Who is the Richest Governor in Nigeria 2019?

richest-governor-in-nigeria-nigerian-infopediaI stumbled on the answer on who the richest governor in Nigeria on Naij.com and I decided to put it on Nigerian Infopedia after carefully researching the personality in question.

To answer the question as to who the richest governor in Nigeria is this 2019?, I checked the family background, business, success in politics and fame. Without much ado, the winner among the 35 governors goes to Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello (aka Abu Lolo).

Well, you might be wondering why Governor Abubakar Sani Bello is the richest governor in Nigeria. The reasons below answers all.

Among all the Nigerian governors, it is only his family that has been listed in Forbes magazine as not only the wealthiest in Nigeria, but also in Africa. The Bello’s are wealthy Nigerians involved in different kinds of businesses like construction, oil and gas, and communications.

Are you aware that Abubakar Bello’s father is said to own 40% of MTN Nigeria (Wow, that’s massive). Also, his brother is married to Dangote’s daughter and Dangote is currently the richest man in Africa, according to Forbes magazine.

To prove further that Abubakar Sani Bello is the wealthiest governor in Nigeria at the moment, he is married to Dr. Amina Abubakar, daughter of Nigeria’s former military head of state Abdussalami Abubakar. Also note that Fati Abubakar, the incumbent chief justice of Niger state, is the mother of his wife, Dr. Amina and wife to Abdussalami Abubakar.

All these coupled with the fact that Abubakar’s father, Col. Sani Bello was a former military governor of Kano state, proves that Abubakar Sani Bello is the richest governor in Nigeria this year 2019.

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Although, there is another list that suggests that Governor Rochas Okorocha might be the richest because of his net worth running into million of dollars as estimated by Forbes.

We have also listed top 10 wealthiest Nigerian governors and their net worth, but if you think other wise, Lets hear your thoughts below using the comment section.



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  1. Jan Hazo

    Are you sure Chizoba Ikenwa that “his brother is married ti Dangote’s brother” as you said. Thus is because by Nigerian laws same sex marriage is still ILLEGAL isn’t it?
    Perhaps more seriously though you have simply failed to state or give account of his personal wealth as to make him what you claim. Could you be more accountable to the readership please.

    1. @ Hazo, you can google it, because i did my research well. Anyways, if i am wrong thanks for the correction.

  2. Musa Usman

    Mr Ikenwa Chizoba,richness are not measured by relatIonships but by investment. What is his net worth as to investment or what are the net worth of inheritance bequeathed him? Been related to a rich family either directly or indirectly does not make you rich as in the indices of richness.

  3. Toni Montana

    Chizoba, your write on The Governor Lacks financial depth & figures. Your Theory of “merging” families’ what to the Governor’s credit is fraudulent at best & mischievious at worst. So what IF he has Rich & Powerful in-laws? Does that equate their wealth to the Governor? Wake-up & be reasonable for once.

  4. Ben chime


  5. Okwor Chigozie Ogala

    Also his brother iz married 2 Dangote’s brother iz ridiculous n defamatory as well.take note Mr.Publisher

    1. thanks, i have effected the correction

  6. aknoyi

    Hmm “His Brother is married to Dangote’s Brother”???? Come o have we started practicing gay or any form of homosexual relation in Nigeria. Tell me that was a typo please…

    1. thank you @ aknoyi, it was a typographical error. i have corrected it

  7. zayyanu yakubu kanoma

    wel this People are Still working With Buhari and he said he is Fighting Corruption. I think its time to pass a bill of Death penalty to any Politician who is found Guilty of any Corruption Scandal.

  8. Paulinus

    Editor, u did not give us reason why this governor is the richest governor,what are his investments, in terms of shares and investments,his father may own mtn,that is family money,he only married from influencial family, but that does not make him the richest governor.

  9. Akonhucze

    You started with him being the “wealthiest” and ended with him being the “richest “. Which are two different thing.

  10. ola

    you Nigerian y CNT u just appreciate wat God has gvin to u…instead of u guys to encourage him.no bdy is above mistake ooo. keep it up jawee guy good work dea

  11. Samuel

    How can i create and make money through blogging

    1. There are various ways to go about that. Check the blogpedia section of the site for more resources

  12. Obinna Steven ukachi

    How can make money.. Becside I want to be rich like my second father Aliko dangote

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