U.S Army Salary Scale: American Soldier Salary Per Month

We wrote previously on the Nigerian Army salary structure, this time we shall take a look on how much soldiers in the United States Army are paid? Note that the salary scale of a typical U.S army officer is paid through a combination of taxable basic pay, tax-exempt allowances for subsistence and living quarters, and other imminent benefits accrued like health care and retirement packages.


According to MilitaryFactor,com, an American soldier’s basic salary is determined by Act of Congress and varies based on rank, pay grade and how much time such officer spends in active service. The U.S. Army pay grades are officially divided into three categories namely: Enlisted, Warrant Officer and Commissioned Officer.

One more thing you should note is that there is no favouritism as all service members in the U.S. Army whether male or female, commissioned or enlisted, high ranking or low ranking officer are referred to as soldiers.

Enlisted Soldiers Salary Scale

Most enlisted soldiers begin their military career as privates with the pay grade of E-1, although some individuals with special skills or advanced education might enlist with a higher rank and pay grade. The starting salary for a U.S. Army soldier with the pay grade of E-1 was $1,491 per month as of the 2012 fiscal year, according to ArmyTimes.com.

A soldier with the pay grade of E-4 with more than four years in the service received $2,266.50 per month. The top-ranking enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army is the Command Sergeant Major, who holds a pay grade of E-9. Monthly base pay for a soldier with the pay grade of E-9 with 20 years in service was $5,523.60.

Warrant Officer Soldiers Salary Scale

Warrant Officers are single-specialty experts. Unlike commissioned officers who advance by increasing their command and leadership experience, warrant officers advance by gaining increased expertise in their specialty. There are five warrant officer pay grades.


A warrant officer with the pay grade of W-1 with fewer than two years of service earned $2,764.50 per month as of the 2012 fiscal year. A soldier with the pay grade of W-3 with more than 10 years of service earned a monthly salary of $4,709.10. A warrant office with the pay grade of W-5 with more than 20 years in service earned $6,930 per month.

Commissioned Officer Soldiers Salary Scale

Most officers receive their commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps, although some enlisted soldiers are commissioned through the U.S. Army’s Officer Candidate School program. Officers typically begin their careers as 2nd Lieutenants with a pay grade of O-1. Soldiers with a pay grade of O-1 with fewer than two years in service earned $2,828.40 per month. A captain with the pay grade of O-3 who has six years in service earned a monthly salary of $5,271.90. An officer with the pay grade of O-6 with 18 years in service received $8,937.60 as of the 2012 fiscal year.

Benefits attached to Salary of a U.S Soldier

U.S. Army soldiers receive a basic allowance for subsistence based on their status as either officers or enlisted service members. All warrant and commissioned officers received $239.96 per month for subsistence, while enlisted soldiers received $348.44. Soldiers are provided free on-post housing. If on-post housing is not available, soldiers receive a basic allowance for housing which varies based on the soldier’s pay grade and duty station.

Soldiers might receive additional pay for special or hazardous duty. Private soldiers typically enlist in the U.S. Army for a period of at least three years, but not more than six years, according to Army Regulation 601–210. U.S. Army soldiers with 20 years of active service can retire with such benefits as Army retired pay, continuing health care, commissary privileges and access to certain military installation recreation facilities.

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