What You Should Know Before You Set Up A Blog

I am not a professional blogger, but I have experiences which I can share with my fellow bloggers and my readers who want to engage in this painful but sweet profession called “blogging”. I know I just scared you with the notion painful but sweet profession but the deal is this- If you are a newbie in this business, then you will have to go through some rigorous task in setting up a blog, but as time passes it becomes simple as you will know all the tips and tricks needed in setting up a blog in Nigeria.

You see, I have been blogging since 2013 and I spent the whole of 2013 making mistakes. I was deceived by the gospel of the internet and some fraudsters that will tell you that blogging is the surest way out to end financial stagnation and that setting up a blog is as easy as ABC. So with this thought, I started a free blog with blogspot. Then, I didn’t know the rules then. I would just copy and paste (plagiarism) from other sites and blogs without even having a single unique self written content on my blog. I thought I would be a Linda Ikeji over night.

Then after some months after posting copied contents on that blog, I signed up for Google Adsense to monetize the blog and lo and behold, I was rejected out rightly. Gosh, I felt frustrated and did more research to know my mistakes. That was when I found out the blogging commandments (I will explain them later) and found my mistakes. Hence, before I post an article, I will make sure I have carried out a research on whatever topic I chose to write on.

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Blogging is all about writing and sharing what you have passion for. Are you someone that has passion for drawing, arts, sports, phones e.t.c. Then you can create a blog to share your ideas.

Can Everyone Blog?

If you would ask me, I would say yes and no. Everyone can, if the idea and the technical know-how is there but everyone can not because it is all about passion and sacrifice of your time. Honestly, blogging takes my sleep time at night but it is worth it as I believe that my readers are my topmost priority. Below are some tips or the blogging commandments you should follow if you want to be a successful blogger

  • First & foremost, know that blogging takes time
  • Find out what you are passionate about.
  • Do a thorough research on it.
  • Write out or type your ideas as an article. It should be 500 words and above.
  • Decide on which platform you want to blog upon (free hosting blogsite or a paid hosting blogsite).
  • Create a plan for your blog. If you cannot create a blog, you can hire someone to do that for you.
  • Always update your contents.
  • Do not plagiarize (copy and paste) and if you do, put the link of the source
  • Promote and share your ideas on social media and forums
  • Don’t be afraid to try something different as you can create your identity as a blogger different from others
  • Never give up even when you are not seeing results
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If you follow the above commandments, then nothing will stop you from getting your desired target or goal. I wish you good luck as you start your blog and I will be sharing more information about blogging as time permits. Remember sharing is caring.

If you have any questions or suggestions on setting up a blog in Nigeria, you can comment below. Thank you


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