Why EFCC “Selective” witchhunt On PDP Members Best for Nigeria right now.

I have read and heard from many people and PDP sympathizers that the current Buhari anti corruption drive is selective and Bias.

I totally agree it is selective. but I don’t agree that it is bias. And there is nothing wrong in it being selective as long as the reason is the best for the country for now. Because I strongly believe it is the best thing and the best way to fight corruption in Nigeria for now. My reasons are as follows:

1. The anti corruption fight is currently concentrated on corruption at the federal level. Buhari anti corruption war is currently not active on state level and former governors. Since federal government was fully controlled by PDP in the last 16years, most corruption at federal level is PDP affair.

2. Buhari greatest interest is to recover fund. The best thing to do in this regard is to concentrate on areas where he can recover the highest amount of stolen fund. And that is federal government and are mostly PDP members.

3. It is almost impossible to prosecute all corrupt cases in Nigeria. So the need to give priority to those with the highest amount and easiest to prosecute. Thus corrupt cases with highest return are within the PDP

4. currently the NSA is the main focus of the anti corruption war at the moment. The reason being because of the amount of money involve and because Buhari govt believe they can recover some billions from the former NSA. Since the former NSA used most of the money for election affair, it is natural that majority of people involve are PDP members

5. maybe in the next two years when the anti corruption war go to state level, some APC members will be prosecuted.


6. We should also recognized that the govt has limited resources and personnel to fight the anti corruption war. so the need to select those that will give the highest impact per resources utilized.

7. It will be very naïve, unwise and silly for Buhari to focus on corrupt practice of APC members right now. His govt is too young for that. he cannot fight everybody at once even if he wishes to . His govt will crumble if he try that right now. He need to run the govt with Nigerians not aliens. Almost every Nigerian that have held political office has skeleton in their cupboard. thus many APC members have corrupt past. But however this is not the best time for him to open APC members files. Doing that right now will be stupidity and naïve and will be bad for the country. Ability to select the best fight to fight at a time is wisdom and leadership.

8. It may appear unfair to PDP members. but to the Nigeria masses I believe it is fair. PDP were not fair to the masses when they were stealing our treasury dry. I strongly believe all the persons who stole are common wealthy should be brought to book. Whether they are APC or PDP. However, since we cant do all in one day, we must start from somewhere and from those that will give the highest return and impact.

9.The fact that the anti corruption war is currently ignoring APC members does not mean the war is not sincere. It is only a pragmatic approach to a complex problem. When you have a lot of complex problem to solve, you ranked it and choose where to start from. That is currently what is going on.

10. The truth is that all the people who are shouting witch-hunting, “selective”, “vendetta” want the anti corruption war to fail. If I have access to Buhari, I will tell him to completely ignore them. Those people want him to fight on all front so that he will lose and then come back to mock him.

11. I know some people will come and say it is hippocracy to currently ignore people like Tinubu etc in the anti-corruption war. But I choose to disagree with them. it is not hippocracy but pragmatism. Even if Buhari have an intention to open Tinubu files, this is not the best time to do it. That can wait for much later. A leader must focus on National interest. it will not be in the interest of Nigeria for tinubu files to be opened at this time should he have corrupt cases. Timing is a major component of decision making and leadership. if you do the right thing at wrong time, it is as good as a wrong thing.

12.I also know some people will argue about Atiku, Obasanjo etc and say why are they not being tried also. Just as I explain earlier, it is much easier to trace fund, files and documents of corrupt practice done in the last 4years than those done in the last 8 or 16years. So it is only practical to concentrate on the last 4 years at the moment. To me, this is wisdom.

13 We need to understand the post is not saying that APC members and older leaders (atiku, OBJ etc) corrupt practice should be ignored. The post is only talking about now. Which is at this current time (t), it is very wise to focus on immediate past PDP govt because it will benefit Nigeria as country more than doing otherwise right now. In the future, the anti corruption drive can spread to others. But now is not the time .

14. The fact that it may not be wise to look at past corrupt act of top APC members right now does not mean Buhari should tolerate massive corruption from his cabinet or ministers. Buhari must ensure any looting under his govt is not tolerated. Should any member of his cabinent be found wanting of corruption under his current govt, the person should be punished with no mercy.

15. I agree this is not the ideal case since everybody are equal before the law in ideal situation. but it is still better than GEJ mindset, who believe that since he cannot jail all corrupt people, everybody should go free. In his mind he was being fair. The truth is that, that was one of the greatest Injustice Jonathan did to Nigerian masses. That empowered every political leader to steal without any fear of consequence.

16. As we hope for the best, we should appreciate what is better than the past. The more we the masses support Buhari anti corruption war, the bolder he will be in fighting it. The bolder he become the less selective he will become and the more APC members will be prosecuted.

This post was written by Ukatu Okwudiri Benedict

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