Why Dental Hygiene Affects your Health

Dental hygiene is as important as taking care of your skin, but do you just a take dental hygiene for cosmetic sake? No matter the information one sees on taking good care of the teeth and how important is brushing and flossing, it still boils down to the fact that the end product is to always have a shiny white teeth coupled with fresh breath with no mouth odor.


Having basic knowledge about good oral hygiene can help one know the rudiments on how to have a good white teeth and good breath but there are more important details than knowing the basics.

The sacred fact is that the mouth can also be a yardstick to know whether one’s body is in its right state. Since the mouth aided by the teeth is the first step in the digestive process, we should be mindful of what we take in and what we give our teeth to chew.

Increase In Problems

As time passes, Scientists through careful means and research have linked diabetes and cardiac diseases to gum disease. This is because, excess sugar intake which is not good for the body in general is also not good for the teeth and when stored up in the gum, weakens it.

The issue of periodontitis which is the swelling of the jaw is also caused by gum disease which can lead to inflammation of the blood vessels which in turn, increases the risk of a heart attack. Gum disease can be said to also increase the rate of premature births among pregnant women.

Also, mouth infection could further spread throughout the body. In the worst scenario, the blood stream could be infected by this infection, entering the blood stream and causing an infection in the heart known as “endocarditis.”


Start Early

Early care of your teeth will save you a lot of money, pain, and stress in the future. The stress of visiting a dentist can be a daunting task especially for those engaged with one thing or the other that is why one is advised to at least brush twice daily, avoid too much sugar and floss regularly. Cavity issues should also be given due credence and be fixed quickly so as to avoid expensive operations in the future.

When you notice any pain in your mouth, especially when it has to do with your teeth or gum, get in touch with a dentist.

Prevention is better than cure

As said earlier, the only way to avoid gum related problems is by avoiding those things that put the gum and teeth at risk. Avoid things like chewing gum, sweets and other sugar related products. If you must eat them, make sure you brush after you eat such.

Always change your brush after three months of use. This is a hygienic thing to do as a brush that has been used for three months has lost its potentiality in removing germs and dirt from the teeth.

Use warm water mixed with a little salt to wash your mouth every morning and evening before you brush. Brush your teeth twice daily and sometimes use a chewing stick as it helps removes those stubborn bacteria hidden in the mouth.


Finally, be certain to schedule regular appointments with your dentist as they are professionals that can give you better insight on how to take care of your mouth and treat any health related problems with the teeth.

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