will always have a strong attraction with the bad guys.

Personally, I’m a typical example because I glue to my father more than my mother. With that I’m always out to see that traits of him whenever I meet any man. If I don’t see 70% of his traits in you, then you will automatically be dismissed or fired.

2. Women love adventures especially when it has to do with a man
Yea…men are not the only ones that love adventures especially when it has to do with that classy woman that is probably beyond your class. Women love the excitement and sense of danger that hovers around the bad guy. It ignites their adventurous spirit especially for the good women.


Most good women that fall victim to bad guys grew up in a family where there is conformity and adherence to rules, so they always want to test what it feels like breaking some governing rules. Hence their attraction towards men that scoff at rules and shrugs at certain responsibilities.

3. Bad guys go after what they want, think for themselves and do things their way without asking for permission from anyone
You can never hear a bad guy gushing to talk to a woman…. “I wish I could approach that pretty woman…” no no no. A bad guy goes out of his comfort zone to get what he wants. He gets over the fear and nervousness to achieve his aim. He focuses on that which he wants to do and sees obstacles as a risk worth taking.

He doesn’t need the permission of his woman to do whatever he wants unlike the nice guys that bores women with permission cards. He does not need the go-ahead order from you as his woman to keep her happy. He is the controller of himself and moves at his own pace still carrying his woman along. Women sincerely enjoy it like that. The bad guy is so comfortable thinking for himself and don’t need the help of you or a woman to help him out. He has a strong control over what he wishes to do and cannot be in the page with the crowd. Wow! Believe you me dear, the bad guys have the locus of control over any woman with these qualities.

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4. Bad guys are brutally unpredictable and hardly pretend especially when it has to do with the truth
With a bad guy, you don’t know what his next plan is! Women love it when you make yourself an unpredictable being as a man. As long as you are not that mad man that smacks women or behave abusively, then your unpredictability is a strong turn-on for women. Nice guys are always so predictable and that singular feature of them bores women a lot. Nice guys and their predictable attitude can be likened to seeing a boring Nigerian movie that is very uninteresting and predictable.

Nice guys tend to pretend to be cool, nice and good more than they are in real life. The way nice guys behave with their friends and family is totally different from the way they will act around an attractive woman. For instance, have you been around a nice guy when he is talking to a woman? You must instantly notice that it’s a woman he is talking with, but such is not applicable with the bad guys. Even around an attractive woman, they tend to be their real self. They don’t change their personality to accommodate you as a woman. He doesn’t try to impress you as a woman because he believes that his personality is attractive enough to impress you. Bad guys think highly of themselves and don’t care how you as a person perceives them to be. This attitude attracts women and communicates honesty, maturity and composure to them.

Bad guys cannot paint their words to suit your ears, they tell you what they have in their mind the exact way it is. They are brutally honest and blunt even around the woman they cherish. But nice guys are just the opposite of such attitude; they tend to value the approval of that woman they like. A woman prefers to be mad at your honesty than have you lie to her in the first instance. The truth might hurt her but you will earn her trust and respect with your honesty. Women don’t stick to men that have lying reputation because they easily misinterpret them to be good heart breakers.

5. The daring confidence and not scared attitude of bad guys attracts women to them
The daring confidence of a bad guy originates from the internal not externalities such as his money, cars, clothes and good looking houses. His confidence is powerful and authentic since it originates from the inside. They don’t seem to be faking their level of self-confidence even around a woman. Most times their confidence can be misinterpreted by their fellow men as pride and low self-esteem. Women love their confidence a lot because it conveys a message of someone that knows who he is and where he is going in life.

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Bad boys can’t be scared or worried about a woman’s view about their personality. They take charge of every situation that crops up around them. Unlike the nice guys that find it so hard to hold a woman’s hand or kiss her in the public; they are scared of what the outcome might result to. A bad guy goes for what he feels like doing with a woman; he can boldly play or kiss her in the public. The truth is that women love such attitude because it makes them feel you are assertive about them and equally would not mind if things are stepped up to the next levels. Once a man is a little weird or scared, it turns-off their level of attraction towards you.

