What am I going to blame Jonathan for?

As I write this story, I couldn’t help but laugh at Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture when he reported that Former President Goodluck Jonathan is the reason for the fuel scarcity being experienced today in the country.


I mean, the man Jonathan was defeated in the election that brought Buhari and APC to power. Cast your minds back to Jonathan’s regime, it had its own share of challenges but not in this manner.

Now someone else is on board and his Minister of Information is still blaming an ex-president on the current woes in the country? No fuel, no light, no good drinkable water… Blame Jonathan.

The economy is in shambles… Blame Jonathan. Boko Haram would be defeated by December 2015 but they are still busy bombing and killing… Blame Jonathan. One Naira will equal one Dollar but it has since ‘changed’ to 280 Naira equals one Dollar… Blame Jonathan.  Harmattan is too harsh… Blame Jonathan… The Sun is too hot… Blame Jonathan.

If Lai Mohammed continues this way, blaming people here and there and refusing to admit that his party need to start working hard to steer Nigeria forward, very soon, he will blame Jonathan for everything including how his party failed.

So people, what will you blame Jonathan for? Over to you!

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