Vehicles Accepted By Uber Nigeria: Full List (2023)

Vehicles Accepted By Uber Nigeria: Full List

Uber Nigeria have provided an opportunity for you to earn by becoming a partner with them. As long as you have a car that meets their specified guidelines, you can register it and start earning.

Most Uber drivers are known to earn about N300,000 monthly from being an Uber partner. If you are looking for the cars that uber will accept as their taxis, we have an updated list of these vehicles accepted by Uber Nigeria in this write up.

We also wrote in our previous article, the guidelines to ensure that you qualify in being their driver i.e by having a valid drivers license, LASDRI card and submitting certain documents to verify your ownership of the car. Be aware that not all car models are accepted.

If you want to be an Uber partner, below is a full list of vehicles accepted by Uber Nigeria:

Vehicle Make Vehicle Models Vehicle Class
Acura MDUberX UberUberBlack
Acura RDUberX UberUberX
Acura RL UberBlack
Acura RLUberX UberBlack
Acura TL UberX
Audi A4 UberX
Audi A6 UberBlack
Audi A7 UberBlack
Audi Q5 UberBlack
Audi S6 UberBlack
Audi S7 UberBlack
Audi S8 UberBlack
BMW 3 series UberX
BMW 5 series UberBlack
BMW 7 series UberBlack
BMW UberX3 UberBlack
BMW UberX4 UberBlack
BMW UberX5 UberBlack
BMW UberX6 UberBlack
Cadillac cts UberBlack
Chevrolet Cruze UberX
Chevrolet Epica UberX
Chrysler 300 UberX
Dodge Charger UberX
Dodge Durango UberBlack
Dodge Journey UberBlack
Ford Edge UberBlack
Ford EUberXplorer UberBlack
Ford EUberXpedition UberBlack
Ford Focus UberX
Ford Fusion UberX


Geely MK UberX
Honda Accord UberX
Honda Crosstour UberX
Honda CR-V UberX
Hyundai Elantra UberX
Hyundai Accent UberX
Hyundai Santa Fe UberX
Hyundai Sonata UberX
Hyundai Tuscon UberX
Hyundai Veracruz UberX
Infiniti JUberX UberBlack
Infiniti M UberBlack
Infiniti M35 UberBlack
Infiniti M37 UberBlack
Infiniti M45 UberBlack
Infiniti M56 UberBlack
Infiniti Q50 UberX
Infiniti Q56 UberBlack
Infiniti Q60 UberBlack
Jeep Cherokee UberX
Jeep Compass UberX
Jeep Grand Cherokee UberX
Jeep Liberty UberX
Jeep Patriot UberX
Kia Optima UberX
Kia Rio (2014-newer) UberX
Kia Sedona UberX
Kia Sorento UberX
Kia Sportage UberX
Land Rover LR4 UberBlack
Land Rover Range Rover UberBlack
Land Rover Range Rover Sport UberBlack


Lexus 570 UberBlack
Lexus es 350 UberX
Lexus gs 350 UberX
Lexus gs 450 UberBlack
Lexus gs 460 UberBlack
Lexus ls 460 UberBlack
Lexus rUberX 350 UberBlack
Lexus rUberX 450 UberBlack
Lincoln MKC UberX
Lincoln MKS UberX
Lincoln MKT UberBlack
Lincoln MKUberX UberBlack
Mazda cUberX-5 UberX
Mazda cUberX-7 UberX
Mazda cUberX-9 UberX
Mazda 6 UberX
Mercedes-Benz E-Class UberBlack
Mercedes-Benz G-Class UberBlack
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class UberBlack
Mercedes-Benz M-Class UberBlack
Nissan MaUberXima UberX
Nissan Murano UberX
Nissan Rogue UberX
Nissan UberXterra UberX
Porsche Cayenne UberBlack
Porsche Panamera UberBlack
Rolls Royce Ghost UberBlack
Rolls Royce Phantom UberBlack
Suzuki Grand Vitara UberBlack
Toyota Avalon UberX
Toyota Avensis UberX
Toyota Camry UberX


Toyota Highlander UberX
Toyota Landcruiser UberBlack
Toyota Prius UberX
Toyota RAV4 UberX
Toyota Venza UberX
Volkswagen Jetta UberX
Volkswagen Tiguan UberX
Volkswagen Touareg UberX

If you have any questions, you can contact Uber Lagos here.

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  1. I noticed that there is no Toyota Corolla in your list of accepted cars for UberX.
    Does it mean that Toyota Corolla is no longer accepted?
    Specifically, is Corolla 2003 still accepted?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. it is accepted especially when its in a good neat and clean state

      1. What of Golf 4 2003 model,4 doors full AC?

      2. Well I have a neat 2005 Toyota matrix. I hope its accepted as well

        1. What about Volkswagen passat

  2. Do you accept 406 2004 model

  3. It’s Hyundai sonata 2008 strong enough for uber business in Lagos and what about fuels consumption

  4. DO YOU accept Toyota Matrix?


    Do you accept Camry big daddy 2003

  6. Bartholomew EMENIKE

    Please can sienna 2004 model be accepted in Uber, full AC with an automatic door

  7. I have signed in in Uber app I need a car for Uber driver pls

  8. can I use Nissan pathfinder 2002 model for uber?

  9. Oluwapelumi Fatai

    Please is Toyota matrix 2004 accepted

  10. I have Nissan Pafinder 2008 , is it accepted for Uber

  11. Do Uber accept pathfinder 2008 .because I can see is not included in your list of choice of cars .Thanks for your time .

  12. Can Nissan Altima 03 be accepted

  13. Mobolaji Sulaiman Akanji

    Why Uber didn’t accept Peugeot 406

    1. Doesn’t look executive and is manual

      1. So Uber don’t accept manual cars,but we use manual at MOOVE AFRICA still under uber.

  14. Please, do they accept Toyota matrix?

  15. Does uber accept volkswagen passat 2002

  16. Toyota corolla verso 2006, I want to acquire the car for uber services. Does the car qualify for uberx? Thanks

  17. What about Benz c230

  18. Comment:pls what about kia optimal 2004 model

  19. Is toyota camry 2.2 accepted

  20. Is Toyota Matrix 2007 accepted ?

  21. Please is nissan pathfinder 2002 model accepted?

  22. I have Lexus ES 300 and very neat with good working air conditioner. Do you Uber accept this?

      1. Good evening. Please I just bought Mercedes A160 for Uber. Is it acceptable please o…direct tokunbo

  23. My name is Mark Oche did uber and taxify accept Toyota Camry pencil light

  24. Does Nissan Xtrail fits in for Uber?

  25. Please, is pilot 2004 allowed for uber?

  26. Pls, does uber accept Nissan almera tino 2007 model?

  27. Please do Uber accpt Avalon 2000 model

  28. Please will my mecerdes Benz c-180 , 2000 model be accepted is in good condition and very neat can it be acceptable please sir ?


    Pls does ubwr accept Toyota Camry 2000 pencil light

  30. Pls will Uber approves kia cerento 2009 for business. Thank you

    1. Is hyundai i10 good for uber business?

  31. Hello,I acquired Mercedes Benz A160,and everything is very neat and working perfectly,with four doors..pls is it acceptable?

  32. Is Toyota matrix 2000 model accepted by Uber?

  33. Did you accept Opel zafira 2003

  34. Did you accept Opel zafira 2003 very neat with ac

  35. Do you accept Passat 2002 model please?

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