6. Bad guys don’t play victims, they adapt and overcome every situation
A bad guy don’t enjoy playing a victim nor do he stick around feeling sorry for himself when trapped in a bad situation. He doesn’t cry to his friends and families about any bad condition; he quickly adapts and overcomes his bad situations. Unlike the nice guys that tend to complain about what is fair and what is not fair, the bad guys act like the real men by trying to always be in control of their emotions. He swallows up his situations and moves on with life.

A man who cries and complains to his friends and families over every situation is perceived weak and unattractive to any woman. Naturally, women are the weak and are in need of a man that can protect them with their weak emotions, so why act weak to be Mr. Nice? This is why the women will always run to the Bad guy.

7. Bad guys are very passionate even when they are after a woman
Bad guys are very passionate about whatever they do; they put more energy into anything and that includes going after a woman. They bring into display more passion and sexual energy that attracts women. They tend to build on the fantasies of a woman when it comes to passion.

8. Bad guys are not heart-broken or are played on by a woman
Bad guys are not ignorant or too blind to quickly notice the games that women play. They are not quick to fall in love and get their hearts stomped to pieces by women. The bad guy understands that in today’s world, there exist some level of possibility that he might not be the only man in a woman’s life because women like to keep their options open, which is not totally bad. He tends to play with caution and avoids putting his heart on the line unlike the nice guys would do at first gaze. When a woman knows she can’t break your heart as a bad guy, it pushes her to try harder and hence the attraction.

9. He leaves her always wanting for more
The bad guy will definitely win the heart of any woman and leave her wanting for more even till the rest of her life. He has the magic short-lived touch on any woman. He will always try to hide his true feelings towards you as a woman thereby trying to obey the rules that says, “keep her close by hiding your cards”…making her enjoy almost enough but denying her what she wants. It duplicates the level of attraction and desires on a woman. If a woman always leaves you first, check yourself very well; maybe you are offering way too much of yourself to her. Remember the saying, “too much of everything is bad”….not when it has to do with money.

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10. Bad guys make women feel needed and equally help boost their low self-esteem
Women naturally love fixing things especially when it has to be with a man. A woman with low self-esteem believes she can nurture a bad guy all to her credit. It sure boosts the self-esteem of a low esteemed woman and pushes her to achieve more with the bad guy. They tend to see bad guys as an assignment to be fixed, and if handled properly; they will be theirs forever. That is not true, because a woman can never change a full-grown man. A man decides to change whenever he wants to. However, the fact that the bad guy needs to be fixed makes a woman feel wanted.

11. Bad guys are not good with commitment
At a point in a woman’s life, all she might just need is a bad boy that will not sing the commitment songs to her ears. Women are sometimes scared of intimacy or commitment, for instance after a heartbreak. But with a bad boy she will definitely avoid the commitment part of a nice time together. Unlike the nice guys that always want to know their stand when it comes to a relationship.

12. With the bad guy, $ex is just mind-blowing
A woman perceives a nice guy to be dull in bed but is that really the truth? Women want to be manhandled in bd and bad guys has won that award right from their looks. A bad guy is seen to be good in the act. Generally it is perceived that one, and such crazy fantasies draws women to them no matter the risk involved.

13. Bad guys are physically strong while the nice guys are seen weak in the eyes of women
Bad guys have this illusion of being physical strong hovering around them. They are seen to be able to protect women physically while the nice guys are seen to be otherwise. That bad guy attitude conveys strength to women. Women have this funny believe that they are protected under them.

In life, it is always good to strike a balance in all you do. Until you accept that notion, your dream woman will always leave you for a bad guy. In my candid opinion, I think the ideal should be able to walk the fine line between the nice and the bad guy.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below.




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