Why Men Would Always Cheat

Why men will always cheatLadies this one’s for you. You need to know that all men, whether good or bad are prone to cheat. There is also no disputing the fact that women are also guilty but the tendency is high in men. You might also want to argue that not all men cheat but I will prove my point by explaining the bitter truth on why men cheat on their spouse. Before I proceed, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone especially the guys because I am a guy myself. But the truth no matter how bitter must be said. Without much introduction, below are the reasons why most men cheat:

Emotional Disconnection and Bored Relationship

This is the chief primary reason why most men cheat on their wives. They feel undervalued by their partners or better still they don’t feel the connection any longer and are bored. Trust me, men love to feel respected and appreciated and when you are not showing your man such, the emotional value he has for you decreases. Men will always want to please their wives and when they try and you are not reciprocating, chances are that he might look elsewhere were he can get such and he will find it because there are a lot of women out there who are ready to hear his sad tales about you and give him that emotional satisfaction he so craves for, be it sex or otherwise.

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You might be familiar with the popular saying “women are more emotional than men”. But I can tell you that men are more emotional and they don’t express it outrightly. Try your best to satisfy the emotional needs of your husband, so he will not feel insecure and look for security in another woman.

Peer Pressure from Bad Company

As it is with ladies, it is difficult for guys not to belong to same class or group trending. The fact that Mr. A slept with 10 women and was not caught, Mr. B managed 7 and was not also caught. Mr. C who has not followed suit will see reasons why he should not fall in line. When group of men gather especially friends, there is always one who is boss of the womanizing game and who often taunts the others to make them inferior. This feeling might cause the innocent one to join just to please his friends and feel superior among his friends.

Ladies, you should always watch out for the kind of friends your husband, fiancée or boyfriend keeps and advice him against such company

Advances from Other Women Make It Difficult To Say “NO”

Is your husband physically attractive? Men attract women who come unto them in different ways unknown to them making it difficult to say “no” to their advances, thereby starting an extra marital affair. It is also difficult for a man to say no to a woman who offers him “free sex” as he views it as an opportunity that might not elude his way again. If your man is one that does not fall for such, then you are lucky as research shows that 30% of men say no to such and 70% say yes especially when its from a pretty lady. Just pray your husband isn’t in this group or he can say no as it is a weakness that most men have.

Parental Upbringing

It may be that your husband or fiancée was brought up by promiscuous parents who never cared about his emotional upbringing, giving him the chance to do as he pleases with girls at his youthful stage or maybe he was brought up by strict parents who did not give him freedom to flow with girls and when he is grown into a man free from parental control, he wants to experience life with women as he pleases. Whatever the case such men end up being players and sex addicts which affects their marriages as they end up cheating on their wives.


You might not know all of his past life but chances are that his cheating habits stems from poor parental upbringing. You should know the kind of man you are married to or want to marry before you jump into conclusions about him.

It either you are a cheat or you are a cheat

Revenge is better served, chilled. Most faithful husbands cheat just to get back at their wives from doing same. Such men don’t forgive easily as they love the eye for an eye law or better still both of you are in the cheating business. Whichever way it is coined, cheating is cheating so if you ever indulge in such as a married women expect your husband to do same unless he forgives you completely. But if you are both in the business of cheating at one another, your marriage will not last.

Below are signs that he is cheating on you, but the list and excuses never ends

  1. He doesn’t pick his calls as often as he does before
  2. He gets unusually angry at little things you do even when it seems irrelevant
  3. He doesn’t want sex with you or gives you less satisfaction
  4. He keeps late night
  5. He frames up excuses all the time to hide his mischievous deed
  6. He doesn’t confide in you any longer
  7. He has less time for you
  8. He forgets every important detail concerning you
  9. Whenever he promises you something, he fails
  10. He lies just to cover up his tracks

And the list is endless.


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    Very true

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    Being peer writer I don’t believe this. First you have no sources. What is your qualifications? Writing or posting on a page is very easy, but makes an article Credible Is the sources you provide. And how far you the writer has gone in that field. You provided some figures, where did you get them? Who carried out the survey. What is the credibility of those numbers? These are things you need to consider before coming online to make a post. I want you the writer to make research about this topic and provide your sources or else you will be sued for Plagiarism. You didn’t cite your sources.

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    Mr writer carry on you have said exactly where the problem is,because all what you said is nothing but the truth.may God increase your understanding the more,Amen.

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