Top 10 Most Wicked Tribes in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to more than 350 different ethnic and tribal groups. There are tribes within these groupings that are well-known or, to put it better, are recognized as the key tribal groups in the nation. The Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa peoples are among them. As animosity toward one ethnic group over another has spread throughout the nation, people from these tribes have found it difficult to live in peace with one another throughout time.

The Yoruba tribe is regarded as the nation’s most educated tribe, while the Igbo speaking tribe is thought to be the most hardworking. The country’s entire political and social foundation has been badly eroded by the persistent trend of ethnic hostility. Every tribe in the nation is guilty of behaving badly toward others. Additionally, they frequently inspire hatred in other ethnic groups.

In this article, we look at the most evil tribes in Nigeria while considering how their people interact with other tribes.


The top 10 most dangerous tribes in the country are shown below.


People rank the Fulani ethnic group first among the nation’s most wicked and dangerous tribes. This is a powerful tribe in Nigeria, and they lead a nomadic existence. The Fulani tribe is at the higher end of the scale due to the sheer number of murders and atrocities associated with them. They have killed more people than any other tribe in Nigeria.

Most of the time, you can find them in the northern region of the nation, in states like Sokoto, Bauchi, Kastina, Kebbi, Gombe, and Yobe, among others. The majority of Fulani people are Muslims. Even though they created several disasters, you may be astonished to learn that only a small number of people are responsible for the issue.


What comes to mind when you hear the word Ogoni? Undoubtedly, it isn’t all sweetness and light. This tribe is notorious for kidnappings, murders, and other illegal activities. Some people have asserted that the Ogoni people don’t value life. They do as they please, behave in an irrational manner, and will even spend even less than N500 to enrage people.

However, we don’t wish to offer any justification for the Ogoni tribe’s impious behavior. These Niger Delta residents were, nevertheless, generally peaceful before government incompetence subjected them to violations of human rights. The Ogoni tribe was hardest hit by the oil disaster, and when their fields were rendered barren, they were forced to find other means of subsistence.


Igbo people are renowned for their hustle and bustle. They are now, on average, the wealthiest people in the nation as a result of this. They excel in selling and generating revenue. Some of them would go above and beyond to acquire this material. They have engaged in numerous illegal activities both inside of and beyond Nigeria, and all in the name of gaining financial gain.

There have been multiple instances of money ceremonies in which an Igbo man offered his mother, child, and other people. They are only interested in getting money, and they will trample over everyone who gets in their way.


The Hausa people are distinct even though they resemble the Fulani in appearance and behavior. The Hausa people are incredibly spiteful and will go to great lengths to take their vengeance. If the Hausa people feel insulted, a minor disagreement could turn into a full-scale conflict.

Due to their predominance of illiteracy and hardened hearts, they make up the majority of Boko-Haram forces. They can easily be brainwashed and recruited into criminal organizations under the guise of religion or another reason.


The Niger Delta is dominated by the Ijaw tribe, whose insurgents are ruthless in their operations. They abduct and kill local and foreign citizens, particularly if these individuals are connected to the oil in their area.

Numerous amnesty programs have been launched by the government. However, they continue to break pipes, cook with contaminated oil, and kidnap people. Additionally, a lot of people have trouble settling there.


The Yoruba are recognized for their crafty approach, if there is particular trait they are noted for. The Igbo continue to believe that Yorubas cannot be trusted, and in some ways, they are correct. This tribe has a long history of crimes such as stealing, kidnapping, rape, fraud, and ritual-related occurrences. They have a few dishonest politicians that constantly find a way to profit off of the Nigerian predicament.


Although Edo is a fantastic state with fantastic residents, they won’t be appearing on our list today. When it comes to witches, cultists, ogboni, and the like, this tribe is reputed to have the most of them. Many of their young people engage in criminal activity like as kidnapping, theft, fraud, and prostitution.

They have a history of intrastate battles amongst several local governments in Edo because of their aggressive and violent temperament. Numerous lives were lost as a result of how vicious these wars became.


Due to various their unique depravity, this tribe has been picked out among the Edo tribes. They are incredibly evil and heavily involved in cults and witchcraft. They are well-known for starting wars with their neighbors and are not afraid of dying.

Esan has a rich legacy of traditional medicine that aids in both survival and military victories. Many tribes in Edo are reluctant to oppose them out of fear.


A community called the Ebiras lives in the country’s national center. The majority of them are found in the states of Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, and Edo. These people tend to act more often than they speak. They enjoy proving themselves through violence. The Ebira people are rumored to have the ability to execute a man for showing contempt. They will argue over insignificant matters, and if you are arguing with them, you may well not come out unscathed.


The Middle Belt’s most powerful tribe is the Nupe, also referred to as the Tapa tribe. The majority of them are in Niger State, but others are in Kwara. A very vicious and evil people who would use magic to attack everyone who crossed their path. They are unforgiving, and if you get in their way, they won’t think twice before killing you.


No, labeling the Ebira tribe as the “most wicked” in Nigeria is an oversimplification that overlooks the complexity of their history, culture, and interactions. Negative stereotypes often arise from limited understanding and misrepresentation. To truly understand the Ebira people, you have to delve into their rich cultural heritage, socio-economic challenges, historical events, and contributions to society. By doing so, you can understand why this tribe act the way they do and offer a more inclusive and accurate perspective on the diverse ethnic groups that make up Nigeria.


The purpose of writing this article is not to provoke anyone or tribe in particular. All tribes are unique and have strict characteristics used in knowing the activities of such tribes. Everyone have their bias and shouldn’t take it personal as all tribes are guilty of being among the most wicked tribes in Nigeria. With the country not stable politically and even economically, the distrust that exists within various ethnic groups, and even states, is something we should all strive to work on for the betterment of our country Nigeria.

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