Where and How To Get Scholarships for Nigerian Students (2017/2018)

Getting Nigeria scholarships to pursue studies in Nigeria or overseas, one must be dully prepared. There are popular international universities that are offering beneficial scholarships to students from Nigeria yearly, especially to those who exhibits academic excellence in various fields of study.


Nigeria Infopedia provides you where and how to get scholarships for Nigerian student for study abroad programs that are reliable

Where To Get Available Scholarships for Nigerian Students now

There are about five best sites to get reliable information about where to get available scholarships in Nigeria presently and they are as follows:

1. Scholastica.ng: Scholastica website has made the information required for most scholarship applications easy, you don’t have to fill new applications each time there is a scholarship announcement. All you need do is click apply. They also notify registered candidates on available scholarships statuses. Their website is http://scholastica.ng

2. NigerianUniversityScholarships.com: They focus mainly on Scholarships for Undergraduate, M.SC Scholarships, PhD Scholarships and also provide you with scholarship past questions and information. Their website is http://nigerianuniversityscholarships.com.

  1. Students.com.ng: If you are looking for information on available scholarships, study materials, tips on applying and winning scholarships in Nigeria both home and abroad, this site offers relevant admission counseling and general supports needed by candidates seeking admission into the University, Polytechnic or College through a scholarship scheme.

4. Scholarship-positions.com: If you are looking for how to get international funding options for Undergraduate, Masters, PhD and Post-Doc Courses as a Nigerian student, scholarship-positions.com is in the pole position to offer you that. They also provide latest information on list of study scholarships available now for both Nigerian as well as foreign students.

  1. StudyandScholarships.com: Finally on our list of best sites to get information is studyandscholarships.com. This site provides useful information on fellowships that provide scholarship, not just to Nigerians but to international students. Training grants for various degrees in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Russian, German scholarships information, e.t.c are what this site offers.

Available Scholarships Being Awarded in Nigeria Presently And Its Financial Worth

Below are some available scholarships being awarded currently in Nigeria and the amount accrued to them

  • NNPC/Chevron Scholarship For 200L
    Worth: N150,000
  • Federal Government Scholarship Award For 200/300/400L
    Worth N150,000
  • NNPC/Addax Scholarship for 100L
    Worth N100,000
  • Total E & P Scholarship For 100L/200L
    Worth N150,000
  • SPDC (Shell) Scholarship For 100L
    Worth N75,000
  • Exxon/Mobil Scholarship For 200L
    Worth N150,000
  • PTDF Scholarship For 200L
    Worth N150,000 Plus Laptop during first payment.
  • ABC Transport Scholarship For 100L
    Worth N100,000
  • NAOC (Nigeria Agip Oil Company) Scholarship For 100L
    Worth N100,000
  • NLNG Scholarship For 100L
    Worth N150,000
  • NWAG Scholarship
    Worth N50,000
  • MTN Foundation Scholarship For 200L
    Worth N200,000
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